Thursday, December 27, 2007

Weirded Out: X vs EK

What could it possibly mean? I woke up from my dream, my eyebrows frowning in deep ponder. I replayed the dream over again.

It was my big day - my wedding. Of course I had a best guy friend who was there for me all my life - who watched over me, took care of me, lent me his shoulder to cry on, been there for me through thick and thin, etc. But he wasn't the one. I was getting married to my boyfriend, let's name him X (he is a real person in my life and I wish for his name to be anonymous because I haven't figured this dream out yet).

We were having a beautiful beach side wedding and we had rented a house by the beach where the wedding preparations were going on. My parents, grandparents, relatives and unknown strangers were all there.

Cut to the next scene where I was running out of the house with tears streaming down my face, announcing to all the stunned relatives as I made my departure, "I'm not getting married to X!"

I ran down the path to the beach and threw myself onto the sand, sobbing. I had a massive quarrel with X and I didn't want to marry him. My mother and sister came after me, and after some persuasion and coaxing, I agreed to go through with the wedding and returned to the house.

I ignored all my relatives, who returned me a smile of understanding - pre-wedding jitters.

I went back to the room where I was supposed to be preparing. X was there too. I ignored him and went about doing my own things. I was still filled with anger (I'm not too sure what we had argued about as this part of the dream was kinda blurry).

Cut to another scene where I'm not there. It was just my relatives sitting around a table outside in the hall, talking. One of them said, "She should be getting married to EK (my best friend in this dream). He's the right one for her, not X. You'll see, this wedding won't be happening."
And that's when I was drawn back to reality.

What does it mean? Why was I getting married to another guy friend of mine and why wasn't it EK? Why was EK my best friend in the dream?

The only conclusions I can draw from this dream is:
(1) I'm thinking of getting married!!
(2) I'm watching too many Korean dramas!!

Since we are on the topic of dreams, let me update you on yet another dream I had recently, which I still, surprisingly, remember. This dream was a lot weirder than the previous.

My friends and I were on a road trip. At that time, my current boyfriend was X (strangely enough, it was the same X from the dream above - why does he always play the boyfriend?).

The group of us stopped by this old house for a rest. Then, a large evil snake who lived in the house appeared and sealed us from leaving. The snake held us captive. The snake, with magical powers, transformed itself into a human being. This human being was EK. He held us captive.

Cut to the next scene where we were let out, but still under the snake's watch. The snake human kept me near him, wanting to know more about me because he liked me. I tried to play along with him, not wanting to get into the bad books of the snake for fears of being eaten up.

Cut to the next scene where I was released for a while and I went to find my boyfriend X who was with my girl friends. He was chatting and enjoying himself and I was so angry with him because he seemed like he had totally forgotten about me.
That's as much as I can remember today. This dream was about a week ago so I can't quite remember the details as well as the one above, but yet again, this dream had X as my boyfriend, and EK was the third party - but this time around, he was the evil snake!!

Goodness, why are my dreams so complex?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


What is the use of spending almost two thousand dollars on facial for a whole year when the reaction I get from other facial centres is 'you just did facial last week'?

It's depressing, dejecting, dispiriting, discouraging, disheartening, discomposing, melancholic, miserable, tear-jerking, upsetting and what more do I need to say for you to get how I feel?

LIKE IT WAS AN UTTER WASTE OF MONEY!! I could have spent it on another LV wallet and got something back in return. I could have spent it on medication and seen faster results. I could have saved the money for my future!!!

But then would I do otherwise? I don't know. Beauty comes at a price, no?

Yesterday, I went to check out yet another facial centre. The plan I've signed on to at my current facial centre is finishing in about 1 month's time. (Yes, I signed on to it last April so you do the math and work out if it has even been a year!) So I was sourcing for other alternatives since it's far too expensive for me to afford another year at this place.

As the lady working at this facial centre explained the types of facials available to me, and introduced a trial facial for $38 (original facial price is $280 per facial!!!), I agreed and said I wouldn't book for a slot this weekend as I had just done facial on Sunday.

