Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mongolian food = dog meat?

WHY AM I ALWAYS AT FAULT!!?? Argh...sorry to vent, but the blog just happened to be right there when I needed someone to cry out to...nah, it's not so serious, just got angry (with the process of finally being able to use the net) - it's all my fault. Not NEW! Come one Lorraine, forgive and forget! Don't get so angry - dear Lord, forgive me for my short temper, amen.

Moving on to the actual E...today, I have an accomplisment and a frustration to report...

My accomplishment for the day is that I DROVE TO WORK AND BACK!! What's new? Well, I drove in my manual car ALL BY MYSELF and I got to work without stalling and I went out to meet clients and I also managed to get there safely and without too much effort - even reversed up a client's steep driveway - CONGRATES BABE! Haha...so yes, I am feeling very much more confident now - Thank you God for helping me through the day!! God answer prayers and looks over me!

But I have a frustration as well...you see, my 21st is coming up...yep, I'm getting old. But nevertheless, I want to throw a party and all the preparations is really getting to me. I want it to be fun, perfect and enjoyable - not for me but more importantly for my guests. I am not the kind of person who would just do whatever I want to do...I am more concerned with what others would think. I like to think of it as a good personality trait, always thinking about others, but it's irritating because sometimes it's not possible toeasy to please everyone.

Today, my whole family went to try out this Mongolian BBQ restaurant (trial run coz I was thinking of organising my 21st there)...the atmosphere was cosy and I liked the place - clean and not too dark (I don't like eating in places where the lights are so dim I have to strain my eyes just to see my food). The food was nice too - I mean, I am an easy going person when it comes to food...I don't really mind that much. Of course, like every other person, there are food that I don't like eating and am picky about, but when it comes to food I eat, I don't really care if it's the best of the best. As long as it's nice enough, I'm satisfied. This Mongolian BBQ restaurant's food, I thought was nice and I was satisfied, but I don't know about others and I don't know their reaction to it. Do you really think of dog meat when you think of Mongolians? I don't. The food at this restaurant was the usual beef, pork, lamb and chicken and of course veges...and it's not any different from any bbq place, except that it's just buffet style and you can choose any kind of sauce to cook the food in. You pick the raw food, add the sauce (a mixture or whichever you like, e.g. oyster sauce, honey soy and garlic sauce, bbq sauce, etc) and take it up to the chef and the chef cooks it in front of you. That is basically all that's different about that place, no weird food.

I don't know...maybe I am just being paranoid, I just can't help but wonder if my friends and family would like the food. The most important thing to me on my birthday is that my guests enjoy themselves, which includes the atmosphere, the company and most definitely the food. And I really want it to be a blast, but I am tired of worrying. Sometimes, I want to decide on something that I like and forget what others think or how others might think...but I can't. That's just not me. It's seeing others happy that makes me happy...that's why I am so worried about how people would react to my decisions.

Plus, tonight, eventhough it was a Tuesday night, the Mongolian BBQ restaurant was FULL! People throw parties there - saw 2 parties going on at the same time. There were Kiwis as well as Koreans. More kiwis in fact...so if there's such a good turn up, it means people like it right? It means the food doesn't suck right? I know I can't please everyone's taste...what should I do? Don't stress and just book the restaurant, or hunt around for an alternative?

Why does my brain tend to go on overdrive and worry excessively?!?!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Gorgeous Babies

I've got two gorgeous babies...amazingly beautiful and treasured! One of them have been in my life for about 6 years now, and he'll always have a place in my heart. The other is a new entry into my life, just recently on the 22nd of March 2005, a fantastic day and one I'll remember!

Who are they? My most gorgeous babies: Kangta and my pretty Celica (I haven't found a name for it yet...I don't understand Jas/Jacques, isn't Snow Princess just the perfect name for it? It's white as snow and a princess like me - white and high maintenance!).

Baby #1 Kangta:

He used to be the LOVE of my life...haha, you may think I'm one of those crazy fans, but we were more than that (one sided affair, though it would be nice to know that it was reciprocated).

Recently, I stumbled onto his website and found out that he has just released another album!! And when the pictures loaded and the music played in the background, I fell right back into a dreamy state, bringing back old memories when I was head over heels in LOVE with him (so I claim). Those were the younger years (don't I sound old?) but thinking back still puts a smile on my face. Memories are just beautiful and they will always belong to me. The times I defended my LOVE for Kangta, the dreams I had of him, discovering our common favourite number was '27' (absolutely unexpected), squealing at the sight of him on the music videos - oohhh...I miss Kangta...isn't he just gorgeous?

Looks like someone has been working out!! Last time, I had to argue with Nic and everyone else about Kangta's manhood, but now, even Nic agrees with me that "he's looking HOT" (okay, not Nic's actual words, but I bet she was thinking that). Yes, Kangta has improved so much over the years, not only physically from a skinny looking pretty boy (still fell for him then) to a filled-up manly hunk, but vocally as well with his amazing voice he has today.

Hey, don't they say, behind every successful man is a women? Well...need I say more. Haha.

Nic rolls her eyes, "DREAM ON AH NIA!"

Baby #2 Snow Princess (see the top of my blog for random shots of her):

Yes, my beautiful snow princess (I don't care, I shall call it that till you guys can come up with a better name for it), my current LOVE. She's so beautiful...awwwWW.

