Saturday, April 30, 2005

Modelling in Session

10.15am - Wakey Wakey Call

Mum: "What time is our hair cut appointment? Is it 11 or 11.30am?"

Raine, half awake, thinks: "Hmmm? 11.30am."

Mum: "Are you sure it's 11.30am?"

Raine, starts doubting, remains silent as she wrecks her brain, reenacting yesterday's phone call convo.

Mum: "You wake up now, think and come upstairs and tell me soon."

11.30am - 1st Appointment of the day

Maryam: "How would you like your hair cut today?"

Raine: "Can I keep the length? Just trim and slightly shorter fringe and layered a little."

Maryam holds up her fingers one inch apart: "But I'll have to cut off this amount."

I had a nice and relaxing wash, followed by blow drying and straightening with a ceremic hair straightener, and then comes the cut. Turns out she cut more than one inch off!! My hair definitely looks shorter, but neater (also coz of the temporary straightening).

Not to forget:

Maryam: "What shampoo are you using right now?"

Raine: Oh no, she's going to intro me to new EXPENSIVE hair products again "The one you recommended me the last time."

Maryam with a time-for-a-new-change expression: "Do you still have a lot left?"

Raine: "Yes, I bought a bigger bottle to replace the small bottles that finished. And there's still quite a bit."

Maryam, thinking hard: "Well, maybe you can use this hair relaxing moisturiser."

Maryam walks off to retrieve a bottle of product and returns, placing it in front of me.

I smiled and stare at that EXPENSIVE bottle of product before me.

But at the end of the cut, I didn't buy any products, though mum got 'conned' into buying $120 worth of products (mum went to cut her hair as well). I like my new hair cut...not very different, but it's striaght right now and I'm loving it. I know once I wash my hair, it'll disappear - so I'm trying to stall washing my hair but I'll never survive...I like knowing my hair is clean and nice. And my new cut is nice too...worth the money spent on it so I'm happy. Hee.

4.30pm - Photo shoot with John Cowan

After being styled, my presence was demanded at the photo studio. It was FUN, and tiring as well. I finally got a taste of the life of a model. It's not easy. You had to sit really still and take instructions, plus to smile on command. John had to use several cheezy lines to get me to smile more naturally.

Raine smiles and poses for the camera. Click.

Smile. Click.

John: "Smile again."


Raine twitches mouth: "I can feel it's very fake."

Pose again.

John: "Now where's that pretty smile hiding?"

Smile again. Click.

John: "Ahh, you're a natural!"

Smile. Click.

John: "Now turn your head slightly to the right, that's right but look at the camera."

Turn head, look at camera. Smile fakely.

John: "You can smile better than that!"




And there's plenty more where that came from, but it was really fun, posing in all different angles, with my parents, with my grandparents, altogether, just me alone...the whole lot. We spent about 45 minutes in front of the camera under the spotlight and that was not enough. When I got home, I wanted to take more photos, so we did...with my grandparents, with my parents, with Metyu or just me alone.

Then, I played with some of the photos digitally, trying to use photo impact to enhance some photos to make it look pro. You see, John said there is this technique that he can do, making the rest of the picture in Sepia (browish colour) except for the colour of the hood, so it stands out, but coz the BBIM colour is Apricot, which is light orange, it may not stand out on Sepia but he'll try on black and yea...I decided to give it a go. Wanna see some photos we took today on our own, without the pro?

Pic # 1: Sepia Example by John Cowan

Pic # 2: Photo Impact Wonders

Pic # 3: My Fav Black and White Pic - Prefer my smile here

Pic # 4: Who's cuter??

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I forgot how to drive an auto...

Temporarily forgot. For a couple of seconds this morning. Well, actually a minute. Slightly less than a minute.

Yesterday, Dad found a nail in my car tyre, so today, since he had the day off, he swapped cars with me so he could take my baby in for a repair.

This morning, I started the car perfectly fine (key in engine - even a toddler knows that bit) but it took me a while to get oriented. I tried stepping where the clutch was to change into reverse mode but I ended up stepping on the handbrake (dad's Odessy has his handbrake where the clutch is - well, more like a 'footbreak'). Then finally, I got the car in reversed and as I backed out of the driveway, I kept stepping on the brake and my car kept jerking. It was frustrating, for a second there, I almost thought I wouldn't be able to get to work.

You see, coz when I reverse out of my driveway in my manual baby, I step on both the clutch and the accelerator/'reverserator' and whenever I slow down, I have to have my feet on the clutch and the brake so as to prevent me from stalling when stopping. So this morning, when I was backing out slowly, I had to step on my brake to stop and whenever I did that, both my feet stepped down hard on the brake (left feet thinking it's the clutch) and the car would JERK and I would lunge forward. I did that several times. The same happened when I was reversing. I would pretend it's a manual so when I wanted to reverse (in a manual, you have to slowly release the clutch as you start to reverse), I was stepping down slowly on the accelerator as I released the brakes - NOT CORRECT - causing my car to seem to move very slow or as if it was not moving much and then when I sped up, it seemed to speed up heaps causing me to JOLT to a stop.

I was starting to fear that I would not be able to go to work coz I didn't know how to drive, but eventally (less than a minute), I realise (or rather remembered) that driving autos are EASY. If I wanted to reverse, put it in reverse and just play with the accelerator. If I wanted to accelerate to whatever speed, just play with the accelerator. My left side of the body felt paralysed and useless, like I didn't need it and like it didn't move at all.

And it all started coming back to me again, how easy it was to drive an auto, and how free my hands were to do other things as I drive (shhhh, don't tell anyone).

Thankfully, just now when I drove my manual, I still remembered how to drive it and didn't (like this morning) feel disoriented. Otherwise, I would have to start my manual-driving crash course all over again and I'm sure it would take longer than learning an auto once again!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Snow in the Desert

I love snow - no that's an understatement - I LOVE SNOW!!!

Today, we embarked on our journey back from Palmy to Auckland...and as we drove along Desert Road (around the mountain top roads), we saw snow!! It was way heavier than the previous day and there were ice or snow all around on the round!! It was so cool, we had to pull to the side and stop (many others were doing that too, taking photos in the snow).

It's my first time ever experiencing real snow and it was FANTASTIC!! It was beautiful!! I love it to the core!! I want to see more snow!! It was freezing though and we weren't exactly dressed warm, but I still had my 5 minutes of fun in the snow, getting mum to take pictures of me as I posed and posed and posed!!! LOVE SNOW!

