Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Duo Heats The Kitchen

- By Anonymous

After the famous spoilt radios Pear and Raine got together to bake Nutella Cupcakes and Chocolate Oreo Cheesecakes this past weekend, reviews have been flowing in.

The pair had spent the whole Saturday afternoon in Raine's kitchen, baking while sharing baking tips with each other. "If you like your cupcakes a little more moist, add a bit of milk. That'll do the trick." Pear, a genius chef herself, let us in on a secret.

Those who have tried the Nutella Cupcakes absolutely loved them. Reviews said the Nutella Cupcakes were delicious, one taster admitted to having four cupcakes at a go! Others commented that it was too sweet, but to Nutella lovers, you just couldn't get enough of it!

"Within a day, my Nutella Cupcakes were finished!" Pear announced to the press.

Reviews about the Oreo Cheesecake were diversed. Some found it too sweet with too much oreo bits, others said it was not cheesey enough.

"It may not have look presentable with the cracks on the slightly burnt crust, But I liked it." EK, creative director, supported the duo.

Despite the ravings, the pair humbly admitted that there is still room for improvement. Discussions have been ongoing and we may likely see the pair in baking action sometime soon. Our source tells us the next item on the menu would be something so sinfully chocolatey, it'll be 'Death by Chocolates'.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Today is Logo's 50th Anniversary. How do I know that??
That's why I love...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Date with My Prince

Last evening, I met my Prince at his Royal Ruby Palace, where he carries out his official duties as crown prince of Xile. We had earlier chanced upon the discovery that his Royal Ruby Palace was within close proximity to my humble Castle on Tannery, hence I decided to pay him a visit before our banquet.

My Prince settled his official business and together, upon my ingenious suggestion, we took his royal carriage to the new Terminal III of the Province of Changi.

Neither my Prince nor I had been to the new Terminal III since its grand opening on the 9th of January 2008. We were blown away immediately by its architectural design and lavished grandeur. The ceilings were high and allowed for the skylight to shine through. The glass elevators took you to whichever levels you wanted to visit. The concept of openness could be felt as we could see right through the glass panels to the gates of customs. A magnificent 5 storey high green wall towered above us, decorated with climbing plants, vines and serene waterfalls. It was a self-sufficient village, with grand restaurants, relaxing cafes, and shops of all varieties. It was an admirable dating place with its serenity and splendour.

We chose a nice restaurant serving Japanese Teppanyaki and had our feast. The spread of sizzling oysters, teriyaki chicken, black-pepper beef steak, marinated foie gras, salmon teriyaki, the softest tofu and chawamushi was commendable and delectable. We were satisfied customers. We proceeded to The Golden Theaters on The Bridge of the Red-Haired for a play on American Gangsters. There were not many plays on show at the moment and watching a display of American Gangsters were more appealing to me than watching a Body #19 or something about the Mist.

My prince dropped me off at my humble Castle of Florida where I only got to bed close to 1am. It was such a splendid evening and I could only look forward to visiting Terminal III again with the love of my life.

Royal Ruby Palace – Ruby Industrial Complex
Official duties – Work
Xile – My Prince's Company name
Castle on Tannery – Tannery House, building where I work
Royal carriage – Car
Terminal III of the Province of Changi – Changi Airport Terminal 3
The Golden Theaters – Golden Village Cinema
The Bridge of the Red-Haired – Ang Mo Kio
Castle of Florida – The Florida, Condo Apartments

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dreamaholic at work!

I should honestly change the name of my blog to 'Tales of a Dreamaholic'!

Last night, I had yet another exciting dream/ movie (I like referring to my dreams as movies coz it seems like I’m watching a movie in my dream), but this time, the genre was fantasy. This dream was magical, similar to the movie ‘The Golden Compass’.

In the dream, every human being has a little ‘child’ fairy attached to them. They are inseparable from these fairies just like your conscience.

A group of us were stranded on a strange magical island. It was beautiful and yet dangerous at the same time. The magical island had abundant rainforests, waterfalls, and a city so amazing and colourful; it was too magical to be true. However, this magical island had been taken over by evil creatures and the village folks hid themselves in this big magical floating machine, like an air balloon or flying aircraft but cooler! However, this magical aircraft was no longer functional and it didn’t fly. It sat hidden among the green foliage. The aircraft was high up in the rainforest canopy, supported by the branches, and the evil creatures that roamed the ground beneath never noticed it.