Don't think this was just an impulse buy!! The shoppaholic spent HEAPs of time deciding on the best car she could get, and honestly, for a shoppaholic, car shopping is NO FUN! First, you have a tight budget, and it's a big sum of money as well that disappears all at one go...pretty heart wrenching I must say...and to find the best, you have to look and search and hunt and bargain and WOOHH, it's not easy at all...and not as fun...after looking at countless car yards, travelling from Takanini all the way to Grey Lynn, trust me, at the end of that day, I had enough and just wanted to make a decision...and I did and I'm real happy with it!

All the Celicas that we saw at the other car yards were 2k or more out of my budget, and not as pretty (not white or PINK)...but I found her...sitting at this car yard in Grey Lynn, just within my spendable budget, pretty and white...just waiting for me. Yes, it's a manual, and yes, I didn't know how to drive a manual, but it all takes time and I'm willing to learn!!

Since I've got her, I've been driving almost everyday...learning.

Day 1 (Tuesday - the night I got my car): Stalled countless of times! YIKES. Thankfully, I was learning in a car park. Don't think it's good for her, I even blew my top off at myself for being so lousy, but after a good sulk and a good prayer, I was ready for Day 2.

Day 2 (Wednesday - cruising around Meadowlands): I got better, drove for 45 minutes along internal roads (public roads with cars) and only stalled ONCE. ACCOMPLISHMENT. Praise God for giving me the courage and determination to try and try again.

Day 3 (Thursday - driving under wet conditions): Not too bad, started learning in the wet weather and I didn't do too bad..."Stay Calm and Relax" was the motto at the end of the day.

Day 4 (Friday - with Laura): DROVE TO THE AIRPORT TO PICK LAURA UP!! Major Accomplishment...yes, stalled a couple of times, but I recovered so that's a fantastic sign. Then Laura took the wheel in the afternoon. She can drive better than I can - embarrassing! She didn't stall as much on my first go...I practiced my reversing and my up-hill start stop - getting the hang of things!!

Day 5 (Saturday - independence!): I drove without Dadad by my side (Laura was the only one beside me) and though it was only to a place 5 minutes away, but still, I drove independently, and didn't stall until I was approaching my driveway. Oopsy!

PROGRESS? I reckon!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Just last night, our cell group came over to hang, watching a movie and packing easter eggs into a bag along with a leaflet inviting people to Elim Church. It was real fun, and a whole production line was set up, with some folding the leaflets into the right size, another stuffing the leaflet into the bag, then another is in charge of putting the eggs in and sealing the zip-lock bag...WE WERE EFFICIENT.

But...let's talk about what happened in the middle of packing the eggs and leaflets: The Gilmore Girls Drama.

There we were, talking and Jas casually asks, "so did you watch Gilmore Girls?" or something like "Did you watch the new season of Gilmore Girls?" And my jaw just dropped. I refused to believe him that Season 5 of Gilmore Girls had started and I had missed a whole heap of it - OKAY, just 1 episode but it's ONE! ONE! O-N-E ONE!

You probably don't see the seriousness of it. Let me enlighten you...IT IS SERIOUS! I have been taping Gilmore Girls since the start of - forever - since the start of Gilmore Girls...every single episode...so can you imagine if I missed one episode? That would ruin my entire collection and that was why I made such a big deal out of it. I refused to believe Jas and immediately consulted the newspapers for last sunday's TV guide...making sure that Jas was pulling me leg - but he wasn't. I finally believed him and I was all stressed, staring into space and unable to process anything...until Sam, ahh...the life saviour, said that his sister might have taped it...and asked if I wanted him to ring and check...YES PLEASE and she did - she's also a life saver!! Thank you Sam and thank you her!!

He passed me the tape yesterday and today, I watched it. I am so glad I did not miss it...it was a good episode...not fantastic, but all Gilmore Girls' episodes are GOOD! YAY for Gilmore Girls - It's back!! I just can't believe that it came back without informing me...that's deplorable mate!

What happened to TV2's marketing?? They need to hire me into their Programme Marketing Department - if there is such a department. There clearly wasn't enough advertisements, else this TV-holic would surely have seen it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Little Mermaid

"There is a place, silent and impossibly cold, where light never falls.

There are mountains here that would tower over Mt Cook. Steaming vents belch superheated gases into the frigid waste, and volcanos boil as the earth shudders and rents beneath them. Vast canyons gape and rivers run deep as the Amazon.

A human would die in this primal place in seconds; there is no accessible oxygen, the mecury falls, stunned, to zero, and the sheer weight of the surrounds would crush a bank vault to the size of a tennis ball.

But creatures live here; fantastic, absurd and wonderful. Somehow, they survive, some must go months without food. Others, defying fundamental physical laws, can make energy even without sunlight. They must find their own kind to mate, yet stay hidden from others. The devices they evolved to do this make our stealth weapons look primitive. Sonar, night vision, cloaking technology.

This is the abyssal deep, a space no less wondrous than the galaxy about, and it has intelligent life."
~ Manukau Courier, 22 March 2005, Treasure trove of creatures under the sea ~

I don't know why but this passage just caught my attention. I had this I-don't-know-how-to-describe feeling that made me suddenly want to be a fish, with the entire ocean to explore and conquer. Okay, maybe not a tiny fish - a shark would be cool - survival of the fittest, you know what I mean.

The sea just sounded so mysterious, big and scary, and yet beautiful, filled with colours you could never describe and creatures you could never imagine.

