Sunday, October 30, 2005


I'm drunk!! I'm really really drunk in mid-afternoon!!

Today, I tried something different. A double shot - could have gone with a single but NOOOOOOOOO. Greedy really.

WOOOHHHHHH! It got me straight in the head. The first sip had an amazing lifting effect and every subsequent mouthful of it was devine.

Right after drinking it, I felt high, light-headed and - WOOH - empowered!! Then came wooziness and dehydration - I gulped down 2 glasses of water. But right now, my head feels heavy, and I just want to collaspe into a deep sleep. I think I've got a little hangover coz my head's just feeling so out-of-place and my vision is blurring up and I just want to shut light out.

But I'm converted.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dream: Possible

Webpage: Click

Passion: Korean
Location: Korea
What: Studying
Why: Love
Accomodation: Home stay
Duration: 4, 8 or 12 weeks??
Cost: US $1970, $3790, or $5650??
When: Soon...Next year???

Decision: HELP!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

One last time, Banner Girl!

Local courier seeks the help of Banner Girl again

In recent breaking news, Managerman approached soon to resign Banner Girl for her one last mission.

Within just this year alone, the Man Courier has requested Banner Girl to redesign their Entertainment & Leisure Banner, SouthDrive Banner, and the Education & Training Banner. Not only that, she's been called to revamp the feature banners for: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Party Planner and the Home & Garden Show. Also, Banner Girl even introduced some of her own creations: Travel Destinations, The Weekender/Weekend Specials, and the Southern Gig Guide.

During his request for help, Managerman told Banner Girl that the Man Courier needs her to do one last banner before she leaves, which is the only banner in the Thursday issue that hasn't been revamped - Medical Health & Beauty Feature Banner.

In an interview, Managerman shared about his confrontation with Banner Girl. He told her that she's saved 95% of the banners for the Man Courier and she's done such a great job at it, she can't just leave without vamping that last banner.

Banner Girl announced in a press conference that she's honoured to be given this last banner to redesign and will do her best.

A trusted source from the Man Courier notified us, saying, "Redesigning a banner is a tough job, it requires lots of creativity and marketing know-how. On one hand, you want the banner to be as creative as possible, but you also have to balance this with the preferences of their business clients and also the readers' demographics as well. It's not an easy task."

So will Banner Girl carry out her last mission successfully? Does she have enough creativity in her to finish this last job? Will this REALLY be her final mission?

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Reflections and Reality

I remember writing in my diary that "I don't want to play softball ever again. I don't want to play competitive softball ever again!!" Yes, even the exclamation marks were written down in my diary.

Today however, you can call it a change of heart, but I reckon, deep down in my heart, my love for softball never ever ceased. When I went to pick Zac up from his t-ball training (kids version of softball where they hit the ball off a t-stand), the older teens were having softball training at the next field as well. Watching them bought back so many memories of my training days at NY. A part of me just wanted to lift a bat up and play it all over again.

I miss our loud voices as we shout across the field to each other.
I miss the way coach said my name "ROR-RAN" and how both Ruo Yan ("ROR-YAN") and I would turn around at the same time.
I miss the perfect high-balls coach always gave, it still amazes me how accurate he was all the time.
I miss watching the way coach caught softballs fearlessly and wishing that one day, I'll be fearless too.
I miss the way we toiled under the sun, wishing that coach remembered that training was supposed to end an hour ago.
I miss the way we groaned and moaned about that extra 5 minutes of training but when coach called it a day, we would stay on to continue playing some softball.
I miss the times when us pitchers and catchers would go off to our secluded corner and bitch while we pitched.
I miss how it's okay for pitchers to be tagged out at a base if being safe meant risking injuries and scratches in sliding.
I miss the challenging pitches coach hurls at us as we strive to - at least - hit the ball.
I miss the cheers from my team-mates when I've made a good hit.
I miss the adrenalin rush when you get safely to first base, only to find out that you've got 3 more bases before you're safely home.
I miss how coach screams his lungs out at me about a mistake I made during a match, but 5 minutes later, he's all friendly and encouraging.
I miss coach's "MONKEY YOU!" when we messed up or fooled around.
I miss coach's lame old jokes, how he tells it over and over again and how we laugh each time, sometimes at him for telling it again and sometimes along with him.
I miss skipping lessons because of softball matches.
I miss our sliding-in-the-rain practices, can you believe this!


Sunday, October 23, 2005

LOTR Review

I finally sat my butt down and watched the most hyped about movie of the century - Lord Of The Rings. Well...only the first movie coz it was showing on TV2 and there wasn't anything else worth watching.