She turned and looked at me, staring closer to my face as if she was shocked. She commented that it didn't look like I had done facial just a couple of days ago and asked me about my breakouts and so on and so forth, as if asking me why I was still going to this facial centre.

I felt utterly horrid. My skin is flawed, I admit to that. I have zits on my cheeks, above my upper lip, at the side of my mouth, on my chin, and on my forehead (that practically covers my whole face). If you'd ask me to count, I'd say right now I have about 10 visible zits living on my face. I have scars from my previous breakouts, red and blotchy, which never seem to heal or lighten dispite the many treatments I've gone to which claimed to lighten scars.

But the facial centre I currently go to is reputable. Their services and equipments are professional and they have outlets in major malls. They wouldn't be entirely useless, I try to convince myself.

The above isn't the only example. I went to another centre to try out their services and my face had so much clogs that the specialist was compelled to ask what my current facial centre was doing? Were they even extracting these deep clogs? When I confronted my current facial specialist, she said there are some you cannot extract because it is so deep. They do not want to cause further scaring. It takes time to clear the face of impurities.

But it's hard to stay positive when you receive these comments like people don't believe you had just been to facial a couple of days ago. What does this tell about my facial treatments? It's lousy or your face is beyond hope.

I don't know which is better. I've spent so much money on my face this last year, I hardly want to admit that it was all for nothing. I want to know that if I hadn't gone for any treatment, my face would have been worse off. I want to know that the facials I've paid hundreds for each time was worth it. At least I had some results. But I'll never know, and I'm scared to find out which is true. Is it true that my face would have been worse if I didn't do facial? (I can stop facial and find out in a couple of month's time - and if it is true, I'll have to start treatment all over again to get it back to what it was before.) If it is not true and my face remains what it is today? (I've spent about two thousand dollars this year, just fixing my face, and you tell me that it's just that and I can't do anything about these breakouts? That what about all the other facial specialists who tell their customers that they must clear their skin of clogs - is that all a lie?)

I don't know what to do right now. So many ladies go for facial, that must say something about facial being good for your skin. But I'm frustrated with my face. I'm so frustrated with the money I've spent, just to receive such comments in return. With one comment, my hopes, my optimism, my aspirations that one day I may have clear skin - all that came crashing down.

How can a person be confident if she's so frustrated with her complexion? Make-up only does what is short-term - for that couple of hours. Make-up may be magical for the hours it's on, it may transform a plain jane into a super model, but once make-up is removed, all your flaws are revealed once again, and it could even be worse. It's a vicious cycle which I'm sure I've mentioned before. A person uses make-up to conseal the zits, more zits breakout because of the clogged pores, and more make-up goes on in order to cover the additional zits. I call this the beautiful zits lifecycle.

So how can one achieve confidence in her appearance? The answer lies in the money.

With money, you can go for weekly facials and gold treatments.
With money, you can go for lazer - the quick option to get rid of zits.
With money, you can hire a specialist to take care of your dietary needs.
With money, you don't need to work, you can attempt to sleep early almost every night.
With money, I wouldn't be writing this entry about the money I've wasted for this past 1 year and the depressing results I've achieved from it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

GOOGLE Christmas to one and all!!!

I never understood why EK loves going to Yahoo,
or why there are search engines like DogPile!

I only seek one answer from the world wide web, and that's Google!

Google is always there to share!

When the winter olympics was happening, Google celebrated it from the start...

...and to the end...

And this Christmas, Google didn't miss a heartbeat. It started with a ribbon...

And then added some paint...

And they threw in more decorations...

And they sprinkled some sparkles...

And 'WALLAH'...A Google Christmas masterpiece!!

(P.S. I feel like a spokesperson for Google.
For more information, please visit

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Eve

Christmas is tomorrow!!!