I am never going to get into a car for a while now!! Long journeys are killers!! They are diet satans!! a way because the whole entire day, my schedule was eating, sleeping and eating and sleeping somemore!! Yep...that sounds almost right. There was breakfast and then I SLEPT in the car as we started out journey early in the morning, too tired from the previous night's lack of sleep, and then stopped for a toilet stop and SLEPT somemore, and then lunch and then SLEPT somemore and goodness, I would believe that I have put on weight just by doing that! It's really unhealthy and that's why this week, I am resorting to having salads every day!! But honestly, sitting in a car and getting in and out every hour or so gets really irritating after a while and I am sick of it. We spent the entire day, from 11am when we left till around 9pm travelling in a car (of course you have to exclude the 5 minute toilet stops and lunch and dinner) but it was LONG and even though I slept through most of the journey (except for the snow part) - windy roads are the best and works like a sleeping-pill charm for me - it gets really boring after a while, especially when I can't trash my loud Korean music throughout the whole jouney - got to be fair to those 'oldies' who may not like loud trashy alien-language music.

Never the less, it's good to be home - miss my bed miss my bathroom miss my barbies and bionicles miss my TV miss my computer and basically miss the feeling of being home, safe and sound in the comforts and luxury of home - and I don't want to get into a car anytime soon. Well, not till tomorrow morning when I HAVE to go to work - I DON'T WANT TO GO TO WORK - sometimes long weekend sucks in a way coz after a long weekend, no one feels like going to work and as the dreaded day approaches, the beautiful last few hours of break becomes shorter and shorter and shorter.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Snowy Palmy

I'm in Palmerston North right now!!! In my sister's hostel dorm room, banging on her laptop, complaining how sticky her spacebar is and complaining how I don't like laptops...but then it's better than nothing. I have been net-less for for past couple of days and so now, the laptop is looking very inviting though this SPACEBAR thingy is really frustrating!!!

Anyway...I haven't been online since Friday- just discovered so many tag messages left on my blog (always a welcometo see it). Friday night, we went out to celebrate my second mummy's birthday over a fantastic dinner. And then we all adjourned to our place for cake (yes, no matter how full you are after a good meal, cake on a birthday is an order), playing rapid dough as well. That night, by the time everyone left and I had peace to finish up my blog entry about my birthday and then, I went for a shower and took photos of my prezzies to insert into my blog, packed my messy room (had all my prezzies lying in bags around the room), packed my luggage for the long weekend trip to Coromandel and Palmy (had to decide what to wear - major dilemma coz it's cold but I want to look pretty and not fat under layers) and by the time I finished writing my other blog entry, it was 2.30am in the morning...dead tired.

On Saturday early morning, we left on our trip. Coromandel was okay...went on this long train ride...quite cool acturally and the scenery was gorgeous as we zig-zagged up the mountain. We only stayed one night in Coro and the next day, we left the motel for Palmy - a good 7 hours drive!!

And my goodness, I CAN SLEEP. When our journey started at 8am, after having breakfast in the car, I dozed off for half an hour before a toilet stop, and after that stop, we continued on and I dozed off for another hour or so till our next toilet stop and slept again till lunch. After lunch, which was around 2.30pm, we continued on our journey and I had another full sleep till 4pm when we were approaching Palmy.

Oh, but there was one stretch just before we arrived in Palmy that I stayed up was when we were travelling on Desert Road. THERE WERE SNOW FLAKES!! Really tiny bits of snow were floating and brushing past us. They were too small to be significant...the mo it hit the windows, they melted. They were just tiny specks...but they were snow flakes - gorgeous pretty white snowflakes falling from the sky...something I have never seen before in real life. I have seen ice on snow mountains when we went skiiing and I have had ice hit against my face when the wind blew, but never I was WIDE AWAKE for that stretch...oohing and ahhing at my first snow flakes...but coz it was on a winding road on the mountain side, we didn't stop to let me admire it...and anyway, they were too tiny to play with!

In Palmy, we checked in to this gorgeous Motel- but I didn't stay there...and that brings me back to where I am right now - Laura's hostel dorm room. It's so good to see Laura again, but she's looking THINNER and THINNER than I last saw her - don't know what uni is doing to her (Laura just jabbed me to say that she's not getting thinner and thinner - I'll be the judge of that since it's my blog).

My last (I'm guessing I won't be receiving any more prezzies so this is the last) birthday prezzie is a pretty necklace LAura got for me!! It's silver and pink - gorgeous and elegant. Love it. My sister loves me so much!!!

We took Laura and her friend Chew Wen out for dinner. It was a very different dinner...the food was cooked on a stonegrill. The plate was brought out to us on a stonegrill and the food was cooking right in front of was a cool experience and the restaurant bar we had our dinner at had a fantastic atmosphere and it played some nice old songs like Boys II Men, Usher, Craige Davids, and Brian Adams.

After dinner, we went grocery shopping- the girls needed supplies - and we returned to the motel where we watched the grusome KILL BILL (well, the last half an hour) - eewl. And here I am, back at Laura's dorm, experiencing dorm life and honestly, I don't think I can survive.

Laura took us on a tour this afternoon and I saw the laundry room and YUCK, it was messy and eeeeerrrkkk. People would leave their clothes in the machine and sometimes not return to collect others who came along to use it would chuck the clothes that were already washed onto the table or on the top of the machine and start their washing so there were piles of ignored clothes in the laundry room - my face just squished up at the sight of it.

Oh and just now after returning from grocery shopping, us 3 were labelling the food and packing it into the freezers and boy was the kitchen a was filthy in fact...grease were on the counter top, traces of what seems to be chocolate ice cream on the ledge of the fridge, bread crums, pasta and peanut butter decorated the table tops. And the place had this...I can't describe it...this smell...not disgustingly pungent, but it was definitely not gleemingly clean as well. Laura thinks the smell is "relatively old Feijoas".

Laura's dorm room isn't fantastic's clean, don't get me wrong, but she has her books lying all over the table, and shoes crowded at one corner...just not like my bedroom...Laura justifies that "my bedroom doesn't have my shoes in it". I guess you can't expect a students room to be specky clean - it's just me being a clean freak. It's not so bad, couldn't be worse.

Oh more thing, her hostel block is newly built - that explains the filthy common room cum kitchen huh!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Allergic to Alcohol

Have you heard of that before?

I should have learnt my lesson from before but no...I didn't. Today, because of the good sales record our advertising department have been achieving for the past few months, Stuart (our boss) decided to reward us. Today, he declared that all of us would go down to the nearby pub for free drinks at 3.30pm. He said whoever does not want to go must stay at the office till 4pm before they can leave.

