Monday, December 15, 2008


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder most commonly characterized by intrusive, repetitive thoughts resulting in compulsive behaviors and mental acts that the person feels driven to perform, according to rules that must be applied rigidly, aimed at preventing some imagined dreaded event. In severe cases, it affects a person's ability to function in every day activities. The disorder is often debilitating to the sufferer's quality of life. Also, the psychological self-awareness of the irrationality of the disorder can be painful. For people with severe OCD, it may take several hours a day to carry out the compulsive acts.

I think I have OCD. I have a mental disorder most commonly characterized by intrusive, repetitive thoughts [about BARBIES...this time around, it's VERSACE BARBIE] resulting in compulsive behaviors [to purchase them or look for them on AMAZON/eBAY] and mental acts [thinking about it day and night] that the person [me] feels driven to perform [to buy the BARBIES], according to rules that must be applied rigidly [Platinum edition is 'PERFECT', Gold is 'GOOD ENOUGH', Silver is 'OK', Pink only when I have to], aimed at preventing some imagined dreaded event [that the BARBIE will be sold to someone else and I will miss out on the opportunity, especially when the VERSACE BARBIE is a 2004 edition, no longer available for sale and I haven't seen in Singapore]. In severe cases, it affects a person's ability to function in every day activities [I'm supposed to be at work, doing work right now...but here I am...talking, thinking, dreaming about it]. The disorder is often debilitating to the sufferer's quality of life [BARBIE = less savings = poorer quality of life]. Also, the psychological self-awareness of the irrationality of the disorder can be painful [$$$$$$...sob]. For people with severe OCD, it may take several hours a day to carry out the compulsive acts [1.5 hours last Thursday].

My next aim is the Versace Barbie 2004 edition, no longer available in stores, but I saw a few on eBay, in hopes that the people who have them sells it at reasonable prices, in good conditions and TO OVERSEAS DESTINATIONS!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008



After a most grueling court hearing of Shopaholic vs Voice of Reason that took place over two days, 10 and 11 December 2008, the jury verdict has been passed and the Shopaholic has been declared ‘NOT GUILTY’.

The verdict was passed on 11 December 2008 @ 14.45, based on the following claims made by both parties involved:

It is a tradition that whenever I’m at Takashimaya, I’d check out the Barbie collectibles that are on display in the showcase cupboard in the children’s toy section, just to keep myself informed on the latest Barbie collectibles available. On the evening of the 10th at 8.30pm, I spotted a new entry to the cupboard – a beautiful Barbie doll in a white wedding gown. I wanted to know what collection she was from and more importantly, how much she cost.

The sales assistant opened the cupboard and handed her to me.

Voice of Reason:
The price on the box said $249.90!! That’s even more expensive than your Gorgio Armani doll! It must be some doll!

I slowly turned over the box and read the printed label:
VERA WANG BRIDES, The Romanticists

Precisely, VERA WANG. I was staring at a Vera Wang dress, a Vera Wang Barbie doll. Emotions of eager and excitement fluttered throughout my body.

Voice of Reason:
I know it’s a VERA WANG. But did you see that price! $249.90!

Kill joy.

Voice of Reason:
She was pretty, but her orangey lipstick colour is a little bit contrasting and not that nice. Plus, she had no jewelry, no necklace or earrings to compliment the dress. The other dolls I have are so much prettier and dolled up more than her.

But the dress was fantastic. Every detail was beautiful; the lace at the bottom was gorgeous; and the brand… the thought of owning a Vera Wang…I rest my case.

Voice of Reason:
But it was expensive, so I listened to EK and decided to go over to the other toy shop at Wheelock, who reasoned that it could be cheaper there.

It was already past 9pm and I was so worried that by the time we went over to Wheelock, and if the doll is more expensive at Wheelock (which I wouldn’t be surprised), I would not be able to purchase it that night. Then, I would have to go back to Taka the next day after work to buy it and who knows, it could be sold out by then.

Voice of Reason:
If it was meant to be, it was meant to be.


When we got to the shop at Wheelock, it was already closed. I was so disappointed, all night long and all morning the next day at work, all I could think about was her.

I went online the next morning and researched on her. There was a platinum edition and gold edition. The platinum version had blonde hair as Barbie, while the gold edition had brown hair as Teresa. Platinum means there’s only A THOUSAND PIECES in the world, while Gold meant twenty-five thousand. I was so sure that the one I saw last night was a platinum edition and I couldn’t believe I had let it slip by me…$249.90 was such a good price for a one-in-a-thousand-piece doll! I had to get it, so during my lunch break, I sped down to Orchard.

Voice of Reason:
I thought making Wheelock our first stop at Orchard was wise because at least we got to see what the retail price at the other shop was in order to make a sound decision.

I entered the shop and headed straight to the cupboard at the back which kept the Barbie collectibles. And there they were, the gold and platinum edition. I looked right past the gold edition and stared at the platinum edition.



So I rushed back to Taka, excited that I would finally be able to make my purchase, and at such a discount, I bet even my Voice of Reason thought it was a good price! But when I got to Taka and took a closer look at her, I realized I had been wrong all along. She was the gold edition and therefore she only cost $249.90. She’s only the gold edition. She’s not as exclusive.

Voice of Reason:
It was a toy for goodness sake. So I decided to call EK for his opinion. I knew he’d be able to advise me, and so he did. He told me to buy the gold edition, just as I had reasoned. It was a toy afterall. Paying $499.90 for a doll is not worth it as well. $499.90 is a very high price! 3 platinum edition dolls can buy a laptop! So it was decided that I would get the gold edition. However, I forgot to check out the price of the gold edition at Wheelock. I totally overlooked her. So I decided to go back to the shop at Wheelock to check out its price. I must make the most just decision. The cost of $249.90 calls for good consideration.

The price of the gold edition at Wheelock was also $249.90.

But at the end of the day, it’s not as exclusive as the platinum edition. I was thinking that the shop at Wheelock probably marked up the price of the platinum edition and was having some promotions, after all it’s Christmas, so I asked the sales lady if there was further discount.

Voice of Reason:
But there wasn’t any further discount, so I decided to get the gold edition. I went up to the counter to make payment.

I couldn’t go through with the transaction, asking the sales lady to STOP just as she was about to bag it. I stood at the counter, one hand holding the Gold edition, one hand holding the Platinum. It was clear where my heart laid. Also, the Platinum doll with blonde hair looked much better and her lipstick was not as orangey. Though it’s only a difference in hair colour and lip colour, but it made a difference too. Also, it was about the edition label too. If I had gotten the Gold edition, knowing that I was so close to having the Platinum, knowing that I could be one in a thousand in the world who had this doll but I gave that up…I would forever regret it. Standing there, I could not come to a decision. The sales lady saw my predicament and went to check with her lady boss, coming back to tell me the good news. She said, “Our best price is $450.”

Only $450!! 10% discount! YAY. Some discount was better than no discount! It was a one in a thousand purchase!!!!

Voice of Reason:
But still, to pay $450 for a toy. It was silly, crazy, insane. It seemed like I had lost all sense of value at the mention of the brand name. Even the sales lady said the difference was only in the hair colour, everything else was the same.

“But I KNOW you’ll regret it if you go through with the Gold edition”, I told my Voice of Reason.

“I’ll take this.” I smiled at the sales lady and she wrapped up my very own Vera Wang doll, platinum edition.

In this time of recession...

Date & Time of phone call: 7 December 2008, Sunday around 3pm
Place: Home


Mum: Are you saving money?
Me: Yes, I am. I went to a SALE on Friday with my colleague and bought 2 tops for only $10 each!

[I rest my case.]