I love Christmas. It's my most favourite time of the year, and I think it is especially so for many christians around the world. Christmas is not only about presents and dinners. It's more than that. It's about the coming of Jesus Christ, the spirit of giving, the warmth of family and the joy of love.

That's why I love Christmas. Having grown up in a christian family, christmas has always been an important day for us to gather as a family to celebrate. I love the Christmas dinners, the church celebrations, even the carols are so much more meaningful than 'Santa Claus is coming to town' or 'Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells'.

That's why Christmas means so much to me. But of course, in an influential world, the practices like putting up a Christmas tree, buying presents for loved ones, watching lovely Christmas movies about Santa Clauses, elves, and Reindeers are also some of my favourite ways of celebrating Christmas.

Take for example my last two days, the last weekend before Christmas. I met up with old friends, went shopping, watched many Christmas movies (even ones I've seen countless of times before), watched a Christmas Performance at Church, heard the word of God with fellow Christians, shared a Christmas dinner with relatives and sang beautiful carols to the strum of the guitar.

It was such a joy and I'm thankful to get the best of both worlds.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Surfing the BBB

I love blog surfing!! It can be such a joy and yet also such a downer.


It's always nice to catch up with friends' lives...
Know what they've been up to...
Get to know who they've been with...
Share in their happiness...
And hear about their disappointments...

It's nice to see pictures...
Whether they've grown thinner...
And even prettier...
See the universe through their eyes (or pictures)...
And experience a taste of their world...

But's also a downer:

You wish you could be there...
And experience it first-hand...

You wonder what else they've done...
And whether they've missed you...

You realise time's slipping by...
And you're slowly losing touch...

But most of all...

You discover that you have your own lives to live...
And it is this path you have chosen...
So you have the make the most of it...
But you'll know where you can find them...

An email or a text message away, a sea or a sky apart...
A link on the www, or a surf on the bbb...

But the one place that lasts forever...
And that is in YOUR HEART!

Friday, December 14, 2007


This year, Christmas has crept in so silently, I'm quite shocked. I haven't even started my countdown and it's already less than 2 weeks till Christmas!

This fact just dawned on me today when my colleague came in giving chocolate presents, saying she'll be away till the 1st of January. Next week, my bosses are going back to France for their Christmas holidays. Christmas is coming!!

How could I not feel it?! How did I miss all the signs? I knew of talk about Christmas holidays when I went for lunch with colleagues, I saw the Christmas lights at Orchard Road (but they always put it up way early anyway) and Grandpa was talking about getting tickets to the church Christmas dinner, but they always advertise so very early.

But it's not early! it's only 11 days till Christmas! Christmas is coming and I'm not yet in the Christmasy mood! THAT'S A MAJOR CRISIS!

I need to get into the Christmas mood. Christmas is my most favourite time of the year! It's when beautiful Christmas carols are shared and the spirit of giving is all around. But I have not even shopped for Christmas prezzies! What was I doing? Daydreaming? I feel like Christmas isn't till next month!

Gosh, Christmas is practically next week!

Next weekend would be the the 22nd and 23rd of December, then 24th is Christmas Eve and goodness gracious me, it'll be the 25th before I know it!

And I haven't even started blasting Christmas songs!!! AHHHHHH.

So it is done. It shall start as of today!!

Drive Me Crazy

I'm insanely bored. I've even signed on to facebook and left a message to a long lost primary school classmate of mine! It's crazy!! There's nothing to do...AHHH. Why am I even at work?! And I even went in search of a childhood friend of mine! CRAZY I tell you.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Happy Weekended

The weekended (past-tense: weekend that has just ended) was HAPPY HAPPY.

So MANY MANY HAPPPY HAPPY things happened. Maybe not so MANY MANY, but HAPPY HAPPY enough (I seem to be running out of vocab).

What did I do?