But at the sound of free drinks, the kiwis are THERE! Anyway, I went along for the fun of to mix and mingle ay? And I ordered first a Light Ice Lager (not high in alcoholic content) but after a bottle, I could feel a little lightheadedness, so I stood up and just paced around, watching my colleagues playing pool. It was quite fun, watching my colleagues as the competed in teams against each other. After finishing my beer and take a wee bit of rest, I dived in for another drink...a Vivo (which is a premix of Feijoa, Apple and Vodka) and by the time I finished that one, I knew I drank a little bit too much, I was in no condition to drive home, though I only had 2 tiny I stayed on and Mano (my colleague) said he would play a game of pool with me, so I took up the challenge and played a game and after one game (I WON - by fluke coz I am no good at pool either), I felt better and decided to head home. I was running late already. It was 5.45pm when I left them (work officially ends at 5pm) and got home with plenty of time to write a blog entry and go off for dinner to celebrate my mummy-eebu's birthday.

Anyway, I should have learnt my lesson and not drink too much or at least not to mix drinks because when I drink too much or mix drinks (haven't figured out which it is), I go red around my neck collarbone and chest area and it's not itchy or anything, just red. I don't feel anything at all and that's why I don't stop, but have you ever heard of someone having such a reaction to alcohol? I know people's ears turn red, but not this....oh well...there you go, I'm such a person, but ha, don't think I'll ever learn and anyway, I won't drink more than 2.

Birthday Prezzies #9, 10, 11, 12, 13...the list goes on!!

Yesterday, I had my 21st party!!!

It didn't seem like it was such a big deal at first. Work wasn't fantastic yesterday and I felt terrble. I woke up with a very sore throat and I knew, I just knew that if I didn't take care of my throat, it would develop into a very bad cough, so I was doing everything I could, within my means to get rid of this sore throat. I have ever had this before and my very bad sore throat was actually the start of a very very bad cough and I feared it for the worst. I didn't want to be coughing over the weekend, especially when a long weekend was coming up.

So as I was getting to, work wasn't fantastic, I made a quick trip to the supermarket to buy this vitamin B and C tablet thingy which, according to my colleague, is good to build immunity...and I also bought a packet of losengers and I was fearing that come the next day (which is today), I wouldn't be able to speak coz after the party at night, I'd probably be voiceless after all that socialising...

It didn't really kick in that I was having my big 21st party that night...even on Wednesday night when Jas casually mentioned that it was my big day the next day, it didn't click after a while (I guess coz my birthday was already over so it wasn't so big a deal, just a party), but nevertheless, once I got home from work...and started getting ready - showered, blow dried my hair, and got dressed in my birthday outfit, the excitment started to kick in!!

Before we left the house, we took photos with the gorgeous cake - SO PRETTY!! Couldn't bear to eat my $100 over cake!! 'Pretty, pink and Raine' was the theme!! Don't you think??

The party was great...I was so much more relieved when I saw so many other people at the restaurant - it was practically full of people and that was a good sign coz it meant that the restaurant was favourable to lots of other people and so I started relaxing about how my friends would like the food and yea...and people started arriving and it got really fun, talking and mingling. Sometimes, I was running around from place to place to chat with catch up and just to socialise.

Then we started helping outselves to the food, but not me. I was busy sorting out some seating problems...coz you see, we occupied 2 long tables, but I had too many friends (haha...sounds good huh) so my friends started having to occupy the next table where my family was and we couldn't split up some coz yea...if you split up a circle of friends, they would have to socialise with others and not very nice, so I was going around sorting out seating and counting how many people there were (I lost count several times - couldn't even count properly) and finally, it calmed down and everyone was eating and saying the food was really good and stuff and I finally got my first plate of food. YUM! But I took forever to eat that because I was hopping from place to place...taking heaps of photos and moving around from friends to friends (coz you see, I had quite a few groups...there was the old college mates, then my uni mates, cell group and lastly, family, so there were plently of love that needed to go around so I was busy doing that as I ate dinner) and coz it's a buffet, you can eat as much as you like, people were helping themselves to seconds (so I was very relieved by that and they were saying they liked the food so I was congratulating myself on my choice of restaurant) and I finally moved on to my second plate of cooked food while others had already moved on to desserts - oh well, good dieting plan: throw a party everynight.

Then came cake and heaps of photos, group after group after group and finally, prezzies...

Oh wow...I've got so many prezzies, the list goes on and on and it's too many to count...well, it seems to many...I've got a couple of new and gorgeous handbags...some nice smelling perfume, a gorgeous locket, earrings (one thing I can never get sick of), a pretty pinkish scarf, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus Boardgame (ohh, can't wait to play that), a bouquet of pretty pink roses (so beautiful), a 110% shoppaholic mug (totally me), a box of lovely chocs that I can't bear sinking my teeth into, a very cool collage of photos in a nice photo frame, and lots of pampering there were others that I haven't listed but was a lot and it was fantastic (kind of embarrassing when everyone was looking at me as I opened each prezzie, but I was enjoying the mo, posing for the camera with every prezzie I got) and yea...I just honestly enjoyed myself to the core!!

Check out my prezzies!!

It wasn't so much the prezzies that made me so happy, but the bunch of friends and family who turned up. Previously, I was dreading a small turn out of friends (because I didn't have as many as some of those 21st party guest lists, with 50 to 100 guests or more), but last night, after all the mingling and socialising, I realised that I was very blessed indeed. I didn't need 100 people to turn up to make me feel popular - the 18 good friends and 13 family members who turned up are definitely better in comparison to 100 hi-bye friends.

At the end of the night, after I got home, I was so exhausted, I just wanted to sleep, but before that, I had to take one last look at my prezzies. It dawn upon me then, yes, I love all my prezzies (big thanks to everyone), but the one thing that kept me smiling throughout the night was the friends and family who shared my joy and happiness on my 21st birthday party with me (GIGANTEOUS THANKS to all y'all). I didn't need anything more to keep me happy...I was happy just talking and catching up with old friends, hanging with cousins, spending my birthdays as always with close family, and knowing that my guests enjoyed their dinner and had a lovely time at my party. That was the most rewarding!

So here's again a GIGANTEOUS (check Raine's Dictionary) PINK THANKS to those who turned up at my birthday party and to those who weren't there but had showered me with birthday wishes.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dirty Laundry: Happy 21st To ME!

Today's my big 21st!!! old. Haha...doesn't time just fly...right now, I'm feeling nostalgic all over and I want to write about it!!

