Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's going on?!

First, ragging gone wild at ACJC, next a cleaner's suicide leaves white tigers traumatised...what is happening?

I am very disturbed by the ragging that has happened to an ACJC female student on her birthday (someone even posted the 10 minute video on youtube and tagged her as a 'loser'). She was carried by "friends" out of the canteen and then tied to a chin-up bar by her wrists. Following that, her "friends" stuffed cake down her shirt and poured milk all over her. The college said they were aware of it and that the birthday girl was prepared for that sort of "celebration", so they did not consider it bullying. If this was the truth, I find it quite disturbing for the following reasons:
1) Why would a birthday girl agree to be 'ragged' on her birthday? I would never want to be treated this way - at all!
2) She was tied up!! That in itself is a disturbing act. Ragging in common, that I understand, but not when the other party is blind folded, and tied up. She can't even protest.
3) I haven't seen the video (don't even want to!), but according to others, she was not enjoying herself. She was crying and screaming. Is that still considered a celebration?
4) Someone tried to untie her and got pushed away for trying. Other stood at the side, laughing while she screamed.
5) Her so-called friends were all females too, from an elite college...call me old-fashion but I just can't picture it.
6) A teacher stopped the ragging, not because he felt the girl was being bullied/humilated, but because they were messing up the place!! WHAT THE?!

The second incident was disturbing as well. A zoo cleaner, carrying a yellow bucket and a broom, climbed over the barrier of the white tiger enclosure, crossed the water moat that separates the fence from the enclosure, entered the tiger's territory and started waving his broom around, deliberatly provocating the white tigers. As a natural instinct, the white tigers were threatened and mauled the cleaner, who curled up in a ball with the bucket over his face. The onlookers first thought it was a show but when they discovered it wasn't, started screaming and throwing things at the white tigers to get their attention away from the man. Eventually, the white tigers left as their feeding cages were open, but all was too late.

I find it so irresponsible of that zoo cleaner. Call me insensitive over a man's death, but if you really must commit suicide, make sure you don't hurt others in the process:
1) Don't give visitors at the zoo a bad memory of their trip to the zoo! There were children there too.
2) Don't traumatise the tigers (they are also innocent parties!)
3) Don't have others clean up after your death.
4) Don't leave your loved ones without an answer!

So thats my rantings for today...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lorraine Z. Collection

It's not often you chance upon a website
that features your name + surname...

Though my name is a region in France, and I'm as edible as Quiche Lorraine,
but to discover that there's a jewellry designer and collection with the same name
plus the initial of my surname...
its a 1 in a million chance and I have to shout it out to the world!

Check out one of my creations!


Monday, November 10, 2008

SuperWeekend of Shoes, Sales, Shooting and Sun!

As the subject title suggests, I had a SUPER-FANTASTIC WEEKEND!

And it started on Friday night, when I met EK at Queensway to buy a new pair of sports shoes. I ruined my exercising sports shoes when I played softball a while ago (a useful excuse not to exercise) but I really needed a replacement coz I really want to go running.

So after walking around Queensway for an hour, I finally found my sports shoes! You see, my requirements are quite hard to fulfil – I wanted a dark pair with minimal white at the base because the tendency of my sports shoes getting mud all over it is very high (especially after a session of softball). And as you know, sports shoes (especially for females) are white white and more white. But finally, I found that pair. And it’s not old stock – it’s new stock which you can find in Adidas stores right now! It’s has some microbounce technology which is some super interesting suspension technology especially for running! Mine is the grey/purple version so it is less prone to getting dirty…and he gave me a discount of 30% off the retail price!!

The next morning, EK and I woke up at 8am and raced down to City Hall, where we had a quick breakfast and rushed over to the F1 pit building for the CLUB 21 BAZAAR SALE! Doors were opening at 10am but when we arrived at 9.40am, there was already a queue! We joined the queue of shoppers, not too far from the front. By the time the doors opened at 10am, the queue stretched all the way to the carpark!!