So there we were in this strange land, exploring it and searching for the good village folks. We finally discovered this magical balloon with its inhabitants. They had no where to go and couldn’t escape the island. We realised the reason the magical aircraft couldn’t fly was because there was an imbalance of humans versus fairies on board. Only when the human count was the same as the fairy count, then the magical aircraft could fly. I can’t remember the specifics, but I think we discovered an extra fairy without a human boy. So the group of us went in search for this human boy. The boy’s parents also left their fairies on the aircraft to go in search of him.

We encountered an evil fairy who pretended to know where the boy was and wanted to trick us. We soon found out that she was the evil fairy of the forest and quickly abandoned her. At long last, we found the boy and raced back to the magical aircraft.

At this point, the aircraft had been discovered as one evil creature had accidentally fired a gun shot into the “sky” which ended up creating a hole in the floor. Thankfully, we were quite high up in the canopy and the evil creatures had trouble reaching us. We hurriedly got onto the aircraft and operated it to fly. After years of being inactive, it took a while for it to get started and everyone on board was in panic as the evil creatures were preparing for an attack. When we finally got the aircraft to float, we fell into a deep plunge as one little fairy had fallen through the hole, causing imbalance and the aircraft to shut down.

Thankfully, the fairies could fly and with the help of the other fairies, she was pulled back into our aircraft and just as we almost hit the ground and into the hands of the evil creatures beneath us, the aircraft started up and we zoomed off, through the rainforest, past the waterfalls, above the roof tops of the city, and escaped this island to freedom.

The end.

I think if this was cast into an animated movie, it would be totally cool!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Lazy Script Writer Bones

Why do I have such lazy bones?!?!

Last night, I went to bed early at 11.30pm, thinking I'd get a good 7 hours sleep and then wake up at 6.30am for a morning exercise before work.

But of course, my laziness got the better of me and I ended up postponing my alarm for 7.30am. However, I’d like to argue that I have a very valid reason for this.

I had another weird but exciting dream (or action movie in-the-making) that kept me “awake” all night.
The Lead Characters:
- Me
- 1 good looking hunk (Forgot who he was)

Supporting Cast:
- Grandpa
- Laura
- Nai Nai (my grandmother)
- Rina (EK’s friend and make-up artist)
- Jensen Ackles (American Actor on Supernatural)

The Plot:
The first scene I can remember was Me, my good looking hunk, Rina/Laura (can’t remember who it was), Nai Nai, and Jensen Ackles touring one of those huge amusement park. Oh course with me and my good looking hunk, we were not dating, but there were obvious flirting and sparks flying around us as most movies begin. I was pushing Nai Nai on her wheelchair and I remember clearly having to steer slowly down a steep slope, sometimes steadying myself with my hand touching the ground of the steep slope. The guys were chatting behind me, they were good friends. We were all having such a lovely time. In the late afternoon, we departed the amusement park after Nai Nai bought heaps of souvenirs.

We split from Jensen Ackles, he said he had something to do and told us to get on with our journey. So the rest of us climbed on to the back of my hunk’s jeep/ big manly 4 wheel drive open-top van and started our journey home. As we were a good distance away from the amusement park, there was a loud explosion and saw the entire amusement park blow up in flames. At that moment, both myself and my hunk’s thoughts float to Jensen Ackles. We knew he was the one who set off the explosion. The scene cuts to Jensen Ackles driving away from the scene in his convertible jeep. Jensen’s character in the dream/movie is dense. He’s our best friend and yet also a hired assassin. During our journey around the amusement park, he had planted explosives and we didn’t even notice.

The scene cuts back as we were propelled by the force of the explosion. A truck behind us was coming fast at us, destroying everything in its path. My hunk rammed his accelerator and moved to the train tracks that were in the centre of the 2 lane road. We were trying to avoid the slow traffic in front of us and had to avoid the oncoming traffic. There was chaos as the train tracks ripped off and planks came hurling after us due to the destruction the truck caused.