Don't you wish to be a diver, exploring the deep blue, seeing the ocean's own Mount Cook, the ocean's own Grand Canyon, and who knows, maybe even underwater volcanos - or a fish city - and I'm the little mermaid, a princess with my own blue backgard, enjoying the world God gave me.

GOD IS SO AMAZING! His creations never fail to impress, humbly hidden and safe from destruction, protected and treasured. Don't we feel lucky?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Surprises - Silent Killers

Keeping a surprise a secret is such a tedious job I reckon! On one hand, you are dying to tell it to the whole world, to share it with friends all around, but on the other hand, you don't want to spoil the surprise, you want to drop it on your friends when they least expect it...so all you can do now is to sit tight, remain silent and wait.

And wait (getting impatient).

And wait (pulling your hair out in eagerness and anticipation).

And wait (your mouth is like an almost bursting pipe, with the water dying to explode out).

And wait somemore till that day the surprise is revealed.

Surprises: A definite silent killer.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Busy x3

Yes, I've been busy busy busy!

Because of the early Easter deadlines, there is so much to do and so little time. I have been practically rushing through work, trying to meet all the deadlines - which isn't possible - and it's just been so hectic. But then, hectic is good coz it beats sitting at my desk, drumming my fingers on the table - and there's no personal computer to entertain me - YES, I KNOW, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? NO COMPUTERS? I am still trying to figure that out as well!

The other day, Wednesday, I had a breezy afternoon, but suddenly, after lunch, work piled up and I did not manage to finish my work that day - SHOCKER - and I felt so bad, but everyone left at 5 on the dot and I didn't want to stay, so off I went...worried but nothing much I can do coz I don't want to be left all by myself in the office. I even thought of bringing my work home, but Wednesday nights there's cell group, so it would be pointless anyway, so I didn't.

Thursday morning came - work up especially half an hour earlier than usual (slept half later - trend on Wednesdays) and headed off to work - TIRED. But I managed to finish that one advertising copy and got the courier guy at 9.30am (coz the courier guy delivers all work to productions at our central office). Yesterday was busy yet quiet. It's really weird. There are periods where I am swamped with work, and in that same day, there would be real quiet periods where I am trying to act busy so as not to be seen as slack. During mid day, I had nothing to do, I went out to the front desk to help, but by 2pm when my sales rep returned from meeting a client, I was given another advertising copy to do and I had to rush through that coz it was LATE for deadline - late by almost 2 days, and if I do not get it done by that same day, it would be late for 3 days - Productions would KILL US - not that they weren't already. They are really pissed at everyone, because as long as you have the manager's signature, you are authorised to receive a proof from them even if you are late, so even if there are early deadlines and you hand in stuff late, it still is the same because the manager has signed it. Anyway, I was so busy for that couple of hours, trying to catch Brian (our courier guy) at 4.15pm. He came at 4pm - cheater - and I was not done, so he gave me till quarter past, and I had Trisha (the sales rep who gave me this copy to do) and Jo (this other sales rep) helping me and FINALLY, it was signed, sealed and sent! HOORAY! And everyone started leaving (people just leave after 4pm...if they don't have anything to do - pretty slack huh)...but I felt bad for the front desk who had to stay till 5pm no matter what because office hours are till 5pm...so I went out and helped out.

Friday came - that is, today - and Trisha, my sales rep, took the day off, piling all her work for the day on to me, and so there I was, trying to complete my work as well as her work, going out to a car yard to take photos of cars (my responsibility but they were so UNPREPARED - why today, why then when I had so much to do) and I had to do the ad copy for that as well (her responsibility), I had to keep watch on the computer for any new proofs sent back from productions, I had to fax and email proofs on to clients (rushing those slack-ass clients to get back to me ASAP) and I had to make corrections based on the client's specifications.

BUSY BUSY BUSY. But, TGIF - please refer to 'TGIF, TGIW, TGIWW But Mostly, TGFE' post for detailed TGIFing!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

25 hours work of a TVholic

It's 1.20am in the morning right now, but I just had to blog. If I don't tell all now, writing about it tomorrow won't be the same at all...just as how I didn't write about last night's 10 course dinner and now, it's kind of too late to write with emotions...so I couldn't miss this chance, though I am DEAD TIRED!!

So what's so urgent to write about?

At The Dolphin Bay - a taiwanese drama series (many thanks to Rachel for lending it to me to watch). It got me addicted, from this morning at 12am - after daddy's birthday 10 course dinner at Star Restaurant and cake at 103A and chatting with my relatives - and till just now, at 1am. All 18 discs (each disc lasts around 70 minutes).

It was just so addictive...it started with (close your eyes and ears if you don't want to know details of the story - nah, won't go into it) the childhood scenes - AWWWWWW...the boy and girl - yes, childhood sweethearts - they were so cute and they CAN cry!!! Gosh...and I mean the full on sobbing and tears and all - and they were only 6 years old I think!! So young and so talented!! The first disc got me crying and it was bad! SO SAD. I just couldn't stop myself...and how can you stop after one disc? So I continued watching and watching and watching (sitting upstairs alone in the livingroom, stretched out on the big sofa, warm under my blanket and accompanied by Metyu), and I didn't feel tired at all. I just thirst for what happened next. And by the time I looked at the time, I had watched 6 discs and it was nearly 7am. GOODNESS ME!