I came dressed for the sale too! Knowing that there were not going to be fitting rooms, I wore slippers & a short flare skirt, with a bikini bottom underneath so that I could easily slip on pants, and the thinnest spaghetti strap singlet I could find so that I could wear tops and make sure it fits me! And another important note for next time: bring a friend along who knows their fashion because there are no mirrors around so you need to trust on them for their opinion. Thankfully, I always have my stylist EK for this purpose.

EK and I spent 2.5 hours there!! Though the sale was not as good as last year’s, but I still ended up spending $230 on 6 items, while EK bought 2 items for himself and another 2 items for me!!! Heee.

My buys:
1) D&G singlet $20
2) CK white+gold skirt $20
3) Armani Exchange dress $30
4) Armani Exchange white+gold zip pants $30
5) Emporio Armani top $50
6) Dolce & Gabbana denim pink skirt $80 (this was exactly the same line as the Dolce & Gabanna pants I got last year for $250, and at that time I really wanted to skirt too, but I thought I wouldn’t wear it as often, so I didn’t buy it. I’m glad I waited it out because I got it at an event better price slash!)

EK buys:
1) D&G super cute bra $20 – FOR ME
2) DKNY green/brown handbag $70 – FOR ME
3) CK Black Leather Jacket $100 ONLY
4) CK Shirt $20

We were very satisfied shoppers. I saw other items that I absolutely LOVED, but didn’t buy:
- A CK long gold leather jacket for only $100
- A gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana sexy dress top for $720 (usual price was $4500)
- A gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana black sexy dress for $400
- John Galliano evening handbag at $400 – SO PRETTY

After the sale, we grabbed a cab back to EK’s place, put down our bags of bargains, before rushing out again to EK’s photoshoot. He’s had arranged a test shoot with a model at Fort Canning park, and asked if I could assist him. We spent the entire afternoon there and I finally got to see EK at work. He was ‘hands-and-feet-on’! Lying flat on the ground to get that unique angle, crouching in a corner, leaning over the banister, kneeling on the ground, etc. He was everywhere, leaving a trail of perspiration after him…YUCK.

That night, we rewarded ourselves to a satisfying curry fish head dinner. On Sunday after church, I met EK at Sentosa (he’d just done another test shoot that morning), and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at CafĂ© del Moar. We got one of those beds and had a lovely lunch plus drinks under the sun. It was a beautiful close to our Sunday.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Clinic 81

On Saturday, I had my first HOTEL 81 experience...


EK was doing a photoshoot for another model and decided to take the photos at Hotel 81 Chinatown (recommended by another photographer friend). So at 2pm on Sunday, we arrived at the check-in desk. The place was happening...

The reception was rather grand looking, with gold and white decor and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There were 1 or 2 tourists, many foreign couples (errrrk...), and us standing around.

EK went up to the counter to register (just like visiting a clinic) where you have to handover your IC for registration. They only take walk-in customers, no reservations (just like a clinic).

The Nurse: IC please.
(The Conceirge: IC please.)

EK: What is the consultant fee?
(EK: What is the room rate for 2 hours?)

The Nurse: $40.
(The Conceirge: $40)

EK: My friend told me it's $30.
(EK: My friend told me it's $30.)

The Nurse: That's follow-up check-up fee. Your next visit will be $30.
(The Conceirge: That is member's rate. Your next visit will be $30.)

*EK paid the $40 and the nurse returned his IC to him.

The Nurse: Take a seat and wait. The doctor will be ready to see you in 15 mins.
(The Conceirge: Take a seat and wait. The room will be ready in 15 mins.)

*15 mins later

The Nurse: Yap
(The Conceirge: Yap)

*EK went up to the counter and was passed a room key

The Nurse: Room 209.
(The Conceirge: Room 209)

When we went to the room, EK complained about its smallness. He expected something bigger and was wondering how he was going to setup all his equipment. All it had was a queen size bed (nice white bedsheets), and a bathroom (small and simple but clean). But it also had other items such as an electic kettle, coffee cups with instant 3in1 coffee mix or milo and 2in1 toothbrush (the first I've ever seen - toothbrush with toothpaste already in it). There were also windows that allowed natural light to brighten up the room.

I didn't stay for long, leaving him to set up his 'studio' (check out his pictures on www.flickr.com/ekyap) while I went Chinatown to shop for materials to make my trinkets.