At some point in time, I was flown out of the car and landed by the side of the road. A furious driver came storming over with a plank in his hand, ready to hit me (for some reason or other, I have forgotten). The drivers’ girlfriend was also furious, coming towards me. I fought them away in a losing battle, but just then, Jensen came to my rescue, throwing his jeep in front to stop the oncoming truck from our path. After a struggle, Jensen pushed the driver and his girlfriend into a ditch in the road that was caused by the explosion. The land was soft and the couple were struggling to climb out. Jensen and myself escaped to my hunk’s van which was pulled to the side of the street, and we sped off. We didn’t question Jensen on the explosives at the amusement park. His work was not our concern.

The scene cut to us driving up a steep one-lane slope, one side was slope the other side were houses. (This scene was like déjà vu for me in my dream. It seemed so familiar like I’ve travelled down this road before in reality, but right now, wide awake and thinking, I’ve never driven through such an estate before. I have no clue why I had this déjà vu feeling even while I was dreaming!! Weird huh!) We made sharp turns in the road, avoided oncoming traffic that was travelling at tremendous speeds towards us. We were travelling a little too fast when an oncoming car appeared round the bend. We made a hasty sharp turn to avoid a crash and found us tumbling out of the van that flipped a short distance down the slope. We checked to make sure we were alright. There was me, my hunk, Laura, Rina and Jensen (no clue where Nai Nai disappeared off to in my dreams).

Then suddenly, Laura took the van and drove away, leaving us behind. We were clueless and were in deep confusion why she would do that. Slowly, we made our way back to our house, stopping by a nearby public swimming club to rest. And it was at this swimming club that we met Grandpa, who asked where I’ve been as he was concerned for my disappearance. And Laura was there in her bikini and she whispered to me that she had told Grandpa she had taken the car for a short while, as it would be less suspicious. (The car? I thought the car belonged to my hunk – strange part of my dream I couldn’t figure out.) Laura stays home most of the time so when she told Grandpa she had taken the car, he would only think it was for a short while, as opposed to me, who would be blamed for taking it out the entire day as I’m mostly out, without permission.

And I woke up at 5.49am in the morning, exhausted from my dream but my blood was pumping with adrenalin from such an exciting adventure. I think I should seriously consider a change in career to become a movie script writer with all my absurd dreams, from romance to comedy to action.

So you see, after waking at 5.49am from my dream, I had to put myself back to sleep again and though at 6.30am when my alarm rang and I was feeling quite awake, I forced myself to go back for another hour of sleep because I thought I’d be exhausted from my dream – since I didn’t get my full 7 hours of sleep as I was disturbed at 5.49am. Then at 7.30am when my second alarm rang, I got up, more tired than I was at 6.30am in the morning.

The irony of it all.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Do...

A beautiful beach wedding on one of those Caribbean islands with fine white sands and the bluest waters. A gorgeous white as snow Vera Wang dress, sitting so beautifully on the bride, with an exquisite train following behind. The bride and groom stands below the royal white arch dressed with the finest white lace, flowers and leaves so green, just like out of a dream, as they say their ‘I Do’s.

Or perhaps a classic wedding at a church with a steeple. The ends of every pew decorated with beautiful flowers and lace. The father of the bride gives away his daughter, his baby, to the man of her dreams.

Weddings. Every girl dreams of this big day, and I can’t pretend I haven’t. Especially when I’m getting closer to my desirable age of wed, and with friends around me declaring their vows, I can’t deny the fact that I’m dreaming for my big day too.

But the exquisite Vera Wang gown with the long train, the beautiful reception and the sumptuous dinner are the least of my concerns.

I met up with a friend of mine last week. He told me before that he never wants to get married, but he confessed that seeing friends our age get married one by one, he fears the day he becomes the only single around. “Perhaps I should find another girl now and make a ‘when we reach thirty and we’re still single pact’ so we don’t get left out,” he says. But he fears, and I sometimes wonder about it too, with divorce being widely practiced and becomingly accepted by our society, what will my future be? He comes from a family with problems, broken relationships, etc, and it’s understandable that his picture of a family is not as perfect as mine. But I have my own set of worries. My parents, so loving even after 25 years of marriage, makes me envious yet worried about my future. What if mine doesn’t turn out like theirs? They have set such a perfect example of a perfect family, and I want the family I have to be like what I had. But with divorce so widely practiced today, it makes it even scarier for me. As they say, the bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment. Am I ready to take this step of faith?

