Saturday, January 20, 2007


Do you believe in that crucial 1 second?

Let's start the day with meeting Sean, a friend I met in Korea. He was in Singapore on a business trip. Since this was his first time being in Singapore, I naturally played host, showing him around Singapore. He was staying at the Ritz Carlton (a 6-star hotel) so EK and I met him and one of his other colleague at the lobby at 11.30am.

While waiting for him, we noticed young girls hanging in the lobby, as well as korean speaking, video-camera holding, cap-wearing adults walking around the lobby. Immediately, I thought some big korean star could be staying at the Ritz. Then the more I thought and pieced things together, the more I convinced myself it was HIM who was staying at the hotel. Who else could it be? He just arrived in Singapore yesterday for his concert on Sunday night, those guys were definitely couldn't have been more perfect. But I didn't think more. We met Sean and his colleague Colin from Perth and headed out for lunch.

Over lunch at this restaurant in Paragon, I causally mentioned that I think that Korean star was staying at the Ritz Carlton. It was just a casual topic though. Nothing more to it. I wasn't a big fan of that Korean star, so naturally, I didn't pay much attention.

We spent the entire day shopping, first it was Paragon, then Ngee An City, then Wisma, then an afternoon break at Ding Tai Feng, then followed by more shopping at Wisma, then it was back to Ngee An City. That was our last stop and we were finally exhausted, so we decided to go back to the hotel to put down their bags of shopping before heading back out for dinner.

It was pouring outside and all the comfort cabs in Singapore were fully booked. So we made a decision to take the public transport plus a long walk from City Hall MRT to Ritz Carlton Hotel.

When we got to the lobby, we saw many more girls sitting around, waiting, and even more busy korean crew rushing in and out of the lobby. It was immediately confirmed. I knew it was him. Sean and Colin went up to their rooms to put down their bags, while we waited in the lobby. When Sean returned, he confirmed it with us. That Korean celebrity was staying right beside him in the next room. Sean said when he went up, the security guards were eyeing him and his bags of shopping closely!!! He even said he heard girls in the Korean celebrity's room going 'Orh Pa Orh Pa' as how typical Korean girls call a guy older than they are, of whom they may like.

As we continued waiting for Colin to return, Rain made his lobby entrance. He was just within metres of us, walking right past us. EK, Sean and I watched as he walked past. He was in a white singlet and blue jeans. He wasn't as tall as he seemed in his MTVs, he wasn't good looking either. His hair was flat and boring. There was nothing special about him.

But nevertheless, I couldn't believe my timing. It was amazing.

Yes, I knew Rain was in Singapore, yes, I know he's very popular - his most expensive concert tickets are selling for $888 (WHAT THE?! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?) - but so what if he was in Singapore, and so what if he's so popular? I couldn't care less - if it was Kangta it would have been another story - but there I was, not expecting to see him, yet there he was, within metres of me. I don't know how to describe it. I'm not a big fan of his, but to have such great timing that we were there in that same lobby as Rain - that who-does-he-think-he-is by pricing his tickets at $888 - for that 1 minute as he exited the hotel, I don't know how to explain but it's that precision in timing, that 1 second, that one decision, that little factor that all adds up.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yesterday, I made it for my massage - half an hour later than my appointment time. Luckily the lady after me cancelled her appointment, so they made it possible for me. It was most gracious of them. When I entered and said I wanted Contour Control Slimming treatment, they asked "But you don't need it. Why not massaging?"

The answer was simple: Coz I'm a woman.

So the treatment started. First it began with taking all my measurements - calf, thighs, butt, hips, waist, tummy, under chest, above chest and arms. Then came the massaging using a huge machine which vibrated against my tummy and thighs - the 2 important areas I wanted them to focus on. What followed was something I never expected and I'm proud to say I've experienced.

I've always seen it on TV, when they promote those slimming centres, but of course I've never explored into those centres - WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and you can say "Not Necessary". I've always been very curious about this treatment and now, I can proudly say "I'VE BEEN GLAD-WRAPPED!"

Yes, I was wrapped in those kind of sticky wraps you cover leftovers with. It was very interesting, being wrapped tightly within that plastic cocoon. And then I had to figure out how to climb back onto the bed with both legs and arms in "casts". Then I got zipped up as if I was in a heated sleeping bag and left alone to rest. (Imagine Final Destination 3 with improvisations: the bag overheats, I'm all wrapped up and kinda impossible to move...dun dun dun)

Anyway, after the 20 minute or so slow cook session, I was cut open as she sliced the plastic off me. The feeling literally felt like breaking out of a cocoon (not that I have ever broken out of a cocoon before). My skin could breath again.

And then another round of measurements. My tummy lost about 2cm in circumference, though there was no change in my thighs nor in my weight (a weight I was delightly shocked to discover - I thought I had put on weight). But nevertheless, it was an experience I will never forget.

I doubt I'd return - maybe when I get super fat - but for now, it'll remain just an experience, an interesting and free treatment to iSpa.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A simple request...