And my 10 cents worth?
*Fanatics, please mind the spelling.
**Sorry, their screen names escape me.
***Sorry, screen names escape me and please mind the spelling.

Legalas* - Now I see why the big hoo-haa about him.
Aragon*- He's got a certain coolness to him. I like.
Mary and Pippen* - They are SOOOO cute.
Gandor* - Wouldn't mind a good, wise and powerful old-man myself. As a grandfather, that is. Tsk. What are you thinking?!
Axe guy** - Love his plaited beard!!
Mr Smith** - It's weird seeing him as the good guy. Good-weird.
Liv Taylor** - She's pretty.
Lady of the woods** - Love her outfit.
Dobby*** - He just reminds me so much of Harry Potter.

And the actual movie/storyline - Eh...It was alright. What can I say, I don't regret not watching it sooner.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

No problem is too tiny for the big man

God's been working miracles in my life. Miracles are not judged by size, they can just be a tiny solution to getting a glass stuck in a mug out.

Just 15 minutes ago, mum screamed for my help. A glass had gotten stuck in a mug and she couldn't get it out. So I ran to her rescue, using as gentle a strong force as I could to pull the glass out of the mug. This went on for about 5 - 10 minutes. 5 minutes you may think is a short time, but try spending 5 minutes tugging and pulling on the cups without any progress.

So there we were, trying to use as much science as we could:

Tactic (1) Submerge mug in hot water
Result (1) Nothing

Tactic (2) Submerge mug in hot water and pour cold water into glass
Result (2) Nothing

Tactic (3) Submerge mug in hot water, slip hot water through the gaps between mug and glass and pour cold water into glass
Result (3) Nothing

Tactic (4) What the heck...submerge mug in hot water, slip cold water through the gaps and pour cold water into glass
Result (3) Nothing

Tactic (5) Submerge the entire cup into water and try pulling under water, maybe water pressure might help
Result (5) Nothing

Resorting to less scientific means:

Tactic (6) Tried stuffing a straw through a tiny gap between the cups and blowing...perhaps the air I was blowing in might push the glass out
Result (6) Nothing

Tactic (7) Tried using force to PULL
Result (7) Nothing but slippery hands

Tactic (8) Submerge entirely in cold water and use force to PULL
Result (8) Nothing

Tactic (9) Give up and call for daddy?
Result (9) Nothing, I preservered on - stubborn really

After playing tug and war all that while, it hit me. God. Why not right? He solves everything. But for this tiny little thing like getting a glass out of a mug? Worth a try, so I prayed. After praying out loud, with mum standing by my side, I felt a little hestitant. I thought, what if it didn't work? What if we still can't get it out? I'd be embarrassed if God didn't answer. At that, I reprimanded myself. Do not doubt God for if you ask, you will receive. So I prayed again, and this time as I asked God for help, I prayed and believed as if I had already received his answer.

Result (10) What do you think?

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours"
:: Mark 11:24 ::

Thursday, October 20, 2005

God's Enterprise

"OH NO, I forgot to call Margaret at Enterprise Motors to remind her I'm coming in first thing this morning to take photos!" Raine exlaimed as she arrived at work at 8.30am.

Tricia had given Raine the simple task of ringing Margaret last evening to remind her of photos this morning. According to Tricia's conversation with Sachin yesterday morning, Sachin was expecting Raine on Thursday first thing, but Tricia's experience taught her to always reconfirm the day before.

Apologetically, Raine approached Tricia about her forgetfulness.

"Esssss" Tricia assessed the situation, knowing full well what this could result in. "Well, give Margaret a ring now to ask if they've got the list of cars ready."

Raine did as she was told. As Tricia had expected, Margaret had not been informed about photos, in which Sachin probably forgotten all about. Margaret informed Raine that she would ring back as soon as they sort something out.

Just after the call, as if she was listening in, Tricia approached Raine in regards to the situation and once again, Raine broke the bad news to her.

As Raine sat at my desk, she waited and waited, her embarrassment hanging on the line. Every minute that past tortured her as they were one minute away from meeting the earliest courier deadline. They were already one day late with the ad copy. Car yards are given special extensions with the early labour weekend deadline but there is an extent to which you can push your luck. Raine knew that if she did not go in to take photos soon, the urgency might cause tension between Tricia and herself which was the last thing Raine wanted.