When I look back on my life journey, there may be regrets and what-ifs, but on the whole, I have been really blessed. God has given me a wonderful life, born into a loving family with no worries of hunger or poverty and lenient parents who only want the best for me and Laura. I've had friends who came and went, as well as friends who stayed on and will always be there for life. I've had friends who made school seem less dull and daunting and cousins who were playmates since young. Life's been great and today, I just feel like recapping on every significant event in my life, be it little or big.

On April 18, 1984, a little baby was given life. As a little girl, I was dressed in the cutest of the cutest...underwear that had "I'm CUTE" written over the butt, pretty sweet white dresses with pink ribbons, and cute shoes that squeaked with every step I took.

Then I grew older and a different side appeared...a more mischievious and naughty side. The furniture was my playground, leaping from sofa to table to floor and then back onto the sofa again. Stairs were for skipping, and time was killed by trying to see how many steps I could jump across as I attempted to go higher up (with the added challenge of touching the ceiling on my jump down from the 7th step to the ground floor). My very own swings, see-saw and slide in my backyard were worn out by me and the backyard had tracks from my rollerblade skids...

In kindergarden, though I can't remember myself, mum told me stories of how this other boy and I, his name was Paul Tan (still rings a bell), would always go around hand-in-hand, claiming to be boyfriend and girlfriend...planning our marriage in the future, and not to forget, the occasional *blush* chasing of each other for a kiss. Sometimes, I wish I could remember and sometimes, it was better left as a story told.

I also met my first childhood crush around the age of 7. Yes, the 'boy across the street' childhood memories, where I remember we used to play snakes and ladders at each other's place. I would go over and play detectives with him (sitting in his little office made up of cushions and tiny chairs), we would spend the afternoon fighting each other with his lego ships, firing cannons at each other. He would spend some days at our backyard, playing with the swings and slides. And that was how we grew up together...and as we got older, the games changed and we started this Wattern View bike gang, consisting of him and me, my sister Laura, a girl my sister's age who lives up the street, Natalie, and this other boy living down the street, Leon. Every evening without fail, we would take out our bikes and ride up and down our street, chasing after each other as we sped down the mini hill and raced up the steep hill. Only when our parents came home from work did we stop and return back to our own homes for dinner.

Primary School left me with many memories too. I had 2 best friends and we would do lots of things together. We even gave each other nicknames: Fat Cell, Dead Cell and Mole Cell (that's me coz apparently, I have quite a lot of moles - well, more than them). We would have lunch today, go on breaks together and go over to each other's place. At school, I also had this other group (school work group) and we called ourselves the Killerbees. Our group stuck on and we continued meeting up and carrying out silly activities. Once, our entire group got into this eraser business, cutting up erasers into tiny bits, like french fries and other kind of things. For our science project, we had to raise what's that called? Meal worms was it? Yea, we had to raise meal worms into beetles (something I never really liked) and being young, we were so proud of the one beetle that survived the growing up process that when we returned it to nature, we wanted to leave a mark on it so that we could recognise it, but we only ended up killing it with twink (aka liquid paper). Young and heartless or young and innocent??

I also got together with one of my best friend and this other guy friend and we started this group called the "ACL" which is the first letters of our first names. We started a secret code language which only us knew how to decipher (that was what we thought then, but now, it's kind of silly because it is so easy to crack, qba'g lbh guvax? We used to be able to read them off like that...ahh, the hours spent writing letters in that code!) In primary school, I was the little girl and once, my male classmate almost thought I would cry when he lost the last bit of my pen eraser. This other girl at school disliked me because it was rumoured that the guy she likes liked me instead. What a laugh! She was literally at loggerheads with me and at that time, I just didn't know why and it felt stink to have someone dislike you. When I was younger, I wanted the entire world to love me.

In secondary school, there were good times and there were stressful times. Nanyang was strict, but I had really good teachers, especially Miss Sam, who used to pull my ears because I was being cheeky, but I was a good student of hers as well, very interested in Maths. I remember once, in secondary two, we had a chalet and a bunch of us (the ones who didn't want to sleep the entire night) spent hours watching a bunch of adult 20 somethings play bowling till the bowling alley closed, and even spoke to a couple of them, and then we were locked out of our chalet and spent hours talking at the playground until the security guard came around to shoo us back. We had to wake up the 'quai' classmates in order to be let in again.

Playing softball was the best time in Nanyang. When we first entered in Sec 1, our seniors were strict and scary, but very cool at the same time. We looked up to them! But we didn't like the senior-junior relationship and when we became seniors ourselves (sec 2 seniors to the sec 1s), we abolished this strict relationship and became team-mates. As the older and more senior softballers left, the following batches became more tight-knit...We had the most fun and had the best times. We fooled around in trainings, with coach yelling after us "MONKEY YOU", cheered each other on "Pitch it, hit it, everybody catch it..." and we even 'helped' each other with school work. Every morning, we would meet up at the front steps before the assembly bell rang and while some just chatted with others, many were busy copying homework off others. That was the trend. The softballers were known to be playful and sometimes a teacher's nightmare. But we had the best times...of course there were loses and there were triumphs, but they were memories and those were the best, even the memories of coach yelling at us and scolding us for our mistakes in the lost match, or when we had training camp from 9 to 5pm for three days straight, having chicken rice for lunch almost every day and sliding in the wet mud if it rained.

I also met my 'prince' through softball. No...not my prince charming, but just a close guy friend I got to know over the years, who ended up - as a joke - becoming my prince and I'm his princess. We would chat for hours into the night. At 3am in the morning, lying in the darkness, I would be talking to him till my parents got suspicious and came checking in on me.

In sec 3, I was in a great class with fantastic classmates who were spontaneous and outgoing. I stuck with 2 great friends, and all three of us always occupied the last row at the back of the class. Then there was the spontaneous outgoing bunch who knew a bunch of chinese high guys, who organised outings with these guys who were a year older than we were. We even had a shared chalet with them. And that was where I met the first guy who told me he liked me but I was young then, and my father wasn't very lenient on this guy issue, so we were just friends. He would leave pages and I would ring back, and we would talk about anything and everything. And then it all slowed down as he got busier and then it ended...but then it all came back again when we met after about 6 months of lost contact at a friend's pool-side birthday party, where I, along with many other girls, got thrown into the pool by him and the other guys. And we started talking again...but that stopped as we got busier and today, I wonder where he is and what he's doing.

And then, New Zealand came along at the end of sec 4. But before that, every saturday night while we were in Singapore, our family would go over to our grandparent's place, where we would meet with our other relatives, i.e. our cousins and we would play games, scream and chase each other till we were all hot and sticky. During dinner time, we would sit in front of the television and watch "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and after dinner, we would all take turns going for showers. We had such wonderful memories there, blading on Jalan Tari Dulang, picking rambutans from our tree and locking ourselves in the rooms sulking when we were bullied by the younger cousins, ay Nic?

