Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Drama in my life


Pear and I have been dabbling in some jewelry business so I decided we should mark-up our price on each item by quite a big sum of around $50. Both parties agreed and our business florished! No one seemed to object the mark-up and we were doing very well.

Detail Rating (out of 5): *


Everyone heard that I was quitting Pagesetters. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate my leave with good farewell words and lunch treats.

But how come I didn't know I had announced it to everyone that I was leaving. Yes, I thought about it and I think I should quit, but I don't recall telling anyone about my decision.

So I asked a colleague of mine if I did tell everyone I was leaving and with a straight face, he said, “Yes, you did.” I found this very puzzling.

Detail Rating (out of 5):***

Murder Accomplist

Last night, after being an accomplist for a rather serious crime, I decided to run. It was all dark, everyone was asleep. To appear less obvious, I stayed low, crawling on the ground of my precious stuff toy in my hand (WHAT THE?). I turned around the corner of the street and spotted a police car and a couple of policemen attending to some commotion at my neighbour's place - probably some party that went a little too overboard. I froze for a second. They looked at me, a weirdo crawling on the ground, but without thinking twice, they continued on with their police business.

Heart beating faster and faster, I turned around and made my way to a car parked on the side of the road. Quietly without being obvious, I broke into the driver's side of the car. The car was a left hand drive. Not the normal kind of car you see in Singapore. I spotted several policemen walking past my car. One of them looked in. I hurriedly tried to start the car, but automatically, I reached over to my left for the gears. Wrong move. I thought I was in for it. I thought I had given it away. Realising my mistake and avoiding eyecontact with the policeman, I reached for the gears on the right. The policemen walked away.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Detail Rating (out of 5):****

The Overview
What a busy night it was for me yesterday, or should I say early this morning! Hitting the pillows at 12.30am, I thought I could get a full 7 hours of sleep. I was wrong. I had dreams after dreams after dreams. And they weren't nice dreams either. They were all stressful to an extent. It wasn't the kind of dreams where you feel good and end up smiling to yourself when you wake up. It was about business, work and crime! And what is more amazing is that I remember them. Perhaps it's coz I woke up after every dream. However, you can clearly see the detail rating as I progress with each dream. The more recent the dream, the better I remember it. Though I love dreaming, being an accomplist on a crime isn't my cup of tea and being a panda the next day isn't a bonus as well!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mr Sandman, give me a sign

I wanted to be a pilot,
And travel the world with class.
But I suck at multi-tasking,
So this dream I gave up.

I wanted to be an air-stewardess,
And travel the world to explore.
But Mum doubted my service,
So this dream I gave up.

I wanted to work for an airline,
And travel the world on discount.
But so did many others,
So this dream I gave up.

I wanted to be a cop,
For it was a childhood dream.
But I doubted my ability to handle the training,
This dream is now on hold.

I wanted to be a fashion designer,
For all the clothes I want to wear.
But without a degree in fashion design,
This dream is now on hold.

I wanted to be my own boss,
For I rather answer to myself.
But without good research and proposal,
This dream is now on hold.

I would like to be a copywriter,
I hope to design a big ad.
But I might not have enough creativity,
So this dream I'm still pursuing.

I would like to find a job I love,
I hope every work day is fun.
But I don't know what I really enjoy,
So this dream I'm still pursuing.

I would like to find a Singaporean boyfriend,
I hope I'm on my way.
But it's harder than I thought,
So this dream I'm still pursuing.

I wouldn't mind being a tai tai,
I hope my husband is rich.
But not many guys would approve,
I'm still amending this dream.

I wouldn't mind being more ambitious,
I hope for more drive in life.
But with ambition comes overwhelming stress,
I'm still amending this dream.

I wouldn't mind being a psychic,
I hope to see my future.
But the future lies in your own hands,
I'm still amending this dream.

I've always lived a life of a dreamer,
Wishing for so endless things.
And now that I've achieved this,
What's next? Pray tell, I do not know.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Composition Title: A Day Out at the Beach

The day started out warm. All dressed in her new pink towel-material skirt, a white top, and a pink bikini hidden underneath, Lorraine made her way down to Harbourfront MRT station where she had arranged to meet with her best friend, Pearlyn, and two other friends.