What was the first part about? Well, these taiwanese shows are DRAMAS, so expect every sob thing that could happen. Started with the childhood scene, 2 orphans meet, one boy and one girl, and stuff happens, they get adopted, going their separate ways - the boy leaves first, but promises the girl that he'll return, but then the girl gets adopted and there you go, the BIG SPLIT. Then, after they grew up, they meet again by chance - or you can call it fate - and doesn't recognise either. Strong friendship develops - ra ra ra, more complications, one more guy comes in the picture, one more lady to complicate matters further, controlling elders and STUFF happens...

Break - at 7am, I decided that was it for the morning and slept on the sofa, till 9.30am when my parents woke for breakfast and I was awaken by the noise. After breakfast, the saga continued. I got both my parents into watching the show and all three of us sat at the sofa watching and watching and watching vcd after vcd after vcd...all the remaining 12 discs, finishing the entire show at 1am!

Oh...but watching this show was FRUSTRATING. No...it's not like other korean or taiwanese shows that are DRAGGY and LONG, this was short in comparison and quite fast moving as well, with little moments that required any fast-forwarding. But why was it FRUSTRATING? Coz the TVholic here couldn't predict the outcome. As in, in everyone of these korean or taiwanese dramas, there is always a main couple - in this case, it was the orphan boy and girl - and there would always be outsiders, aka complications. Normally, when watching these shows, I can tell who ends up with who, or I base my predictions on my feelings regarding the couple outcome. I always have strong feelings towards a selected couple and stick with them throughout the entire series, insisting that it ends with a happy ending of the two couples living happily ever after - yes, fairy tale dreams.

In this case, there was the main guy (orphan boy), the main lady (orphan girl), and the complication (good looking guy). I knew from the moment the little boy and girl met that they were meant to be together at the end, and I wanted them to!! All the way through the first half of show, I sided them, yaying when they are together, and booing when the complication appeared in the picture. Then, when it got to the middle and nearer the end of the show, things started to get complicated and I got frustrated. The complication was so nice, caring and sweet, and the main girl was having such a fantastic time with him. I dreaded the moments they were together because they looked so sweet together but yet I wanted her to end up with her childhood LOVE. It was agonising!! I was conflicted as to which couple to side. At one point in time, I almost - barely made it - gave up on orphan boy. That close. I was so close to thinking that she would end up with the other guy and it frustrated me because I didn't know the ending, or couldn't predict the ending. I need to know the ending. The ending is what keeps me going. And it's got to be an ending I like - a couple I like - otherwise, the show will receive a bad rating from me. So can you imagine how I felt when I was hesitant and not confident for a tad bit regarding my prediction? BAD FEELING, real BAD FEELING. I was just going "no no no no no no no"...while mum wanted the complication to end up with the main girl - just coz he's good looking! Pah! She was telling me not to be so horrid to them, while dad just laughed at my agony. Still, I still held on to my childhood couple ending - the box cover also kind of gave it away with the childhood couple on the front.

And the ending? Well, I LIKED THE SHOW - figure it out!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

NIGHTMARE: The Attack of the Moon Man

Today at around 4pm, while I was still at work, I had a call from the front desk, asking for my help with translating (in mandarin) to this chinese customer. Glad to be of assistance, I happily strode out to meet this man. He had left for a minute and said he would be back. At this time, Sandra (the front desk receptionist) filled me in that this asian guy was talking about his theory of 2 moons. He came back with a globe and a tennis ball ("the moon"). Seeing me, he greeted me and he started explaining to me his theory of the two moons. Then, Sandra came back and he wanted to explain to her...so here I was, translating away...and that was still okay. His theory: the world has 2 moons, coz in Shanghai (he had photos to make his point) they see the moon as this...but yet in New Zealand, the moon is reversed...as in, it was a 180 degree flip, so there "has to be 2 moons". His theory of course.

And here's when it started getting heated. He wanted to see an editor. Our editor was real busy, and if I can't really understand, try explaining it to a kiwi guy! GOODNESS. I'm not so fantastic in mandarin and he could hardly speak English. I asked him if he wrote a story about it...the only thing we can do is have him write a story in ENGLISH. He said he had (someone had helped him translate it). He sent it to the only email address printed on our paper: clsed@snl.co.nz (which is to our classifieds) and he said he had not received any reply (obviously coz he's not putting in an ad), so he came in, wanting to meet a reporter.

But you see, you can't just come in and ask for a reporter. These reporters have their deadlines. They have their own stories to write and they are busy! With Easter coming up as well...the reporters have heaps of stories to write. I tried explaining to him that, but he just refused to accept this fact. He said that we all "claimed" that we are busy but we really are not. He insisted on seeing someone and we had to tell him that (lied) that our editor was at an important meeting (he was raising his voice at that time and Julie - the assistant manager - had come out to assist) and here I was, translating between Julie and him. I mean, from his tone of voice, he was getting very frustrated and wanted us to let him speak to the editor.

And there I was, explaining that it's not us who chooses what story to write. It's the head editor of our head office who decides which story to put into the papers. So we are not in control. And he refused to accept that reason, saying that if something happened just outside our office, like a car accident, our reporters would be on the story. So saying it's not possible is all bullshit (bullshit is my words). He said we are not really busy and he demanded for the editor or the reporters...and I had to explain that the reporters won't be able to help him either because they work for the editor. The editor tells them what to write and they write. So we can't help him. We had already told him what he can do, which is write in to our editor's email address, send his story to us, and that was all we could do. The editor publishes whichever story he thinks best for the paper. This china man said that it's freedom of speech, you say New Zealand is a country of free speech but here you are, saying that you do selective publishing but it's not really at all!