And then New Zealand, a completely different place from home...a new life begun, I grew out of my tomboy phase, and moved into lady-hood, where fashion and appearance counted!! I did my last year of college here, and met some great friends. I also saw my first serious crush - oooh, going to school got interesting and he will always remain a mystery to me - the guy I'll never know. But it was all good fun, to spice up the otherwise mundane school life. I also took up statistics and calculus in 7th form, receiving praises from my calculus teacher (it was revision for me because I had learnt most of that in Singapore), but stats was different. It was hard at first, but once I started getting the hang of it, I became the teacher's nightmare as I would attempt the hard questions and put the teacher on the spot for a while as he thought about the question I had put forth for him...but he would always come back to me with the answer and that's why I thought he was cool.

I also found my best friend after moving to NZ. She remained in Singapore but the Es exchanged between us just kept growing in length. We shared everything with each other and got to know each other so well! Sometimes, I say I regret coming to NZ because I thought Junior College in Singapore would be a wonderful experience, but having said that, I would never mean it, never regret the move because it was only because of the distance that I got to know Pear and became best friends. I wouldn't give that up for the world.

Then along came university, a totally different experience where independent learning was a must, a massive change from always being spoon fed. That was hard to get at first, sometimes to the point of stressing out and wanting to give up and change friends were made as well and a good circle of friends was built - the attack of the Js!! Haha.

I also met my first boyfriend then, and though it was for just a short time, it was an experience altogether - we had some indecisive times when we pondered and pondered and finally resorted to coin tosses to decide what's for dinner, and some great times when we just hanged out and talked about stuff, from what you want to be in your next life, to favourite movies. My circle of friends expanded to his friends as well.

I also started attending cell group and my circle of friends, once again, grew larger. As my circle of friends grew larger, the world seemed to become smaller as people knew people.

And now, I'm into my first year of work (earning and spending money is fantastic), I'm a fresh graduate (soon, as of May 2) and I'm 21 (still young with plenty ahead of me)!

There's a saying, "life's too short..." but right now, after my long essay on the little bits and pieces of my life, life's too long sometimes, you can't write everything down.

There are many more moments which are important, but so far, these mentioned above are on the top of my head. It doesn't mean that I do not cherish those other moments, nor does it mean I have forgotten them either. It may be stored up somewhere deep inside my brain but nothing a tiny key and a little recollection can't do.

Memories are forever, to be shared and kept.

Birthday Prezzie #5, 6, 7 and 8 - All the cake paid off!'s a short update on Prezzies #5, 6, 7 and 8 - Wow...I feel very blessed.

At work today, the birthday person has to buy cake for everyone to eat. And because yesterday was Matt's birthday and today is mine and Luellen (co-shared), we decided that we will each take turns bringing cake to work for the next three days, so today I started the ball rolling.

At around 9.40pm, I went out of the office to the nearby Manukau City Westfield Shopping Mall to buy the cake...first, I strolled by this cafe which also sells gorgeous cakes and it looked quite impressive, but the price was around $32...expensive-ish coz when my other colleagues buy cakes, it's not the expensive instead, I continued on to Foodtown (a supermarket for the benefit of those who don't know) to look. They had one that my colleague Jess had ever bought before and it had ready cut slices and it was pretty good, at $25, but it was only a 9 inch, compared to the one from the cafe, which was 11 inch. After thinking and thinking and wondering and wondering (fickle shoppaholic mind kicks in), I thought that cake from Foodtown would not be enough to feed the 20 odd people at work, so instead, I bought the 11 inch one - it looked impressive and it was bigger and I said to myself, "who cares if it's ex! Your colleagues will appreciate it" so I bought it.

Back at the office, after sorting out some urgent work, I proceeding into the lunchroom to cut the cake and everyone started to gather and guess what? I never expected it (coz the others never got any) but they gave me prezzies! I was in shock and wow!! They reasoned that you don't turn 21 very often, so they all chipped in and got me the prezzies. I thanked everyone and told them all to help themselves (they were oohing at the gorgeous cake) - just as well I got a bigger and more impressive cake coz it's like returning a favour, thanking them for the great prezzies which I'm just about to elaborate on...they urged me on to open the prezzies so I reached into the Pascoes (jewellery shop) paperbag and guess what??

There were 2 boxes waiting for me...I opened the first one, a gorgeous 'diamente' crystalish shimmering necklace - GORGEOUS and BLINGY!! And prezzie #6 was a match pair of earrings to go with the necklace. GORGEOUS, elegant and it was silver too...the colour I only wear!! I don't really like gold. So WOW! I was just glowing for a while and it was just such a surprise and I thanked God immediately for helping me choose the right cake, because in the asian culture, you kind of return gifts or favours as a gesture of politness, so in a way, the well presented and YUM cake (which they all were praising, saying that it has set the standard of cakes) was in return, a THANK YOU to all in all, I was congratulating myself on my choice! Haha. One colleague mentioned that I must be very loved because you only get gifts when a person is leaving the company, and also last time when this other colleague turned 21, people didn't chip in a lot so they didn't get a very impressive gift, but I must be loved coz the prezzies they got looked impressive and quite dear...LOVE...always nice to feel appreciated.

Then later in the evening, at around 6pm, my cousins came by to drop off some a prezzie (from Nic and Zhao'en). It's adorable!! Little magnets that individual spell A R I E S!! 5 individual pieces!!! So pretty and sweet!! LOVE. And prezzie #8 is a pair of earrings in the shape of a key!! PINK TOO!! Pretty!! It's so me. Special thanks to Zhao'en and Nikiyoko!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Birthday Prezzie #2, 3 and 4

I've opened Pear's prezzies for me!!!

LOVE. Thanks babe, so much. I'll love anything you get for me.

The black evening handbag is real cool...I will definitely use it for special occassions - MY 21st PARTY!! It's my first actual evening bag, so thanks babe, great choice!! I definitely need one like that coz I always borrow Laura's or Mum's when I attend 21st parties or any evening having one of my own is FANTASTIC!

And the second prezzie is a big A4 size notebook. It's lovely! I love the colours and knowing Lorraine, the up and coming famous writer or stick-figure sketcher, this notebook will come in handy! I might not use it now coz I have my own organiser for work this year, plus, it's too pretty to use for work...I should show you how messy and untidy my organiser is...I can't bare to do that to the pretty notebook. I'll probably use it for my diary or maybe my portfolio or something cool!

Prezzie #4 is a lip gloss: gorgeous pink colour!! Love anything that's pink!