But one thing I’m thankful for is EK and his family values. He wants to settle down and wants a solid family with a happily ever after ending, like his parents. He wants kids too, but not so soon. He’s not commitment phobic – perhaps due to the fact that he’s 6 years older than me – “it’s about time” you know. And HE LOVES ME. Hee.

Am I too eager to get married? I find myself asking. I’m only turning 24 this year. I’m still young, so many remind me. But my grandfather says otherwise. He says I’m not young, that he got married when he was my age. Perhaps he’s eager for great grandchildren, with me being his oldest grandchild. This morning, he mentioned marriage again. He said that many people are getting married this year coz 2008 is a good year, and casually suggested I should get married as well – or just registered at ROM.

I have to admit, EK and myself have been talking about this. With this being our first (Obviously!), we have no clue how it’s to be done. EK asks me if it’s okay we get ROM first, invite close family and friends to dinner, and then the big shebang a year or two later. Is that the correct protocol? We do not know.

But he also knows that this day comes once in a lifetime and it’s every girl’s dream to wear the white dress and walk down the aisle. To complete it in TRADITION (as the father on ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ sings), there’s the tea ceremony and the big dinner. So he also wants to do it right. Though thinking about it, inviting people you don’t know or haven’t met in your entire life, or only perhaps exchanged 1 word or 2 with, it sounds ridiculous. But TRADITION!

Then comes the money issue. We live in a practical world. Often, money – or the lack of – holds us back. There’s the dress (in my case, the Vera Wang, though my friend says he should be able to buy me one of those as a wedding gift when he becomes a full fledge neurosurgeon – in 7 years time), the wedding invitations, the event, the dinner and the photographers. After that, there’s the house to think about.

Having said that, I’m glad those things don’t mean the world to me. I can give up on my Vera Wang dream – it’s how you wear it, not what you wear, I can accept the ROM first with a small dinner celebrated among family close friends – that would actually be more personal, and as long as I’m with EK, anywhere is fine.

But the one thing I will not compromise is the proposal. I’m still a traditional little girl with my dreams. I want my proposal. It doesn’t need to be a 1 carat diamond or an extravagant message in the sky “Will you marry me?”

It just needs to be EK, committing his future with me. Though I know it for a fact that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, he’s told me that many times before, but the proposal means a lot to me and I believe so for many other girls out there. Yes, we talk about getting married, about spending the rest of our lives together, about buying a house, but the true beauty lies in the one question that seals the commitment:

Will you spend the rest of your life with me?
Will you be my wife?


今天妳要嫁给我 Marry Me Today

By 陶喆 (David Tao) and 蔡依林 (Jolin Cai)

Flowers blossoming in spring takes away the winter’s pain

A light wind blows a breath of romance

Every love song suddenly is filled with meaning

At this point you suddenly appear before me

Flowers blossoming in spring takes away the bitter cold of the winter

A light breeze blows unexpected love [our way]

Birdsong draws us closer to each other

At this point I suddenly fall in love with you

听我说 手牵手跟我一起走 创造幸福的生活
Listen to me, [let’s] hold hands, walk together, and create a happy life [together]

昨天你来不及 明天就会可惜 今天嫁给我好吗
Yesterday you were too late, it would be a shame tomorrow, so will me marry me today?

[Lorraine] in the house
[E.K.] in the house
[Lorraine] in the house
[E.K.] in the house
[Lorraine] in the house
[E.K.] in the house
Our love in the house

Summer’s kindness shifts spring’s idleness

The sunshine illuminates the beauty of the family

Every love song will bring up memories

[I] think about how I met you that year

Grief in winter finishes autumn’s loneliness

The breeze blows by withered yearning

The birdsong makes me not want to leave

I immediately desire your hug

听我说手牵手 跟我一起走 过著安定的生活
Listen to me, [let’s] hold hands, walk together with me, [let’s live] a peaceful life

昨天你来不及 明天就会可惜 今天你要嫁给我
Yesterday you were too late, it would be a shame tomorrow, so you shall marry me today