He was making so much noise, Julie told me to tell him to lower his volume. All of us were very intimidated by him. And you see, when you can't understand someone, you tend to speak louder, thinking that the other will understand better...so here was Julie, speaking loud to him, explaining in English and he was just staring at me, waiting for my translation.

Finally, Julie said she would go back and talk to the editor who was "in a meeting", see if she can interrupt him. Then she told him that if she can't, then there's nothing we can do...so she went off to our back office and here he was, explaining stuff to me. I told him I didn't understand him. He was telling me about the chinese moon character "yue" and how human "ren" is in the moon, and all that about how the moon is everything and how the moon is so powerful that it is actually God and all that, and I told him that I don't quite understand coz I don't speak fantastic mandarin and he said that's why he was explaining to me, and I told him I wouldn't be able to do anything about whatever he told me and he said just you knowing is good enough for him. He's just explaining it further and all I did was smile and nodded and listened. I mean, that was all I could really do...he's a customer afterall and I just had to remain polite and courteous and hope with sincere heart that he would calm down and leave. Bish, this indian colleague of mine, who had returned from the toilet stood there, watching the commotion.

Then Julie came back and told him that the editor said that if he sent the email with the story, the editor will definitely reply. But he insisted that he wanted to SPEAK to the editor. He said that we will not understand unless he showed the editor (using his globe and tennis ball) and he wanted to make an appointment to see the editor...and we told him that unless he had an interpreter, we can't do much coz the editor won't understand him and he pointed to me saying that I can translate. And Julie had to tell him that I am busy, I have my own work to do and I am not always around in the office. And we told him to bring in an interpreter if he does come in and he said he would if he had the money. "But I don't have money!" Finally, we told him to write in (as you can see, Julie and the others at front desk were getting frustrated but I wasn't really. I mean, all I was was the interpreter and I wasn't so afraid, rather, I was more like, I felt I couldn't help much. I couldn't explain and sometimes I couldn't understand him and all I could do, which wasn't much, was to listen and nodd and to smile and be polite) and Julie told him our editor WILL DEFINITELY reply and that was all we could do. Even if he came in, our editor will be very busy with his own deadlines and he wouldn't understand either. But he said he would still come in - "can't wait" - and just before he left, he told us (I'm hoping he didn't include me coz don't blame the middleman and I didn't raise my voice at all) that we had BAD "ON-ER?" (I don't know what he said, but that was what it sounded like to me, but I think what he means is that we have bad attitude) and he left - FINALLY.

We were all so relieved - he's taken up half an hour of our time - and Bish said that he was so worried that he would start attacking coz he was speaking so loudly, that he sounded like he might attack me physically and Bish was going to tell me to stand back - guess that's why Bish was standing there watching. And then we went back and started talking and Julie told me and also rang Sandra that if tomorrow he comes, inform me so that I go to the front. I mean, it's not that we don't want to help him, we don't understand him and you can't just say that we have 2 moons coz we need proof and heaps of research and my theory is that if there are 2 moons, don't you think someone would have discovered it already?

Anyway, after that episode, it was time to go home and I left and on my way home, I decided to go buy dad a prezzie (more shopping) coz his big birthday is tomorrow, and so I bought a cigar cutter for him (he says he wants to smoke ONE cigar on his birthday, and I won't buy him a cigar at all - no way - but I'll buy him his first cigar cutter - sentimental value says the salesman) and after that, I wanted to treat myself to something after that commotion at work, and so I went to Warehouse and guess what I bought? 2 Barbies. HEY, IT'S A TREAT for a hard day or hard last half an hour of work!! I deserve it - though I wasn't of much help really. Somehow I think that if I didn't go and interpret, he would get so frustrated with the ladies at the front desk coz he can't communicate his story and give up and leave, so I don't know, was I a catalyst to this commotion?

Wouldn't it be interesting if 5 years down the track, it was proven and documented that there are, in fact, 2 moons!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

MISSES and LOVES, Es and Ps

Yesterday, my best friend replied!! Yes, you must be thinking, so what if your best friend replied? Well...it's a BIG DEAL! Pear and I exchange the longest of Es (average 4000-6000 words) IN HISTORY (coz everyone I know thinks we are crazy) and frequently as well (72 hour reply deadline), but since university started getting busy for her and my work started wearing me out, it's been almost a month since I received a decent reply to my decent E. I was starting to fear that we would slowly lose contact (same feeling as you did, pear) but after receiving yesterday's E (well, it was sent on Monday but I only checked yesterday evening), I realised it's NOT SO EASY TO BREAK THIS FRIENDSHIP APART, right babe!! I realised that I miss hearing from her, miss the long personal Es and the time spent replying. So yesterday, receiving that 10,000 word 'essay' was FANTASTIC (not our world record though)!! Can't wait to reply!!!