Thanks once again!!

In my face, calling out to me

I want a pink seat cover for my car!! I want something pink for my car!! Today, Aunty Mary took me shopping for a birthday prezzie and we looked around for something pretty and nice (like necklace or bracelets or earrings) but I didn't see anything I really wanted. What I really want is something to beautify my baby - not that it needs any more beautifying - but something pink to give it more spunk would be cool and this morning, dad mum and I went to look and I saw one HOT PINK seat cover, but it wasn't fantastic (didn't like the dragonflies stitched on it that much) so yea, we didn't get it and just now, Aunty Mary and I went to Repco and well, they didn't have strinking HOT PINK seat covers, but they had this one with a baby pink playboy bunny printed on it...cute, but I WANT HOT PINK!! I mean, I saw this other seat cover, black and red and the red is so cool, but it's just NOT PINK! They have blue, they have red, but just no pink! They are just rubbing it in my face. It's calling out to baby is calling to me to pink her up, so that I can own it even more, if you know what I mean...give it more RAINE personality so that when people see it, they can go "that's so RAINE!"

My grandparents arrived from Singapore today!!! They are here on a 2 month holiday, and I like to add "especially to attend their first grandchild's graduation" and they just so happen to make it for my 21st party as well...DOUBLE JOY!!!

I love it when relatives come over from Singapore to visit, coz they bring along with them all sorts of GOODIES!!

I've got a new necklace from Aunty Doris - LOVE!! It's so pretty, I haven't tried it with my clothes yet, but I can just picture it and I think it would go so well with my birthday dress as well...pretty, elegant and pink!

Plus...the things Pear got for me has arrived - THANKS BABE!! It's sitting on the dining room table, right in my face, just calling out "Raine Raine, open me, open me!" But I can't. I have my principles, and it's not my birthday - YET (in a few more hours - can't wait) - and I have this principle not to get ahead of myself and open prezzies until the actual day, but the wait is killing me (refer to blog entry March 19, 2005: Surprises - Silent Killers)!!! I really want to rip it open and see what's in it coz I know I'll love it!! I cheated and felt it...there's a handbag and some big book (OOOOHHHHHHHHH, I NEED TO KNOW)...I really want to know what's in it!! Should I wait or shouldn't I? But you see, I would open it at midnight (like I did last year with Pear's parcel as well) and I didn't sleep till 2am I think, but I can't afford to do that tonight coz I have work tomorrow and I need to sleep...need my 8 hours of beauty rest, which means I am aiming to sleep by 11pm, which means, I can't open my prezzies at midnight, and if I keep to my principles, I can only open it at 7am the next morning, but NOOOOOO, I can't wait that how??

I think I'll run and go open it NOW!! Hee hee.

oHH Ooh, Gilmore Girls is here too...just now I had a panic attack...yes a minor one and don't worry, I didn't miss any bit of it, but coz a while ago, I checked the time before I came on to use the net and it said 4pm, and I though I would have an hour to use the net, plenty of time...but I ended up chatting with Laura, sending music to Laura via msn, and with Xiaoxuan (my secondary school softball teammate, and I was writing this blog entry as well (I'm mastering the art of multi-tasking)...and suddenly, it just felt I had spent way more than an hour online and I FREAKED...I went "HUHHHHH!!" and then I looked at the clock and it took me 10 big breaths to calm me down!! Yikes...that was a panic attack at 4.47pm!! Almost forgot. Such a close shave. 10 minutes and I would be screaming and bringing the house down!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Shoppaholic by day, TVholic by night

The shoppaholic diaries:
Today, mum, dad and I went out shopping. I shan't do a complete report on what was bought, but let's just say I'm 2 pink tops, 1 black top and a handbag richer. Plus, I've got my birthday party outfit sorted - don't I sound like a little kid? Last time, whenever it was our birthday, mum would always take us shopping and buy us birthday dresses...haha...the sound of that just puts a smile to my face, the fun times when we were little kids, spoiled with toys and cake and lovely clothes on birthdays. Sometimes, I want to go back to being a kid...and sometimes, I can't wait to have children of my own to spoil and dress up!

Anyway, today, I bought a pretty pink top to match this new skirt that I bought a while ago but have never worn - saving to wear it on my birthday! Can't wait!! In less than 24 hours, I would be 21!! WOW!!!

The TVholic diaries:
At night after dinner, mum, dad and I sat down in front of the television and we didn't leave it till now, 1.18am in the morning. Holland V is such a long show (for those we don't know, it's 125 episodes long) and goodness, it is so vexing sometimes, frustrating to the point where I want to shout out to the actors in the show (actually I AM shouting at the tv) to "divorce your husband", "break up with that jerk", "don't be so foolish" and "can't you see he loves you?"

We are still about 30 disc away from the end - where I believe is happy ending all around - the main thing we are looking forward to and watching all these frustrating parts is a process leading up to the big finale. Sometimes, I just want to skip it and watch the last disc, but a TVholic is never such a person! A TVholic will stick to a show, no matter how slow, frustrating or boring some parts might get.

Alrightie...that's it from me. Nights everyone!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Birthday Prezzie #1

Today I received my first birthday prezzie. Well, actually second if you count my car as my first birthday prezzie to myself.

So what did I receive today? Well, I received a 40 minutes "go home early" prezzie from the assistant manager (manager had already left) and at first, she asked if I had other things to do and I said, "no it's been a slow day, I even did copies for Mother's Day which is a while away" and she said that I shouldn't stay...just leave and at first, I took it as a joke but she said she was serious and I said I felt bad. I mean, if my work time says 8.30 to 5pm, I would feel bad leaving early unless everyone was leaving early...but today, she just gave me - only me - the green light but she said not to make it too obvious, just grab my handbag and walk off, people might just think I'm going to the toilet or something coz she didn't want others to start leaving early as well...then I said I didn't mind staying on a little longer, but she said not to worry, she gave permission to leave early.

So I went back to my desk at 4.25pm, and sat down, packing my stuff and Phillip, this other colleague, came into our room to chat with Bish and me, so I stayed on and I looked around my desk for something to do (still felt bad) so I sent 2 faxes and hanged around a little coz I was looking for an opportunity to leave without being too obvious and well...I guess I still felt bad coz I wondered what the others would think if I walked out...but anyway, at 4.45pm - yes I stayed on another 20 minutes), Mano said he was going, and I took this time to leave as well, just saying 'bye' to Bish and Phillip. And I walked out of the office, without saying 'bye' to the others. And here comes another round of feeling bad, for not being polite and say "bye" to my colleagues which should be right...but I just kind of left under the radar, without much notice.