听我说手牵手 我们一起走 把你一生交给我
Listen to me, [let’s] hold hands and walk together, surrender yourself completely to me

昨天不要回头 明天要到白首 今天你要嫁给我
Yesterday do not look back, we’ll grow old [in the years to come], marry me today

叮咚 听著礼堂的钟声 我们在上帝和亲友面前见證
Ding dong, listen to the church bells ring, god and our friends will all be here to witness us [get married]

Men and women now should marry each other

Do not forget just how sacred [marriage] is

You will for better for worse be with him together

爱惜他 尊重他 安慰他 保护著他
Love him, respect him, comfort him and protect him

两人同心建立起美满的家庭 你愿意这样做吗? Yes, I do
A couple together creates a happy family, are you willing to do this? Yes, I do

听我说手牵手 一路到尽头 把你一生交给我
Listen to me, [let’s] hold hands, together to the end, surrender yourself completely to me

昨天已是过去 明天更多回忆 今天你要嫁给我
Yesterday was the past, tomorrow will be full of memories, marry me today

今天你要嫁给我 今天你要嫁给我......
Marry me today, marry me today

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I gave birth to a baby boy

My dreams are very weird recently. My nights have been very restless with interesting dreams night after night after night.

Last night, I gave birth to a baby boy and yes, I was married (I hope so). The surprising thing was that my experience of the child birth wasn't painful. There I was squeezing the 'little' thing out of me and he came out after 4-5 pushes. And it was done, my tummy went back immediately to being as flat as it was before and I had no stretch marks!

The funny thing was, my baby who was just born was like a minature adult. He was a baby, wrapped in diapers and stuff, but he was like a mini adult coming to be about 1 meter tall. And he could stand, he could read and understand what we were talking about, and yes, he was only just born!

I tell you...I'm having seriously weird and disturbing dreams. But at least, child birth doesn't seem so scary afterall. HAHAHA.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New Change?

I came upon a friend's entry about her lovely summer days in New Zealand and it evoked many memories and emotions that I realised I missed. And it got me thinking...

I really missed the short weekend roadtrips to the countryside, stop by the roadside stalls selling the juciest produce at amazing prices. I miss the countryside cafes, where the coffee just seem so much better and the ambience is always a welcomed plus. You can't find those kind of cafes in the concrete jungle of Singapore.

I miss the relaxing evening walks, where the temperature is just right and the whole way, friendly smiles greet you. In Singapore, you can't escape the heavy traffic flow and the incessant beeping of horns. There aren't pretty beaches or unpolluted greenery for view, and everywhere you go, you see people, busy people rushing from place to place with serious expressions and no smiles. You almost forget to smile. Just the other day, I was in a happy mood when I was getting lunch and the cashier looked at me strangely, but smiled, asking why I was so happy. Was it so strange to be in a good mood?

Oh, and barbies with friends and families! I miss those. Perhaps it's the weather, or probably it's the richness in the food, but it almost seems more fun in New Zealand. You don't find yourself perspiring in front of the pit, or swamp in smoke.

And sitting on the deck - what deck!!! In singapore, most of us lives in apartments or flats with a small balcony big enough to fit 1 pot of plant. And even if we had a deck, the weather would be impossibly unwelcoming. One moment, it'll be raining, and the next, it'll be too hot that after 10 minutes and you'd be drenched in perspiration.

Picnics are rare, once again due to the weather and limited parks of nature. Beaches are either filthy or man-made. But I'm thankful that at least we do have beaches, and though man-made, it's still relaxing as long as you don't go into the polluted waters.

Blue skies are few and far between because it's either hidden behind the towering buildings or you get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you forget to stop and look up to appreciate nature.

But can I picture myself doing all that with EK by my side? I have to admit I'm a city girl, and shopping malls are my recharge to life. Ek is a city boy as well, and shops are his lifeline, especially when he's in the design industry where creativity is fueled by inspiration from all things around.

How do we spend our evenings and weekends? We don't return home for homecook meals. Instead, we usually meet at either this mall or that for a quick dinner. Then, we will walk hand in hand among the shops, absorbing the latest fashion, checking out the latest sale, finding a good bargain or buying some useless item that we do not need.