I LOVE PIZZA!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (said with a tune). YUM. Yesterday, mum and I decided we were going to have PIZZA for dinner, so she put me incharge (who else - the pizza girl) and I ordered 2 double (large) pizzas from HELL's PIZZZA: Pride (capsicums, mushrooms, onions, pineapples and tomatoes with jalapeno peppers and olives) and Mordor (chicken, bacon, capsicums, onions, pepperoni and smokey BBQ sauce). YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM (*tune*). MORDOR was THE BEST! It's so YUM. YUM. Let me emphasise, YUM with a capital Q!! It was so tasty, but Pride was a disappointment. Tasteless - maybe coz it was compared to MORDOR, but Pride was not fantastic - well, at least the jalapeno peppers spiced it up a little and gave it an extra "KICK", but pah, can't be compared. But in general, I LOVE PIZZA, all kinds of PIZZA - oh except for the double cheeze one - and I loved it so much, last night, I had 5 slices!! FIVE SLICES - glutton (ohh, the next time I am going to try Gluttony - bacon, black pepper, garlic, capsicum, ham, mushrooms, onions, pineapple, salami and tomatoes). That was last night's dinner - 5 slices - and then this morning, for breakfast, I had another slice, and then for lunch, I had two slices and tonight, I am going to finish off the last slice of pizza for dinner. Can't believe I'm not sick of it yet!

"YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM" sings the sucker of pizzas!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Guinness World Record

Hearee hearee. The 6th of March 2005, history was made!

Miss Lorraine Zhang - aka Miss Shoppaholic - made her quickest purchase ever involving an expensive item.

Record time:
Less than 5 minutes (a 'very quick try and buy').

It was a bright and sunny day but Miss Shoppaholic, as usual, was found indoors, in a fully air-conditioned shopping mall, weaving in and out of shops. Portmans fought hard for Miss Shoppaholic's attention. Into the shop Miss Shoppaholic went, and immediately, a work coat/jacket (brown-ish and professional) caught her eye. Size 6 - work outfits need to be very fitting, especially for jackets. A sale price tag: $99.95. A little steep, but nevertheless, she tried it on (motto in life: trying is free) - PERFECT FIT: good length of sleeves, nice fit around shoulders without making shoulders look too broad and manly, good material and a good compliment from the mirror in the shop. Compliments were hurled at Miss Shoppaholic (mainly from her mother and her mother's good friend who was shopping with them). Curiousity made Miss Shoppaholic peek under the sale price tag to reveal the original price of the garment. $199.95, reduced to $129.95, and finally $99.95. A tiny voice screamed at the back of Miss Shoppaholic's mind: "GOOD BARGAIN. Plus, you need a work jacket." In a split second, Miss Shoppaholic found herself keying in her pin number to her credit card (ahh these magnificant plastic thingamajigs) and hitting the 'OK'. Negotiating...Processing...ACCEPTED. "Thank you, have a nice day," said the cheery salesgirl as she handed the pretty pink carrier bag (added points for packaging) that contained the purchased item. Miss Shoppaholic walks out of the shop thinking to herself, "Did I just spend $100 in less than 5 minutes?" Mrs mother and friend both exchange looks of amazement, exclaiming, "That was the quickest decision I have ever seen HER make."

Second record of the day:
Miss Shoppaholic must be ill. It's never like her. That $100 purchase didn't stop her or at least refrain her from making another 'attack'. Reenergised after a nice cup of mochaccino and a blueberry and apple crumble, Miss Shoppaholic hunted down her next victim: Pumkin Patch Urban Angel. Miss Shoppaholic has been eyeing this winter coat since a month ago - a nice 'chunky knit long cardi', caramel coloured. (Is brown the new pink? Either that or Miss Shoppaholic seriously was suffering from case of high fever.) And it came in her size. It was another 'very quick try and buy' and in less than 5 minutes (well, one month and 5 minutes to be exact), she was out of the shop and a satisfied customer (with a very tiny feeling of fear and shock at her spending ability) and a much lighter wallet (metaphorically speaking).

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rediscovering my LOVE for...

Oh my gosh - yes, what new revelation did Raine discover about herself today?

Life is an endless journey of self-discovery, don't you think? Today, I was just sitting around in front of the computer, surfing the net when I stumbled upon my forgotten LOVE. When I was in Singapore, ever since I was 15 when I discovered Korean Pop, I fell for it. Even though I didn't understand it the Korean language, and I don't now, but I always loved it. Rain or shine, Lorraine would be there, hunting the CD stores for any new K-Pop CDs to buy...of course there were the selected few bands that I was crazy over - I couldn't have liked all the korean pop bands, I mean, if money allows, then maybe, but life is never like that. I first discovered the 'High-Five of Teenagers' also known as H.O.T., then SHINHWA, then FlytotheSky and lastly, BlackBeat. These were the few I supported and it was enough to suck my weekly allowances DRY.

When I got to NZ, it got harder purchasing any foreign CDs...of course there's the internet, but I have my doubts and a few bad experiences with the postal system, plus the conversion rates and expensive prices never fails to scare me off, so I started to distant myself from the K-Pop scene. But I still had my fill of Korean music, that's practically all I listen to in NZ. I have heaps of CDs and I also have shopping wishes that my best friend would fulfil in Singapore and either sent over or cared-off by relatives coming over, so I am not entirely disconnected.