Oh well! Couldn't walk back into the office again to say 'bye' could I? So what was done was done and it wasn't as if I was defying orders, in fact, I was obeying orders, so GET OVER IT RAINE and appreciate your birthday gift!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The last day!!

YAY! My birthday cake is finally settled. Been wrecking my brains about my birthday cake because I want a pretty cake and yet I'm not very willing to pay the amount those professional cake shops are, I have very fussy parents. Dad reckons that a circle 11 inch cake is not impressive enough and won't feed the 'army' that he is expecting...and mum wants it to be good and pretty...or basically, she just wants it to be EVE'S PANTRY, and for me, yes I want it pretty, but I don't want to pay the price as well - though in actual fact, I'm not paying for anything anyway, but still, I want to get a good price for a good cake...but knowing me and my very fickled mind, mum made an executive decision and decided "EVE'S IT!" So it's IT!

Today at work, my colleague mentioned to be just as we were leaving the office...

"Today is your last Thursday as a 20 year old and tomorrow is your last Friday", Sandra exclaimed.

"Oh my gosh, it is!"

"Yes, so you must live this week to the fullest!" She said and with a wave good-bye, she was off.

Don't we come up with any single excuse?! A birthday is just an excuse to receive presents and to catch up with old friends, some that you don't see that often and get reminded of how OLD you really's an excuse to drink and get pissed...and it's an excuse to live the last week (ohh hoo, I'm so scared) of being 20 to the fullest...and then of course, on comes next year, and the same thing happens, it's the last week of being 21!!

Nevertheless, I'm definitely looking forward to it...not coz of the fact that I'm turning 21 and it's the so called "KEY TO FREEDOM" but because. Just because. It's your birthday, the day God breathed life to you - 21 years ago in my case. It shows God has been with me for 21 years. He's blessed me with 21 years of fantastic life and I'm grateful for that!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The little girl needs her sleep

HELLO. Haha, felt like beginning this blog entry with a nice friendly cheerful upbeat greeting.

Well...what am I here to write about? I love dreams, sometimes, I find having dreams fun because you see people you have not seen in a very very long time in dreams and you pick up conversations with them, you see good friends in dreams and have fun, or sometimes, you even dream about winning the lotto and going through the trouble of thinking how to spend the money or save - yes, I recently had that dream of winning the $1 million lotto draw - or sometimes, dreams are not so nice, where you are being chased by baddies and wake up in the middle of dreams in panic and cold sweat. A while ago, I had nice dreams and then I had none and I prayed for God to give me a few more nice dreams coz like I said, I love dreaming and the past few days, I have been having some dreams.

Have you ever felt like sometimes, with some dreams, you are actually in a deep sleep, but yet there are sometimes when you feel like you are conscious in your dream? Like you are sleeping and dreaming, but yet you are experience the dream as if you are awake? Do I make sense? Coz the past 2 nights, the reason why I haven't had good sleep was because I was having these kind of dreams and though the dreams are nice, but I felt like I was awake and hence it left me even more tired? But I don't regret asking God for more dreams - hee hee. I know it sounds weird, asking God for dreams, but I tell God anything and I guess I request from him anything I feel at the time of my prayer, insignificant or not because I believe God loves and you cannot love without giving...

Anyway, so that's why I am so tired right now and I really want to go to sleep, but I want to finish this blog entry as well.

Just in yesterday's blog entry, I was sharing about my little banner conflict...well, it's been settled and we have received a proof of the new banner and it does look WAY better and prettier - says everyone. At one part of me, I feel happy because everyone likes this new banner (I drew), but they like it better than the other (which was also one I drew while trying to be creative), so yea...I don't know, just some mixed feelings, but I am very glad we were given the chance to change the banner to the new one coz it looks awesome and we all like it so it's a fairy tale ending, where we all live happily ever after.

I have this feeling I am forgetting something that I thought previously I would mention - memory is failing me - can't seem to remember what it was...anyway, I think I shall go to bed and wake up pretty and hopefully more awake than this morning, but the big question that face me every morning: what to wear??

Every morning I am faced with this's not like I don't have clothes, but every week or every other week, I would pick out the same thing from my closet and put it on, even though it's matched with a different pants or skirt, but aftger a while, it starts getting boring that I want more work clothes to expand my selection. Especially with winter approaching, I would really like a nice matching working suit and to find a nice one first and then we'll talk money!!

Night nights everyone! Bed-time for this princess here. YAWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Not-So-Good Yester-and-To-days

Yesterday was an OK day. Not fantastic.

Work was alright, nothing much to say about that, but after work, I was meeting dad at this cake shop (doing my big 21st cake shopping) and well, dad stood up...and it didn't help that I forgot to bring my handphone up. After waiting for dad for half an hour till the shop closed, I gave up and went home, only to find 4 missed calls from dad and 3 messages. Oops. And dad said he would meet me at this other cake shop coz when he went to meet me there at the place we had arranged, it was closed and obviously, I wasn't there, so smart dad thought I would have gone to the other cake shop, so off he went to the other cake shop, only to wait in vain till I rang him up to tell him I was home...and no...didn't solve my cake hunt problem as well - CAKES ARE SO EX - well, the pretty ones that is. And for a 21st, it's got to be reasonably pretty - even mum agrees.

But the evening got better coz mum and I bonded over tart baking! Yes...aren't my tarts just PRETTY?? They are blackberry and strawberry jam tarts.

YUM ay? No custard coz Raine doesn't like my tarts are very plain and fruity! YUM YUM!

Today wasn't a fantastic day.

Firstly, I had a bad nights sleep, constantly dreaming and dreaming and dreaming, which kind of kept my brain on the alert. It wasn't those kind of deep sleep dreams, but rather, dreams that seemed like I was awake and know what I mean? basically, it didn't seem like I had a good night's sleep. Dragging myself out of bed was not easy but I managed to.

Putting on my contacts was a chore, my right eye kept playing up and the moment I placed the contact lens in, it screamed out to me to remove it immediately - just didn't feel comfortable inside, so it took me forever to put it on, maybe around 10 tries before it finally gave up the battle and gave in. I think when I go back to Singapore, I shall return to wearing specs. I know, I will look like a geek, but I think it's time for me to give my eyes a break from contacts and revert back to the good old specs - but of course I will treat myself to several specs since specs are cheap in Singapore, so I can get several designs (pink, frameless, square, tinted) so instead of being geeky, it would be fashionable and I'll start a new trend in Singapore. HAHAHA!

