Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going for a Job Interview

"Are you going for a job interview?" was the first question my immediate superior asked when he saw me yesterday, followed by a compliment, "Chic outfit."


Blouse - Black sleeveless blouse (Joop) with ruffles at the front and thin belt (MNG) around the waist
Skirt - Black pencil skirt (G2000)
Jacket - Normal black blazer (G2000).
*I always have a blazer at work, just in case I feel cold. In yesterday's case, I was falling sick and wanted to keep warm.

Another boss who heads the Bangladesh office added, "Yes, whenever my staff comes to work well dressed, I'd tell them 'Good luck for your interview'."

If wearing a simple office outfit gives them a potential interview impression, then can you imagine how slack we are with our work attire?

So today, I'm wearing a simple puff-sleeved gold blouse, tucked out at the back, and pants that end just above the knee.

No potential interview impression, no compliments.

Monday, March 17, 2008

DJ Raine

I just got a call from a HR personnel from a Radio Station I had applied to. Apparently, there's a job opening for the Advertising and Promotions Executive position at the station and asked if I was interested.

Silly me, I told them I'm currently engaged with a job (which is true), and so I wasn't interested. BUT!!!!!!! That's with a Radio Station! HOW MANY SUCH OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU GET?

However, I'm deducing from that job title that my job scope isn't as glam as it sounds:
1) I manage on-air advertisements and promotions
2) Maybe I write advertising copy as well
3) As for a DJ, maybe I will be on-air to read out the advertisements, or at those mall promotional events?

EK always reckons that I should go for interviews, find out more about the job, etc. But I'm personally not like that. If I'm commited to one job and I enjoy what I'm doing, why should I confuse myself with another? Then again, here I am all confused...

Have I convinced myself that I've made the right choice by turning down this opportunity? Arggghhhhhh.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Becky Bloomwood in Us

Currently, I'm stuck on Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. I'm on to my 4th book 'Shopaholic and Sister', and I'm hooked. But I am also utterly appalled at Becky Bloomwood's ability to shop!

On one hand, I love Sophie Kinsella's ability to capture so vividly a shopaholic's mind, and translate it into an easy joyful read. But on the other, I find myself absolutely horrified at Becky Bloomwood's disregard for money, her excuses for purchases and her endless shopping trips. IS SHE FOR REAL? Sometimes, while reading these bits, I get so agitated that I want to shelf the book away. It is a real bimbotic read and perhaps I do feel comforted that I'm not such an extreme shopaholic, but I simply can't imagine such a woman exists. I've asked myself what I'm doing, wasting my time with this series, but yet, I can't put it down. I'm hooked.

How does the Financial Journalist Becky Bloomwood afford all the things she has?
How does Becky Bloomwood recover from Bankruptcy, and still get the guy?
How does Becky Bloomwood, with 2 weddings scheduled on the same day, turn it all around in 2 weeks? Without cancelling either! (She has a hell of a brain, that girl!)

Every book of this Shopaholic series has a major twist at the end, and you don't see it coming. In every book, Becky Bloomwood falls into her own shopaholic trap all over again and emerges triumphant, and you think she'd learn from it! But no matter how much I claim these books are 'bimbotic' and there's no one like Becky Bloomwood, in every book, there are not only shopping tips, but life tips for everyone.

1) You can't be bankrupt unless you've sold all your assets, and by assets, we also mean Denny & George scarves.
2) Every purchase is an investment. Buying 40 mugs while on a holiday means you'll never need to buy mugs for the rest of your life!
3) Always keep an emergency credit card glued to the back of your compact powder case. Your boyfriend/ husband will never find it! It's better to replace your compact powder case, than to miss the opportunity to own a rare 2000 Euros Angel Bag.
4) Always think entrepreneurial. Who says horse saddles need to be hard. If Becky Bloomwood was a horse-saddle designer, she'd make them soft, comfy, with furry cushions and drink holders.
5) Don't be narrow-minded. You can look smart wearing a cosarge, even if they are meant for horses.
6) Don't ever worry about having not enough luggage space. You can always Fedex!

There are plenty more where those came from! I'm inspired to learn a little from Becky Bloomwood. Are you?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let's talk about Singapore

Did you know that Singapore won the location to host the first ever Youth Olympic Games, held in 2010?

Perhaps you knew that, but did you know that there was a countdown to the announcement? On Thursday, 21st February, a party of 5000 youths, Singapore Idols/ Project Superstars celebrities gathered at the Padang in anticipation of the announcement. I wonder if the organisers/government knew beforehand that we were going to win the bid over Moscow, and hence the party. If Singapore organised the party but didn't win the bid, what would the news headline be? "Disappointed youths leave Padang after loss to Moscow"

Did you know that Singapore will host a race in this year's Formula One Grand Prix?

I'm sure you knew that, it was major news to all sports fans and Singaporeans. But of course, we had to do it differently. Why should we just host a race? Why don't we make it the first street race in Asia? Why don't it be one of three races in the 2008 F1 calendar to run anticlockwise? Even better, why don't the first Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore be Formula One's first ever night race? Singapore and their endless pursuit to break has always got to be the first!

But the biggest news at the moment to hit Singapore is...

Did you know that there had been a security lapse at the Whitley Road Detention Centre, and Singapore's Most Wanted detainee, Mas Selamat bin Katsari, had escaped?

If you didn't, I'm sure the 54,000 'Wanted' posters and leaflets placed in buses, trains, stations, shopping malls, housing estates, customs and other areas would have been sufficient. Many ask: How did that happen? Fingers have been pointing everywhere, Singapore citizens want someone to blame. I am among the naived many who were proud of Singapore's tight security.

He plotted to crash a hijacked plane into Changi Airport, planned an attack on the US Embassy, the American Club and the Singapore American School. But the authorities took 4 hours to inform the public of the escape on 27 February because "there was no imminent danger to the public".

Today, there is a nationwide manhunt, with more than 1,000 police, soldiers, and elite Nepalese Gurkhas searching for him, dogs treking through the forests, posters with his famous face at every corner of Singapore, mobile phone operators send out messages with his picture, and a red alert has been issued, allowing any law enforcement officer among the international police network to arrest him on the spot.

And Deputy Assistant Commissioner Raymond Yeo, who leads the police Special Operations Command (SOC), is worried: "What is more damaging than his escape from the detention centre would be if he managed to escape out of Singapore and issued a victory statement."

Is that all we should be worried about?