But the last time I had a new K-Pop CD was more than a year ago I think...or maybe almost a year...so I started thinking I had grown out of it and didn't need to satisfy the need of owning every single CD that ever came out. That's me. If ever I start a collection, I wouldn't stop. That's why every year I buy Buffy The Vampire Slayer Calenders (though most of the pictures are repeats since there are no more new seasons), that's why my Barbie Doll collection (no, I'm not embarrassed to own up to it, but proud in fact 'coz if you ever saw it, you'd understand immediately what I mean) never seems to stop growing and I am finding myself faced with issues of limited shelf space, and that's also why my Bionicle collection (not ashamed to admit) is almost occupying 2 shelves!! Yes, I am a weird girl...correction...long overdue girl to be exact, or rather an expired teenager: Barbie vs Lego Bionicle is to Girl vs Boy but that makes my personality so...so...er...what can I say...UNIQUE. 'Hnugh' goes Nic.

Anyway, back to my self-discovery, I was surfing the net today and decided to check out my favourite K-Pop website www.smtown.com. They manage my favourite K-Pop bands and definitely not to forget, my all-time favourite singer Kangta - Go KANGTA!! Ha. Anyway, there I was, clicking to each individual band's website, watching the music videos that I have missed and that brought back memories of my LOVE for K-Pop - for the times I've spent watching MVs - rediscovering my long lost LOVE for them. Broadband ROCKS. Okay...that was random. You see, dad just signed us on for broadband connection - and 'about time' as some of you might say - and now, instead of running at 50kbps (hmm...technical terms, is 'kbps' right?), now, we are running on 256 and I can watch the music videos without having those irri-itat-ting pau-uses a-as t-th-he dow-wnlo-oadi-ding of the-e re-est of-f the vid-deo tr-rie-es to-o ca-atc-ch uu-up wi-ith th-he dow-wnl-loade-ed. So I ended up watching about 8 new MVs and I was filled with nostalgia, missing the old days in Singapore, with MTV Aisa at one click of the remote control and music shops just a short bus-ride away (unlike now, which is a costly $1500 plane flight away).

I also came across the new FlytotheSky album called GRAVITY. I NEED TO GET IT. See, my obession with collections! I mean, I've collected every single FlytotheSky albums, 1 through to the 4th, and now, the 5th is out...I can't stop here can I? So I planned it all out: Aunty Yuh Bing (our friend visiting from Singapore who is here right now in NZ on a holiday) will return with my printout of the cover of GRAVITY and she'll buy it for me and pass it to my Grandpa, who will be coming over in April for my big 21st and my graduation in May. AWESOME...all was settled until I surfed somemore and discovered 2 more albums I was missing in my collection of 'FlytotheSky's: Kim So Han (don't know who he is) and FlytotheSky Joint Live Concert album and their 1st Live Concert album. How? WHAT SHOULD I DO? If I wait for the end of the year when I return to Singapore, it might all be sold out, but I can't ask Aunty Yuh Bing to hunt down those 2 albums 'coz they could be hard to find and I don't want to trouble her...so how now brown cow?

Fly back now? Hmm...tempting.

Friday, March 04, 2005



Oooh...I miss 97.8 fm, Perfect Ten. I think it is...I remember last time in Singapore...on the radio, there was always this - I can't remember if it's an ad, or if it's a programme, can't remember if it was Glen Ong, or whats-his-name - but I remember hearing TGIF pretty often, or was it TGIW - OH GOODNESS, I'm OLD - such a bad memory, but then again, everyone knows Raine's memory is 'one of the best' so nothing new.

Anyway let me emphasise: TGIF!! There are only two days that I look forward to during the week. One is Friday - the start of the weekend - to be exact, Friday evening at 5pm sharp or slightly before, maybe quarter to coz our work is very slack and it's not strictly a 8.30am to 5pm job...it's very flexible. Sometimes I am out of the office by 4.45pm, and sometimes 5 sharp. Sometimes we have drinks at 4.30pm - LOVE FRIDAYS!

Two, Wednesday - TGIW or rather, TGIWW - Thank God It Was Wednesday (Raine's not using God's name in vain. Raine is praising God for such a day. Raine is a little drunk and using third person narration to refer to herself.) - PAYDAY - the day I get my pay slip and work out how much I'm allowed to spend, minus the portion to save, for rent and to God. Oh and of course, this pay will last me throughout the week - especially the weekends - a working shoppaholic's favourite days, and not forgetting Thursday and Friday evenings - LATE NIGHT SHOPPING - now I see the reasoning behind PAYDAY WEDNESDAY or rather the reasoning behind late night Thursday and Friday: to suck these working professional's - whose goal in life is not to get drunk and hangovers on the weekends but rather shopping - money. Yep...I'm one of those.

Okay, I think that's enough of the T-ing of G, though I don't think you can T enough of that big G guy. In fact, I should be T-ing G For E and not only for Wednesday PAYDAY, but also Thursday's LATE NIGHT SHOPPING, Friday's LONG WEEKEND TO COME, Saturday's FAMILY DAY, Sunday's EXTRA TG DAY, Monday for the MIRACULOUS STRENGTH to drag my butt out of bed and to work and lastly for Tuesday, SURVIVING THE MONDAY BLUES.