Anyway, at work, all seemed alright...the computers were going a little slow (but surprisingly, even with 10 employees sharing one computer, I got along fine with the computer since I didn't have much to do on it - yes 10:1 and I can write an essay on that too, but I shall spare you the trauma of having to hear it) but my day was going slow too, with little to do and heaps of time to kill. But, it took a turn towards the bad, not that bad, but bad enough. You see, on Monday, I drew up this feature banner for my colleague (banners goes to the top of each page in our paper) for mother's day and well, the concept behind it sounded nice and when I drew it up (Mother's Day in the foreground and light colour faded words that overlapped in the background of LOVE PATIENCE UNDERSTANDING CARE CONCERN KINDNESS) it still looked quite nice, so we sent the copy on to production, but sadly, it came back today not as I had wanted it to look like, so we wanted to do up a whole new banner and SNAP (our internal creative department) weren't too happy about it because it seemed like we were 'pissing' around with them coz they did as we actually had instructed, they had placed the words in the background and Mother's Day in the just didn't turn out as good as I had planned for it to, so a few phone calls were exchanged...some not very pleasant and some quite confusing and after being told to just edit from the previous one instead of sending a new one, and then told that SNAP says it's cool to send a new one because the head of department at SNAP understands the reason behind the words in the background and does like the idea but he also understands that the new one I drew up is more commercialise (i.e. not as creative but conventional), so yea, after a good long discussion with my assistant manager over the phone, they finally came to an agreement that they would do a new banner and matter solved.

I felt responsible for the whole big situation, the idea behind the first one was a good creative try, but I guess it was not easy to convey exactly what was intended to SNAPS, which I should have anticipated beforehand instead of sending it off to SNAP and "see how it goes". But hey, it was worth a try and my superior said she liked the idea behind the first one, so yea, I am reliefed that we were able to make a new banner because the previous banner didn't turn out as planned and I would rather have a conventional and plainer banner than one that was a good try but blah.

Anyway, basically, today was a not-so-good day, but right now, it's the end of this day so I shall sleep on everything and forget all the unpleasant, grab a GOOD nights rest with DEEP SLEEP DREAMS and wake up fresh tomorrow morning with God's strength to guide me through a new day!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

"It just made my day!!"


One thing I dislike about being an adult is having to fill in forms. This morning, I thought of filling in the form for my graduation regalia hire (to get my naggy parents off my back) and AHHHHHHH, that just gave me a headache and brought on a bad temper spell which caused lots of screaming around the entire house. I just hate filling in forms because, half the time, I don't understand what is required for me...

Take for example just now, I didn't know what I needed to I check Trencher, Bonnet or Knox Cap, or all of the above...and heaps more and what made it worst was that their opening hours was from 8.30am to 3pm every weekday - perfect ain't it? I have am I suppose to go down, coz you see, I like doing things in person, so I have someone there helping me along, but noooooo...not unless I take a day off which got me, since their opening hours are on weekdays, I can't call to ask how to fill in this online form, so no matter what, I still have to use my work time to give them a ring. Not only that, when I tired to search using their specified link to what we are required, I was directed to a webpage which had no association to the insturctions they gave. FUN AY!

So you can see, my day was made.

Automatic Alarm

It's SATURDAY!!!! And I'm up at 10.15am, to be exact, I got up at 9.38am. YAWN!!! So early, plus I only slept at 2am early this morn, so WHY CAN'T I JUST SLEEP IN?

Answer: WORK!

Yes, all because of work it has screwed up my body clock? How is that possible? Well...because every morning, I wake up at the sound of the alarm at 7am, with around 8 hours or slightly less of sleep. And because it has become a routine (though pulling myself out of bed is still a chore though), I seem to automatically wake up after 8 hours or sleep - EVEN ON A SATURDAY when it's my only day I get to sleep in till whatever time I like! SOB. I want to sleep but every inch of my body is screaming to get up.


Friday, April 08, 2005

La La La

Today was busy at work.

Skipped lunch but bought a donut on the run.

The End.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Re: Gilmore Girls

Dear TV2 Producer,

I'm in utter outrage at your ever-changing programme times and your lack of advertising when Gilmore Girls Season 5 started showing 3 weeks ago.

Please let me explain:

I am a loyal fan of Gilmore Girls - I CANNOT and HARDLY EVER miss an episode - ever since Season 1.

I always receive ample notice of when a new season starts and after so many seasons - 4 to be exact - you would begin to expect to be informed. However, when season 5 started, I was left out of the loop till it was too late - when I had missed the crucial 1st episode of the new season - CRUCIAL because the last episode of each season leaves you hanging high and dry, wanting more, and the 1st episode breaks you into the new season and satisfies the countless months of waiting.

How can you do this? I shall not be unjust and accuse you of no notice whatsoever because I was informed by friends - just a little too late - that there was an advertisement. However, I've got other friends who can back up my case, who also didn't catch it till it was too late. Lucky for me, a sister of a friend taped the 1st episode.

I would also like to complain about your ever-changing tv programme times. As it has always been for quite some time, Gilmore Girls had always taken the slot on Sunday at 5.30pm (though it's not prime time but I shan't complain). On the 27th of March, episode 2 of season 5 was aired at 5.30pm and I caught it. However, on the 3rd of April, thinking that it was as always at 5.30pm, I switched on my television only to tune in halfway to Luke and Lorelai's conversation!! To my horror, I discovered I had missed HALF of the show and to a loyal Gilmore Girl's fan, that was practically the whole episode. You can't watch an episode without the beginning, else, it's meaningless!

I was in disbelief and devastated to find that out of the 3 new episodes of season 5, I had missed 2 - 1 and a half if you want to be precise but after missing half a show, you obviously would not be in the mood to continue watching the next half.

For the next half of the show, I was busy ringing up all my friends to find out who managed to tape it - and lady luck was on my side as a friend of mine had it on tape. However, I found out that another loyal fan of Gilmore Girls had also missed it and therefore I speak on everyone's behalf.

I urge you to rectify the situation and in the future, please ensure that we have adequate notification of any changes to times. Thank you for listening.

Yours Sincerely,
A loyal friend of Gilmore Girls.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Life's Contradictions

Have you ever said things that carried good intentions but didn't turn out as it should?
Have you ever hurt someone when all you meant was good?
Have you ever cared too much that it turned out too possessive?
Have you ever tried explaining, only to dig a deeper hole?
Have you ever valued something that isn't that important?
Have you ever cried over something that never really existed?
Have you ever felt life is unfair when actually you're very lucky?
Have you ever beaten around the bush when there's a straightforward way?
Have you ever meant to apologise but left it for too long?

But have you ever heard the saying 'it is better late than never'?