On Thursday, EK finally saw my shoe cupboard and agreed I needed new pretty shoes, so on Friday evening after work, we did some serious shoe shopping. This is a great shopaholic treat! I decided against the expensive pair of sandles from Guess which cost $118 after discount, and went with the cheaper alternative - Charles and Keith. I figured I could buy more with less than $100! And so I did. I've now got 2 new pairs of pretty sandles for work!!! And they are comfortable too coz it's neither 3 inches high, nor pointy toes. Feeling recharged on Saturday morning, a good dose of shoes really helps, I did major cleaning out of my shoe cupboard! I threw away 2 disgustingly rotten shoes - don't know why I still kept them (one had started flaking and cracking, the other had scratches and unreparable tears)!

Then I soaked, washed and scrubbed seven other pairs of shoes! I even did some minor repairs to a pair of shoes I only wore twice! The strap had broke off so I did some sewing and it served me well on Sunday!

It's like I gained nine new pairs of shoes over the weekend!

Mum, can you check if I have my pink pair of low boots in NZ? And how's its condition? I'd like to claim it when I return to NZ. Do you remember which one I'm talking about?


My Christmas Prezzie from my daddy and mummy arrived when I got home on Friday late night or should I say Saturday early morning! MY CAVE OF THE GOLDEN ROSE, a.k.a. PRINCESS FANTAGHIRO!

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I immediately played it and watched it with EK - just the first disc though and we didn't get through it coz it was already so late. But it was FANTASTIC!!! I really miss the show! Can't wait to continue watching it tonight!


It's been two years since I've been in Singapore!!! And this means, my phone plan is finally over. When I signed on to my first Singapore cell phone plan in Dec 2005, the phone cost $0 and the plan was the cheapest at $25 per month over a 24 month contract. Finally 24 months later, with my phone plan expiring in 4 days, I decided to treat myself to a new phone!!

So on the 8th of December 2007, Saturday, I dragged EK and we went to visit M1 at Paragon. I showed him the Sony Ericsson I had been eyeing. There were 2 of them. The W610i was going at $98 with a new 24 month contract, and W880i was at $198 with a 24 month contract. Obviously, the W880i phone was a lot more special than the cheaper one - AND NEWER! EK loved the colour of the W880i! So EK and myself immediately ruled out the W610i and found another $198 phone to compare the W880i with.

At first I wasn't sure if I should spend $200 on a new phone, especially when my first phone cost me nothing, but then again, my first phone was rather lousy. Not even 3G! The only plus point was coz it was a flip phone, which I was crazy over then.

After some comparison between the 2 phones that cost $198, I went with my first choice, the W880i. It was an easy decision. Most of the functions were the same as the other $198 phone: 1GB memory, 3G, video calling, 2.0 mega pixel camera, etc. Both were walkman phones...though one had better speakers for music, I'm not a particular over my sounds so this wasn't a point worth comparing. The next was radio function. The W880i did not have radio while the other had, but neither do I listen to radio, so it was a simple decision. I went with the one that looks the most elegant, class and stylish...

What do you think? Here are your choices:
1) Totally AWESOME!
2) Sooo COOL!

(And along with this purchase, I got a free BREE computer laptop bag worth $179, and redeemed my M1 sun perk points for a free prepaid card with $18 value - I didn't even know I had sun perk points and could redeem stuff but thankfully, I found out before the points expired on 18 December 2007!)

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Academy Award Winning Actress

I really wonder what my boss does all day...

Here I am sitting at my desk, wondering what's there to do on my end apart from waiting and I can't seem to find anything. So I'm pretending. Pretending to be working...

I'm surfing the web, reading my old blog entries, flipping through magazines, looking at our products, sending non-important work emails out, pretending to be sending emails out but really I'm blogging.

What I really want to do is to read my story book (it's due today and I've still got a quarter more to go), do earrings, play sudoku, etc. I don't even mind if all the perfume registration documents arrive from France so I can get the frustrating registration in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines out of the way. And I wouldn't mind if all my quotations to come in so I can start work on our printing jobs...

Next week, I'm bringing in my electronic dictionary so I can learn korean while I'm here at work.