Do you know, even after working for a month, I still have these sudden surges of revelation occasionally. What is revealed? The fact that I don't need to study. It's such BLISS. I think I have really suffered enough in stressful Singapore to last me a lifetime. It's really weird, but since I started work, all of a sudden, be it when I'm sitting on the sofa watching TV at night, or when I'm out with my parents on Saturday having coffee, or like just now when we were deciding what to do tomorrow (Saturday), I have these sudden *ting* moments where out of the blue, my face lights up and a huge grin forms across my face at the random thought of not needing to study. And till today, it still puts a smile on my face, a grin that makes me feel blessed all over. I think I was cut out for the working life. While some other people prefer studying all their life, working towards honours then masters and finally a doctorate, and then changing degree and repeating that honours masters doctorate thingy all over again, I'm the opposite, working for that paper certificate to assist me in getting a good career. The thought of another year of studies is DAUNTING.

Anyway, let's move away from the topic of studying - all that talk is boring me out - and on to a more uplifting topic - ME and TODAY.

Work - eh - TGIF remember? This evening, we went out for dinner. We have some family friends over in NZ for a holiday (mum's ex-secondary school classmate - great friends now - and her husband) and we decided to go for a good seafood dinner at the Harbourside Grill down in the city. YUM. Sashimi *LICK LICK* cockles *AWWWW* pipis *MMMMM* muscles *SLLURP* cooked fish *SMELL THAT* squid *SQUISH SQUISH*, and prawns *OOOHHHHHHHHH*. OOOH LA LA. And lastly, to round it off, DEVIL'S CHOCOLATE CAKE...need I say more!!!

The fun part was after dinner, we walked by this bar at the Viaduct Basin called 'Minus 5' and Aunty Yuh Bing and I decided to take up that $25 per person offer (plus one cocktail) and we went in...while mum, dad and Uncle Steven walked around outside waiting for us. The entire bar is made of ice! Pure ICE! There were ice tables, ice chairs, ice sculptures and even the glasses used to put the cocktails were made of ice. Break it and pay was the policy. I was in a skirt - how appropriate - but they provided a thick coat, ski gloves over woollen gloves and warm boots as well. We could only go in for 25 minutes, but that 25 minutes was enough to turn me into an ice block. Aunty Yuh Bing and I cupped our drinks in both hands and sipped from the ICE COLD glass. YUMMY cocktail. Don't know what's in it - one thing is for sure, there's vodka coz the place is sponsored by ABSOLUT VODKA - but LOVE. Aunty Yuh Bing was done halfway through her glass while I emptied the entire contents of the glass into my then shivering stomach. PICTURES? I WISH I HAD!!! Looks like I would be making another trip back to that place sometime in the future. We forgot to bring a camera - what a bummer!! I can't mark history until I have taken a photo...SOB. So bummed!

Anyone interested?? It's definitely more fun going in a big group of friends, and I NEED PICTURES.

Oops...I think I kind of rattled on...maybe it's the alcohol kicking in - haha.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The 5 'C's

I'm home from another stressful day at work...well, can't really call it stressful since I didn't have much to do, but I'm tired and worn out right now...my eyes are all puffy (well, it feels that way anyway) and I'm tired - oops, I think I mentioned that before, lost for vocab - nikiyokoahniaong goes 'hnugh'. Today, I didn't have much to do, so for the rest of the afternoon, I went to the front desk and did more hello-manukau-and-papakura-courier-lorraine-speaking work. I also learnt something new. I learnt how to input classified ads into the computer - easy peasy except for the DI and the LI and the CA and all that abbreviation that I need to learn - GOSH!!

But anyway, while at work, I received several compliments regarding my gorgeous CUE skirt that I bought last week - compliments always makes the skirt feel even more worth while getting and lessen the heart ache of money spent and gone. LOVE.

Also, we received several complaint calls. You see, the Manakau and Papakura Courier are free papers...but people take it for granted. When they don't receive a delivery (perhaps 'coz there aren't enough people doing the delivery) they ring up to lodge a complaint. HEELLLLLOOOOOO It's FREE! You're not paying for the delivery.

I made an interesting observation today while in my sales meeting. You see, every tuesday, the sales team has a meeting in the boardroom. Today, while sitting in there, we were comparing our paper to the other papers and pretty crude remarks were made about our other competitions, about their low readership, about their inaccurate readership figures ("that's why they are not listed in the ACNeilson survey - THEY'RE LIARS that's who they are" - yep yep, its a brutal harsh world out there) and I was sitting there, listening to them bitch about the other couriers, when it hit me. Hey, there might be another courier company at the same time having a staff meeting and bitching about us behind our backs as well - I don't know why I found that so fascinating - "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" and a bitch for a bitch!

As my job requires me to head out to car yards so often to take photos of cars to be inserted into the ads, inevitably, I see heaps of cool cars for sale - cheap price too - and I WANT A NEW CAR - well, not new, I'm happy with a second hand car, but I just want to get rid of this little red car that I have. I want a car I can call my own. My opinion was never included when dad and mum decided to buy this tiny red car for ME, and you would think, over the 3 year period of owning and driving the car, it would slowly grow on me - NO SIRRIE! Not at all! I WANT A DIFFERENT CAR! A race car...well...okay, not a race car, just a cool flash looking car like those on 2Fast2Furious, like Suki's Honda 2000 - gorgeous - or Paul Walker's EVO, with nice mags, a body kit is a must, and an awesome colour (I've resigned to fate that I would never find a cool pink car - got to spend a couple thousand to do it up myself so that's out of the question). And it doesn't help with me working around cars all the time. Now, wherever I drive, my attention is always on awesome modified cars driving by or done up cars with an amazing purrrrr. When I'm at a client's car yard taking photos, I'm car hunting as well...HELP! Hmmm...maybe I could...