After lunch, they boarded a Vios and drove into Sentosa. Driving across the bridge to Sentosa, Lorraine was consumed by excitement. It has been about three years since she last stepped foot on the shores of Sentosa and she was looking forward to it. Though Lorraine isn't much of a beach girl - she didn't like the sand between her toes and the salty sea water - she was nevertheless excited. She was the one who called for this outing. She was dying to go Sentosa, to stretch out on the beach and chill the afternoon away.

They parked their car and walked down to the beach. There was a good crowd of people on this semi-cloudy day. The sun was just right. Not too scorching, and yet not entirely useless. They stretched out on a beach mat, lying in the sun and chatting. Life couldn't get any better.

They felt drops of rain falling on their exposed skin. Lorraine wasn't bothered. Afterall she loved the rain and what better timing than on a day she was dressed to get wet! They ducked for shelter though, having a drink while waiting for the rain to 'vanish' which it eventually did. Just a passing shower.

The adjourned back out onto the beach and let the sun warm up their bodies. Lorraine took this chance to absorb everything. She saw people who were doing the same as she was - sunbathing - and others who had a book in front of them, reading by the beach. And then there were others who were playing with the sand, and a few others who rather be in the cool sea. There were little kids, playing in the kiddy pool just a while away. Not to mention the groups of teenagers at the far end, competing against each other in a game of beach volly.

An ice cream and some nacho chips went down well under the beautiful sun. Lorraine even took a dip into the cool sea water. She enjoyed it. When a person is in the mood, everything feels good.

At around 5pm, they were all hungry and decided to leave. After a nice shower, they met once again and walked back towards the carpark. One their way, they spotted a large white snake! There must have been some animal performance earlier and there were a few remaining audience hanging around the stage, taking pictures with the large snake. Not wanting to miss this great opportunity, Lorraine's friend went down to join the queue. Lorraine took her cue as the cameraman, but she refused to touch the snake. Pearlyn made it a point to stay far far away from the snake. She wouldn't even look at the pictures that were taken!

They left Sentosa for Chinatown, having Korean food for dinner and some asian desserts before heading home. Plonking herself on the bed, Lorraine fell asleep after a little bit of Korean drama treats.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sandwiches - Account Executives' Lunch

How do you like your sandwich? Toast? Thick-sliced or thin? Buttered?

Here's my sandwich:

Stale toast on one side but not on the other. Both are on thick-sliced bread. On the toasted and super stale bread, you've got margerine, smooth and apparently good for you. Then comes the miserable piece of ham stuck in the middle. Following that is an piece of non-toasted multigrain bread. No spread.


Think abstract. Here's some help:

Stale toast - Our Clients (tough and demands lots of energy when chewing)
Margerine - The contact between you and your client (it's got to be smooth since they mean business and business is always good for you)
Miserable Ham - Me, the Account Executive
Non-toasted Multigrain bread - The designers (with the creative variety of ideas)
*And no spread - Our contact maybe a little dry (especially when balancing the clients' wants with their creativity)

WELCOME to the exciting world of Account Servicing (AS), also known as Ass Sucking.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vampires and Magnets

It's been a long time since I last wrote a good blog entry. Or any blog entry for that matter. Today, I decided to 'pick up my pen' and 'let my fingers do the walking'. Sadly, all I have to write about is my wait. Yes, I'm waiting once again. So today, to change the direction of this entry, I have decided to write about another topic in my life: The stress that comes with waiting.

I've been feeling rather stressed lately and it's an accumulation of many things related and unrelated to work.

Let me start with the first client - I'll call them the vampires. Whenever I talk to them, meet them or do anything related to their project, I'm mentally and physically drained. I feel completely worn out as if I have just tended to a problem child - no, let me correct this. I feel completely worn out as if I've just tended to a child who is also my aunt. When you still have to maintain your professionalism even though they are so disorganised, undecisive and demanding. I was left sucked dry on last Friday evening, last Saturday afternoon, yesterday morning and now this afternoon. It doesn't get any better than this. Tomorrow, I'm meeting the vampires again so lets see how much energy and time they can suck out of me.

The second client - let's call them Houdini! This client is a constant struggle of waiting and stress. For one, Houdini's assistant whom I'm dealing with is forever not answering her phone calls (she's never at her desk). Then when I've sent her something, she'll never reply as if she never checks her email. She holds a low position so basically, she answers to the Great Houdini. Slowing down the entire process, I've got to go through her to get consent from the Great. It's always a wait with this lady - and it's not as if we have time. But then again, Houdini is known to be able to magically escape out of tight situations at the last minute. Let's hope magic is on our side!