After staring at the clock for half an hour, drumming her fingers on the table and pretending to continue working as if she was not bothered, Raine was tempted to pick up the phone and call Margaret again. The phone was taken off it's hook several times but was placed back down again. Give them time, give them time. But time was the least Raine had. Raine knew the situation was in only one person's hand. That one person would gladly help her if she just asked. So Raine, seated at her desk, bowed her head down and said a silent prayer.

Dear Lord, I need your help right now. Please let this phone call from Enterprise come in as soon as possible and please get me out of this rut. Please help my forgetfulness so that I will not be in such a situation in the future. I can only depend on you right now and only you have the power to solve this. Please carry me through this situation...Amen.

After the prayer, Raine felt relieved, a load off her back as she had just off-loaded this burden onto her Lord, and she continued with her work. A minute or two later, Tricia entered into Raine's office, informing Raine, "Margaret just rang me. ("THANK YOU LORD", Raine praised God in her head as Tricia spoke) She said you can go over to Enterprise in about 15 minutes and they'll have the list and cars ready."

God had answered Raine's distressed Enterprise call.

Imagine, Raine's prayer was just one of a million prayers said at the very moment. Raine's call for help would be measured small on a scale against some others. But God, the multi-task guru, never fails. He runs his 'Enterprise' on pure love, grace and mercy, looking over all his little children and answering each and every prayer in this own way.

God's Enterprise...and I'm a part of it!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Forgotten Remembered

You reappeared a long while later,
Or perhaps my eyes were just mistaken.
But memories of you returned to me,
Old smiles and butterflies gave it away.
It's been so long I thought I'd forgotten.
But some things never change:

...I wish you 'Hi'.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Stamped with APPROVAL

Everytime I talk to this one person, I always feel like I'm transported into a serious job interview and my future is under constant scrutiny. I feel very self-conscious when I'm answering his questions and there's always this immense pressure to provide the 'right' answer. It's always about my future in regards to furthering my studies, or my future work prospects...blah blah blah.

If I give the 'correct' response, it's feels exactly like when I'm in an interview and the interviewer stamps an 'APPROVED' across that question and moves on to the next. If I fail to give the 'right' response, the interviewer prompts for more and tries to comprehend my response, scribbling profusely as he makes notes in regards to the discrepancy from his 'right' answer.

So did I fail the interview (a.k.a. conversation)?

My condensed response, "I intend to return to Singapore and gain a few years of work experience, and perhaps from then, I might go on and further my studies...perhaps an MBA."

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Designer in the making

Presenting: The Evening Fluke

Designer: Lorraine Zhang
Model: Barbie
Material: Spandex (black), Polyester(white), Organza (pink)
Classification: Evening gown
Description: A body-hugging tube dress with an elaborate pink and white flare from mid-thigh down
Inspiration: By fluke - one too many mistakes called for some improvisation and covering-up, creating a messy yet classy look

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Shoppaholic Genes

Now I know where I got my shoppaholic genes from!!!! MUM'S A WORST SHOPPER THAN I AM!!! Okay...maybe it's also partly her amazing skill to retain clothes from 10 years ago!!

This evening we packed some of her unwanted clothes away and MY GOODNESS...she has heaps heaps heaps more clothes than I have - and a GREAT proportion of it (I'd say 80% of it) are clothes she doesn't even wear anymore!!

I packed away 2 big (gabbage-sized) bags of clothes to give to salvation army, and she packed a record breaking 6 bags of clothes!! INSANE!!! the tables have turned. I got to scold her for retaining clothes that she doesn't even wear and *tsk* at her bad taste in clothes. Hee hee.

Now I don't appear to be such a compulsive shopper ay?

One man's junk is another man's treasure

It's interesting how garage sales are such success. Today, Uncle John had their garage sale and at 7am (contradictory to their advertisement for an 8am start), crowds of people were looking to buy. Our family had already selected our 'treasures' a couple nights before - the first to 'chiop' (translation: reserve)!

This afternoon, I was in a spring cleaning mood, I decided to clear some clothes in my wardrobe. I'm getting an early start, organising for my trip back home to Singapore. I decided to get rid of all the clothes I won't be taking back to Singapore and my goodness, you'd be shocked at what was thrown out of my wardrobe. We even made 5 piles:

1) Definitely going home with me!!
2) I'm keeping this but I'll never ever wear it.
2) No thanks, but Laura/Nic might want it...
3) Salvation army, here you go.
4) YUCK, why am I still hanging on to this crap?