Today, I've got a body contour control massage at 6.30pm - FREE. It's a slimming massage, the lady informed me over the phone. I knew that and that was precisely why I chose it out of the other 2 treatments.

However, I really wonder if I can make it. Previously, I thought it was at 7.45pm. That would be better. But just now I called to confirm, and it was at 6.30pm. Half an hour to get down to Orchard - assuming I leave work sharp on the dot. How likely is that? NEVER.

Anyhow, it's free so if I miss 15 minutes of my appointment, they can, by all means, cut short the treatment by 15 minutes. However, leaving work on time is all dependent on my designers - PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK TO ME ON TIME!!! I don't mean to press you for it, but I can't reschedule this appointment and I have no intention of being LATE-R (than already expected).

Let me pamper myself this once. Yesterday I stayed late till 8pm, today, I just want to leave on the dot. Is that too much to ask?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Counting My Blessings

A recurring theme in 2006 was procrastination and it has to be so with my 'last' entry of the year ('this year' refers to 2006) - it's 5 days late!

Despite this procrastination, I always get things done - and hence, this entry. A thanksgiving entry.

For one, this year has been awesome - and I'd like to award it the title 'The Best Year So Far'. Too many things happened, a lot more great blessings than bad messings.

The first major blessing was returning to Singapore. That was a decision I made and 2006 marked the start of my future in Singapore. It was both a scary yet exciting decision, knowing that God had many things in store for me this year. And he kept to that promise.

God blessed me and my family with great things this year. One such event was Siyong's wedding in January 2006. My first actual wedding which involved me on all 3 events - the church wedding, the 'pang tei' session (chinese tradition of serving tea to the elders) and the wedding dinner. I've never been through an entire wedding before, usually it's only the church wedding or none at all - parents only. So this was definitely a big thing for me - 2 new dresses for the day and night, new shoes, make-up and all.

The day after the wedding on 3rd January, we went on our holiday to Paris and the UK. It was a big affair, with my grandparents as well. Paris was as breath-taking as they make it in movies, even better as a friend of mine joined my family in Paris as well. Of course, there were down-times when our luggage got lost in transit, but on the whole, I can't say I didn't enjoy Paris. UK was great too. Touring the entire island, from London to Scotland and back, was an experience in itself. The back seat of the family car became half my home for the day and the luggages beside me were my best friends on the journey. It was tiring but great fun exploring a new country. We're truely blessed.

Arriving back to Singapore on the eve of Chinese New Year, we celebrated both my sister's birthday and the big reunion dinner. Ever since we moved to NZ, this was the first time in 5 years we returned to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore and it was great, visiting old relatives, basking in that festive season with great tidbits and loads of good dinners. That was a FAT FAT period of FUN and FOOD. Prosperous too.

Early February was spent shopping for furniture and decorating my very own bedroom from scratch. A new coat of paint, a new colour, a new bed, new bedsheets as well, a new shelf and many other new entries. It was like a dream come true, being the interior decorator of my own room, owning my own room.

Then came March, April, May - KOREA! I must add: the highlight of my year. Living in Korea for 3 whole months - without family - was an experience I cannot forget. I got to learn a whole new language and converse in it too, meet people from all over the world, get around on my own, eat food only the locals know about, cheer alongside millions of other koreans in the worldcup, do the things a tourist won't get the chance to do, adopt a new family, shop almost everyday and many many more. I'll never forget that experience of becoming a part of Korea. Not all of it was great, I missed home, I fell sick on and off throughout the 3 months there, and I got tired of the variety of food - mostly all red and spicy. But I loved it. Every bit of it.

When I got back, job hunting started. It didn't last very long and by the end of June, I started work at Pagesetters, a local advertising agency. The pay isn't great compared to what I got in NZ, the stress was a lot more, but I got what I wanted. A place in Singapore's advertising industry, to become a part of the Singapore workforce. Though I'm not sure that's where I want to be for good, at least I got to taste it. That's a celebration in itself - finding a good job.

In September, Jolie Avenue was established. Pear and my very own jewellery business. It started all because we had a dream, and several potential customers. We made a decision. The official decision was on 9th August 2006, where we went shopping for materials. Then came the designing of our website, the making of the trinkets, the photograph shoot. The launch of our website was on 1st September 2006.

While at Pagesetters, I met EK - my current boyfriend and hopefully someone I can be with for the rest of my life. Nothing has been the same since then. Now it's what WE do, what WE think, what WE want, what WE like. I love it. I love having someone there for support when I fall, for encouragement when I'm discouraged, for comfort when I'm down, for care when I'm sick and for love - regardless. Many many first memories were created together. No girl can be happier.

Then Christmas came. Christmas is always a lovely time for me, with good food, family bonding and lots of beautiful Christmas hymms. I love christmas, but even more this year beccause for the first time, my all time Santa wish came true. That was to spend the entire day with someone I love.

So there you have it, my year's events all wrapped up in a blog. I wouldn't have it happen any other way.