Our weekends are mostly spent out. Only occassionally, do we find ourselves at home, sitting in the living room or lying on the bed, flipping magazines for the latest photoshoot or fashion trends, or reading the newspaper to update ourselves on the week's news. That's also they time we catch up on our household chores, like ironing, vacuuming, washing, etc. However, most weekends past very fast for the both of us. It is either an opportunity to catch up with friends for lunch/dinner, or we would hit the malls again, having coffee at the buzzing Coffee Bean or a nice Mud Pie at The Coffee Club. We do go Sentosa for some beach activities, but that is when the weather permits. Once a month, we'd go on a roadtrip to Penang, which is a good escape, but we mainly eat and shop in malls so it isn't much different from Singapore.

But when the money runs out, when fashion doesn't change from day to day, and when age creeps up on us, don't we all want an escape, find a relaxation haven, or a comfortable abode to retire from a hard day's work?

We do find ourselves bored of the malls sometimes, too much of a good thing is never advised. We do find ourselves looking elsewhere for inspiration. A new country? A new lifestyle?

A new change.

I wonder what this year has in store for us. Will it be any different from last year? And what about in the years to come? Have we thought about where we want to be? The answers to these questions, only HE can tell.

Life's little pleasures

My boss just gave me a home-made cookie (of course my colleagues got one each as well), and I got myself ice coffee this morning (yum...yes yes, I know totally breaking my new year resolution) - BUT I feel so HAPPY.

A simple cookie and coffee can make me HAPPY...HAPPY...HAPPY!!

Life's made up of these small little pleasures. Collectively, life becomes very good!

At the moment, I've got many many small little pleasures going for me. The most important one, there's this insistent voice at the back of my head, screaming "New Zealand, New Zealand...Here I come!!" And then the countdown. Everyday is exciting coz it means one less day before I'm in NZ. Yesterday it was 15 working days (yes I count them in working days coz you can't count the lovely weekends!). And today, it became 14 working days!! You say 'big deal', it's only one day less, but it's a totally different number and if you work it out, yesterday, it was 15 working days = 3 weeks, but today, its only 14 working days = 2 weeks!!!! YAYAYAYAY. Yes yes, me and my warped theory, but life's interesting like that.

But of course, it's not NZ that I'm looking forward to. It's seeing my family and friends!! The very thought of that brings a smile across my face. It's been too long...8-9 months to be exact, but it's been too long. So many things have happened since, for example, a totally new house, birthday and special holidays I've missed, the faces, the smiles, the nagging, everything!! Ahhh, I can't wait!

And recently, I've been doing heaps of shopping for my family. Clothes, shoes, etc etc. Every shopping trip is a small little pleasure. Not just because I get to spend money - a shopaholic's favourite - but every single thought of whether they'd like this blouse, whether the colour is right, is the heels high enough, is the shirt the correct size...every single consideration is made of love, every single $ spent reminds me of them and yes, that makes shopping heaps more meaningful than buying anything for myself! I do hope 20kg baggage limit is sufficient!

Then comes work. I've been confirmed about 2-3 weeks ago and at first, I didn't think it was a big deal: just a letter handed to me by an admin staff who helped typed it out. But EK highlighted that it was different. It means they are satisfied with my work, they want to keep me as a permanent staff and I was confirmed before the 3 months was over. So that's another little happy happy that makes my world go round and round.

Even the thought that this weekend, I'll be baking with Pear - still haven't decided what to bake - but that's another little pleasure I'm looking forward to. Even the looking forward to becomes a pleasure. Every appointment or to-be appointments this week becomes a little pleasure as catching up with friends is such great fun, especially when it's good old friends whom you haven't met in yonks or friends you've only just met up a couple of weeks ago.

Receiving an E the moment I check my mail also puts a smile across my face.

So you see, if every morning you do a recollection of your little pleasures, your day will surely fly by!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sulking about Bulk

Went away to Penang this weekend,
And returned a good 2 kgs heavier.
It was definitely not in any of my plans,
And it didn't make me happier.

Despite the many malls I conquered,
And the mountain I had climbed,
Whatever I ate went straight to fats,
And I didn't let it mind.