I was amazed at how much things I have not worn in the past year, or FIVE (about half the clothes in my wardrobe - or perhaps even more - went to the 'no no' piles)!! I even had clothes that were brand new and never worn before - the tag was still on it! There was even a skirt I had worn when I was 8 years old - one of my favourite skirts, I loved it so much I didn't want to wear it too often in fear of wearing it out! That was a hard call but I finally made the decision to give it to the next lucky 7 year old girl.

I also found this tiny tee-shirt I used to wear when I was 5 years old - it was pink and it had my name printed on it - it was definitely a keepsake.

I guess we love to hang on to memories and we find letting go almost impossible, though holding on would be pretty useless as well since it'll be locked up in a suitcase or stored away somewhere. There are also times when you think 'yuck, who'd want this?' but you'd be amazed.

That's why garage sales are such success.
That's how things become antiques.
And that explains the saying, "one man's junk is another man's treasure".

Friday, October 14, 2005

Momma Always Say...

Life is like a box of chocolates...Really?

Chocolates (good ones) are predictable. They are YUMMY. Every bite is a luscious, delectable and sumptuous experience that makes you crave for more.

Life...I can hardly think of any predictable moment in my life. Don't you find it funny, how you can plan ahead and imagine how situations could turn out (e.g. the day I'll bump into Kangta), but when it happens, it's never ever what you anticipate (e.g. I'm still waiting).

Life's not YUMMY at all. Not every bite into life makes you crave for more (e.g. don't think I'll be craving for more studying - that was such a painful process).

But if you really must compare...

Life can be very much like a box of chocolates. It comes in all shapes and sizes, some good and some bad. Initially, you pick and choose the good ones to eat (e.g. slacking off the designing of the new Education and Training Banner at work), but eventually, the bad ones remain and you'll have to eat it all (e.g. can't push it back forever), and maybe you say, you can throw it away (e.g. give up = quit), but isn't that a waste?

Not all chocolates are sweet, some good ones come's pretty much like that. There are sweet moments (e.g. the exictment of moving home to Singapore), and there are also bitter-sweet moments that seem horrid at the start (e.g. the painstaking job applying process), but you eventually learn to appreciate it (e.g. it's going to be a challenge, but bring it on).

So perhaps it's is like a box of chocolates, eat it as you go along.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I should have been in bed

I haven't decided whether to classify today as a waste of time or not. Well, perhaps if you hear me out, you'll be able to judge for yourself.

The past few days, I had a rather persistant sore throat which only meant one thing: I was coming down with something. And I was right.

Yesterday, I started coughing and by the evening, especially after a whole day of work (though mundane but still exhausting), I was more tired than usual and coughing much more.

Last night, it felt as though I didn't get any sleep, disturbed by all that coughing going on. And this morning, I decided to call in sick to catch up on some deprived rest.

By 9am, I laid wide awake in bed, the bright - too very bright - sunlight piercing though the gaps of my blinds. By 10am, I was out of bed and in front of the computer. Geek.

Following that, I spent the entire day in front of the computer, changing my blog layout. In my mind, I had this brillant new layout but the more I played around with the idea, the less it impressed me. This left me stranded for a fresh new idea. Time was ticking as I searched for the creative spark.

It was only around 3pm that the lightbulb went *ting*. About time!!! However, I was starting to get tired again...signs of old age and illness. And what brillant thing did I do? I continued redesigning my blog.

Now, I'm exhausted and for someone who wasn't feeling too well and should have been in BED...bad move little girl...bad move.

So was today, a sick day off work spent playing around with a blog, a waste of precious time? You tell me.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

An E That Deserves Grade A

Last week, I received an E from Pear and I wanted to blog about this quote in the E but I never got around to it so since I'm online right now and got the E right in front of me (hey babe, I've replied so go check your mail), here's what she wrote to me:

:: ::
I love how our Es have no word limit and I can write however long I want and just go on and on...
I love how our Es do not have to be on a specific area of life or have one theme, and I can blabber all I want about anything under the sun...
I love how I have no trouble at all just writing thousands and thousands of words to you...
And the thing I love most is that I know you'd always feel that my E is an E that deserves a Grade A no matter when.
:: ::


My Genius-ness

I was just starting to reply Pear's E when I got distracted and this is such an important piece of news that I had to blog about it - sorry babe.

Firstly, our internet wasn't couldn't connect for some reason so I called out to Dad for the rescue. And since I had to shut down the entire computer and reset the ADSL modem thingy, I decided that while I'm at this, I shall try again - operative word being 'AGAIN' - to get rid of my computer Welcome Screen.