The third client is definitely, without a doubt, known as Little Miss Fickle. Do you know the story of Little Miss Fickle? Go read the Mr. Men and Little Miss series! But from the name, it's quite S.E. Basically, they are very fickle-minded. One day it's this, the next day it's that. Not to mention disorganised so what you do now is never quite right. Today we just submitted a final ad for their approval and minutes later, we've changed the entire ad around. Which is final? I don't think I can pin-point the end!

Another worry of mine is the MC King. Every company has an MC King. And especially at this crucial moment, he first takes annual leave from work for a holiday (which is still okay) then followed by an MC the next day to rest in. The worse thing is, our presentation is on Friday and he's only coming back tomorrow. Because he's on MC, I'm stressed because all I can do is wait. I need information to complete this other quotation which will leave me with more waiting once I submit it.

Let's leave the work worries and move on to other things.

Moving on to the next stressful situation: The Persistant Magnet. This is written in an extermely abstract context, which I don't know how else to explain. If you get it, you do, if you don't, move on. You know how magnets work - even though you pry the magnet away from the metal, but if they remain in close proximity with each other, somehow, the magnet finds its way back together. Not to mention this is a quite persistant and mature magnet with many years of experience in re-attaching itself to any types of metal. And I'm new in this magnetic field as well. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention, this is semi-work related. All work and no play makes Raine a dull girl.

So now, let me introduce the Hinter. I really dislike it when people hint, but it's even worse when I can pick up on the hint. The worse part is that I think I know what might follow and I don't want it to follow. So here I find myself waiting and dreading what's to come. And when it does, it'll only put myself in a super horrid position to make the decision call, and put the other in an awkward position.

Then lastly, but the least stressful one of all, I'd name it the French. French is such a hard language...who came up with it?!!! Unless you speak it, you'd think it's such a weird language! And all I can do is wait for some French inspiration or any other sort of inspiration. PLEASE COME SOON.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Drifting to Tokyo

Today, I watched Tokyo Drift at the movies as a form of stress relief to mark the close of a SUPER BUSY FRIDAY.

The movie wasn't that great, quite boring plot, but then the gorgeous cars, set in Tokyo, the cool japs and the racing made up for it. I wouldn't recommend it 100% because the cars weren't fantastic either. You can definitely see how low the budget of this film is compared to The Fast and The Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious. This movie loses out in terms of the cars (their look, their style, their angles) and the filming is not as fantastic! But...who's complaining?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

29th of July

I wrote this blog entry so long ago but I'm only posting it now...

Two weekends ago, two different days, two different senarios, and two very different set of friends.

Start Time7.30pm5pm
Reason for outing- To destress- Celebrate the coming of the weekend- To meet up- Bid farewell to Derek who's returning to Aussie
First lot of friendsPear, Junren and ZeyunDerek and Locy
First activity for the eveningDinner at Alexandra VillageDrinks at Pan Pacific Hotel lobby bar
Conversation topicsThe stressful week, working worries, our busy daysSydney, friends of theirs, business
Second lot of friendsPear, Junren and ZeyunDerek and Zhiyong
Second activity for the nightDrinks at Villa Bali - happy hour 1 for 1 drinksDinner at Pepper Lunch - to eat for the sake of eating
LanguageEnglishEnglish and Mandarin
Conversation topicsWork, life, friends, latest life updatesImmediate plans on what to do next, where to go, about speaking mandarin
Third lot of friendsPearDerek, Zhiyong, Ginger, Leslie, Alloi and Dexter
Third activity for the nightSleep-over at Pear's placeDao Huey at Rocher
LanguageEnglishMandarin and Hokkien
Conversation topicsGirl stuff, guys, the futureUnknown last gathering, drunk stories, a lot of inside jokes
Fourth lot of friendsDerek, Zhiyong, Ginger, Leslie, Alloi and Felicia
Fourth activity for the nightCoffee or Tea at an Arabic cafe
LanguageMandarin and Hokkien
Conversation topicsA lot of jokes and forgettable talk (i.e. Crap)
Relationship with friendsClose to very closeOnly one close, the rest are all acquaintances
Conversation input throughout the nightFrom average to a lotFrom average to a lot less than average
Alcohol GuageFrom sober to tipsy and highFrom a little tipsy to sober
End time1+am1+am

Monday, August 07, 2006

Need-I-Say-More Days

Today. Monday.