Woe! The anguish and the disappointment,
I want to hide and sulk.
But consoled for I'm not the only one,
My honey put on 3kgs in bulk.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Stressing my boss out!

I have stressed my boss out with my emails!! Oops!

But what can I do? France made a cock-up, our shipment is coming in late, and our client is chasing us for the shipment. Ahhhh...

Why is this happening?!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reminiscing 2007, Resoluting 2008

Once again, we have come to the end of another year. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote a piece reminiscing the past year and here I am again. But I promise you this won't be too long.

2007...what about 2007?

To start off, it was another wonderful year with many adventures.

The first adventure was the love ride which involved me, EK and our relationship. The love ride can be compared to a roller coaster that you can't get enough of. Though there were ups and downs, the downs never lasted long. And as our relationship grew stronger, I confirmed he's the one for me! Every ride left you wanting for more. We wanted more time together, even if he was doing his own work and I was reading my book, as long as we were together, it was good. We wanted more adventures together, discovering the world bit by bit.

The second adventure was work. In this year alone, I've had three jobs. The first was the decision to leave the advertising agency which wasn't going well financially, to join the stable bank. But having a taste of the bank job and discovering that what 'was served wasn't what I ordered', I made another decision to leave without the back-up of another job. I selectively chose the jobs to apply for and applied for job after job after job. I even tried going into childcare. And finally, the call came. And that lands me in my current job, one I'm happy with because I'm finally doing proper marketing. My bosses are good, the work hours are conducive, and the job is fun. What more can I ask for?

Holidays were always an adventure on its own. It started with my first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix experience in Melbourne which left my ears yearning for more. Then there was my first trip back to New Zealand, accompanied with EK. I reunited with my family, caught up with good friends, showed EK my home for six years, toured the country and ate till my hearts content. I also celebrated my birthday with my family and friends over a pizza party. And every visit back to Penang, EK's hometown, was a delightful trip that kept me full from the shopping and eating.

Another thing I'd consider an adventure would be me and my ever-changing style. Influenced by people all around me, I slowly changed my appearance for the better. There was Pear who taught me the order of make-up so that I would look professional for work, Leonard Drake who (hopefully) did some helped to my skin, EK who styled me from simple to fashionable and from plain to accessorised. And there was Rina who gave me dramatic insights to make-up and fashion. There were many many others who had an influential effect on me, like the sales lady who taught me how to put on fake lashes, magazines with their insightful view on the ins and outs of fashion, or even the sales lady who recommended me to skinny jeans. I will continue to improve!

Therefore, 2007 was definitely a fruitfully adventurous year.

And what has 2008 have in store? There are still some areas of myself I need to improve on and so this year, my resolutions are as follows:
  1. Get on track with God (I may have fallen off track, but I'll find my way back to the right path!)

  2. No biting of nails, of the skin around the nails, of my finger in general! (Well, I've kind of broken this resolution everyday for the first few days of 2008. Good luck to me!)

  3. Posture, Posture, Posture (Sit straight, stand straight, walk straight and walk tall!!)

  4. Read more fashion magazines (get educated)

  5. Save my face (Please find me a solution!!)

  6. Try not to slack/procrastinate so much (and this starts with sewing buttons that have fallen out weeks/months ago onto my tops)

  7. Save money for my future (This is a very persistant resolution that comes back to haunt us year after year after year)

  8. Eat healthy (Hopefully at a low cost as well. And it means no chocolates, no coffee - utterly no sinful cravings - okay, maybe not 'no' but 'cut down on'. Hey, cut me some slack - ah...just broken Resolution #6)

  9. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise (I need more determination on this. COME ON! Loose those aweful thighs, slim those flabby arms, tuck that tummy tight, and firm up that butt!!)

  10. Get a proposal (HAHAHAHA. When will he strike lotto??)

So these are my top 10 resolutions this year. There are many many minor ones, but I'm sure, like every other year, we are constantly improving on them, perfecting our imperfections, correcting our mistakes, and amending what's broken. So this year...those are my top 10 - oh no...there's one more.

Get domesticated (Cooking, Ironing, Washing, Mopping, etc).

Oh well, I guess that'll just have to be in next year's list. Hee!