You see, last time, the moment I switch on the computer, all the programmes on my desktop would appear automatically without having to go through the Welcome Screen, clicking on the ONLY USER available before being allowed to access the desktop programmes. But something happened - maybe I loaded some new programme - I can't remember when, but all of a sudden, my whole login process got screwed up and I had to go through this silly Welcome Screen first before being able to access the contents on my computer.

Previously, I could just hit the computer power on/off button, use the toilet or get a drink and when I return, my computer is ready for me to start using. But now with this irritating Welcome Screen, it caused major inconvenience. Firstly I had to hit the power button, and I still could go off and use the toilet (just an example) but when I returned, I was greeted with this silly Welcome Screen and I had to click on the ONLY user button available before I could access anything. And after clicking on this user button, I had to wait another couple of minutes for the desktop to load all the programmes (SLOWLY - which is another story for another day). So you can see how this interrupted my usual process and caused major inconvenience and time delays. I had better things to do while the computer started up and this Welcome Screen proved to be a hindrance.

And YES (to all those people who think they are geniuses), I did try to get rid of the Welcome Screen by changing the way to log-on through the user panel, but the only thing that changed was instead of a Welcome Screen, I got a Classic Log-on Box which required me to input my password before I could access anything which is basically the same as the Welcome Screen - a BREAK in the process.

So just now, I thought since I'll be shutting down the computer, I shall try changing some options all over again. That didn't work the first time, so I consulted the internet. One guy gave a suggestion as to get rid of the Welcome Screen with auto-logon. I followed his instructions and that gave me a fright coz when I restarted the computer, a different desktop appeared - the really basic one with really few programmes. I thought I lost all my programmes!! Anyway, I tried to recover my previous desktop by back tracking the previous steps and I just started clicking buttons and when I restarted my computer again, I didn't get the Welcome Screen, I didn't get the Classic Log-on Password Box and all my programmes loaded automatically!!!


Oooh...I feel like shutting down my computer and starting it up again to see my beautiful piece of GENIUS!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Yesterday was a fantastic, brillant, cheery day!!

I not only scored myself a new dress to wear to Yongie's wedding in January, I also got a bonus commission!!

On Sunday, mum and I went shopping at New Market - the shoppaholic strikes - and I tried on this slightly-reddish brown tube dress with beads running down the front. As for the colour, brown is growing on me though I felt that the dress would look gorgeous in a nice shade of pink as well - what's new. Anyway, I didn't buy it then coz I was hanging on to the thought of finding a prettier, perferably pink, dress. However as the week progressed, I kept thinking about it until Wednesday, I broke. During work, I took a 15 minute detour to Manukau Westfield Shopping Mall and checked out Portmans for the dress. I didn't find that particular dress, but I saw a couple other nice dresses. After thinking and analysing my deepest desires, I messaged mum - my designated shopper - and asked her to help me buy the dress in the city outlet, which she did!! The good news...Laura got a new handphone (courtesy of mum and dad) and I get a gorgeous dress!!!

On Wednesday, it was pay day as well. My manager informed me not to be surprised to see a bonus in my pay cheque - to commend my appreciated hard work - AFTERALL, I WAS THEIR BANNER GIRL!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sneaky Me

Here I am, at work, sneaking in a little tiny blog entry. Everyone in the advertising department has disappeared. The manager has gone off for the day, the assistant manager has gone off for afternoon tea and all the other sales reps are either on leave, or driving around looking for "prospective" clients (I.e. gone home for the day). And me...well, I've had enough of work for the day. Can't be bothered anymore so here I am, slacking away. Lalalalala...

Monday, October 03, 2005

An Infestation.

Eight Legs.
With Hairy Bodies.
Walls Ceilings Everywhere.
Silent But Deadly, They Await Their Chance...

Tiny One.
But Never Alone.
They Attack In Groups.
Small But Many, Never Underestimate...

Nice Clothes.
Warmth, They Awake.
The Entire World Brightens Up.
Creeping And Crawling, They Find Their Way...

Spray Cans.
Newspaper To Whack.
Hiding Behind Him, My Sheild and Weapon.
Killing One Today, The Family Appears In Revenge...


To be continued...

Saturday, October 01, 2005


"Time To Totally Kick Arse"

We just finished watching the movie 'White Chicks'. It was like totally hilarious!! We totally had like a good laugh. It's like one of those, you know, lame-as, totally dumb, trying-too-hard kind of comedy, but if you just need to have like a brainless chill-out session of good laughing, that's totally the movie to watch.

And as you can see, my vocab has TOTALLY improved!!!