Usually I don't even need to type 'need I say more' and you'd get the drift. However, today is an excellent day. Monday blues? NO WHERE IN SIGHT! Today defies all Mondays.


This is my typical week:
Monday - it's the start of another hectic/stressful/boring/tiring week of work
Tuesday - oh gosh, as if Monday wasn't bad enough
Wednesday before lunch - hurry and get on with it
Wednesday after lunch - yay, second half of the week
Thursday - it's almost Friday...hang in there
Friday - need I say more

But this week is a short week coz National Day is on the 9th of August, Wednesday. National Day splits this working week into 2 proportional halves. It makes the week exceptionally short. Check this out:

Monday - because the next day is the eve of a public holiday
Tuesday - it is the eve of a public holiday, shouldn't need to say more than that
Wednesday - need I say more
Thursday - already the second half of this week? That fast?
Friday - need I say more

According to the above data, by comparing the number of 'need I say more' days, this week is SWEET!

Therefore I'm forced to be in such a happy mood. I'm savouring every moment of this week!

But before you tune out, stop and listen to my eventful weekend that just passed.

Last Friday night, I stayed over at Pear's place and we talked till I fell asleep – literally. Apparently she had told me to remove my contact lenses several times. The third time, I told her I had done so and went back to sleep. The next morning when I was awaken by the sound of renovations right outside her room window, it took me several blinks and stares before realising I was still wearing my contacts. I never removed it. HAHA.That was how tired I was. I just knocked out completely.

We washed up and went over to TPY central for dim sum - yum! Both of us have been craving for dim sum in a while so it was definitely great and we discussed and planned our future joint venture together. Can't wait to start! Shan't fill you guys in on this yet, but when we start, I'll definite invite everyone to come for our grand-opening!!

After a good lunch, we walked around TPY, checking out our competitors' products, sourcing for potential materials and we even did some shopping! I bought myself a pretty black and pink flat slippers for work. It was comfy!

Then we headed back to her place for a while before leaving once again to RJC. Yiqing came to pick us up. They were going down to watch a basketball match where their boyfriends (kinda) were playing in. And I? Since I had nothing to do for that couple of hours before my other appointment, I joined them under the crazy hot sun. The sun's intense rays were horrid, burning through my skin and going straight for my sweat glands. After the match, both Pear and I agreed that we had a work-out too!

At around 5.30pm, I split and made my way back to TPY to meet Dan, Ah Min and 2 more of their friends for dinner and also to celebrate Dan's birthday. It was a great dinner. We had sambal sting ray, prawns, sambal kang kong, chilli sotong and bbq chicken wings. We were so full after dinner, we decided against having her chocolate cake immediately (law of diminishing returns) so we went to visit Dan's shop instead. This time around, I played some online games. The 4 of us played warcraft (with Dan as our teacher floating around among us). I was the lousiest at it. I kept yawning away, and every so often, I'd scream for Dan. "Where's my hero? I can't find her." "What should I do now?" "What should I buy?" "What should I do now?" "What do I click to heal myself?"

We were losing at first since all of us didn't know how to play the game except for Dan and Ah Min, but at the end of the game, WE WON! I emerged with the best score among the 4. Why? Coz I'm a genius! Or rather, I'm a genius coz Dan's a genius. She selected one of the easiest hero for me with her own healing ability, and also, she played most of the game for me too while I yawned away, taking over at bits when Dan had to disappear off to help the others.

After the game, we went back to Dan's place where one more of her friend joined us for the birthday cake. The chocolate cake was good, not as fantastic as it used to be sadly. Maybe coz they've gone too commercial that the quality dropped significantly. SOB. There goes another good chocolate cake option for me.

That night, I only got home around 1.30am but I refused to go to bed (not wanting the long beautiful day to end), watching 1.5 episodes of a korean drama before finally giving in to my tired body.

On Sunday, I went to church, met a friend for lunch that afternoon and chatted with mum in the evening before meeting Pear and Junren for dinner at the famous Pongol Nasi Lemak along Upper Serangoon Road. Then I went home, did work while watching some chinese show on TV before watching another korean drama episode and then bed. I had a fantastic weekend and I guess that kinda add points to the start of a new week as well.

That's why...Today. Monday.

Thursday, August 03, 2006





Sorry, got distracted by an ant on my table. They seem to frequently visit my desk - one at the time though so it's manageable.