But I guess why time is moving so slowly is coz it's FRIDAY!!! Another weekend is here. Can't wait to spend it with EK. We always spend weekends together and I'm not one bit bored of his company, especially when we see each other almost every weeknight as well. Don't know what we'll be doing but if the weather's good, we'll go swimming then who knows...perhaps shopping??

We don't have any plans but that's the best part about it. Proper relaxation. I would like to make some earrings as well, it's been a long time since I've been productive...

Ahhh...the weekend!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Change of Mind

Perhaps one day I'll change my mind about the previous subject and here's why:

Bella rolled over so she could lie looking at her tiny son in his little crib beside her. Her son: the world resonated in her mind. In the gloom she could see that he wasn't sleeping any more, his eyes were open and fixed on hers. She felt overwhelmed with love. Don was on one side of her and this wonderful new baby was on the other. Nothing had ever felt so perfect and so complete before.

So...I'll keep you posted if ever I have a change in heart. But for now, I'm sticking to OMG...NEVER EVER EVER!


OMG I'm never ever going to have children! OMG OMG! I'm utterly freaked out right now...OMG...the pain...OMG! Honestly, how come there are so many humans in this world? How did all the mothers do it? OMG. Mum! I think you are amazing. OMG. I can't imagine myself going through it.

How did this all start? Carmen Reid, Three in Bed. Yes, blame it on the author of this book. Reading the synopsis, it was about a novel of a married woman who ends up giving birth and having to juggle her child and work. They never said anything about a whole chapter on the gory gory child birth itself and then the stitching up after labour! OMG OMG OMG. I'm freaked. I'm honestly FREAKED!

When I was younger, I told myself I couldn't go through child brith, I'd adopt. While I'm saving the world, I'm saving myself from loads of pain. Then I thought Cesarean isn't too bad. I'll be knocked out on drugs and wouldn't know the pain, until I realised the aftermath was even worst than giving birth the natural way. And the scars from the C-Section...NO THANKS. So then I thought, if my aunt and so many other woman is able to give birth the natural way, it shouldn't be too bad. So I changed my mind once again, though of course I know sometimes, the decision may not be in your hands. And then I read this chapter...and about the excruciating pain...okay, the lead did bring this upon herself by choosing a midwife and home birth instead of doing it properly at the hospital with machines and drugs to help with the pain...but let me give you some snippets, just a very tiny portion of snippets which cannot be compared to reading the entire chapter, but it'll have to do:

Before Birth:

When she closed her eyes and felt the pain grip, she knew this was what it was like to be tortured on a medieval rack. Lashed down on a frame, she was being cranked and stretched apart, wrenched open bit by agonizing bit. She was waiting to hear the crack and snap of ligaments being torn apart........

Don was standing in front of her, holding her up, Declan was at her side. She opened her eyes wide and was aware of the terrible, clear pain. They were holding her up, defying the force between her legs, which was dragging her down. She felt her knees buckle with the effort, but still they held her up. She made a primeval, guttural scream as she felt an enormous weight crash down against the whole band of muscle from her belly button down round to her anus. An irresistible force was urging her to push it out although it went against every instinct of pain avoidance and self-preservation. Her hip joints were screaming at the very edge of their sockets. And she had to push, knowing it was ripping her in half. Her anus was being pushed inside out. There was a wrecking ball inside her pelvis crushing and destroying everything in its path.........

The Aftermath:

The cord was cut, then Declan handed Markie over to Annie for a wash while he busied himself with delivering the placenta. When the enormous lump of raw liver slid out from between her legs, Bella saw she was sitting on a damp and bloody plastic sheet. She was naked and her legs were smeared with blood, dried blood and traces of shit. Her fingernails were dark with dried blood, her hair was soaked, blood was pooling between her legs and she was beginning to shiver.

Now do you understand why all the 'OMG's?

Creative Exposure

1 Art/Creative Director (played by EK)
1 Make-up Artist (played by Rina)
1 Photographer (played by Ben)
1 Extra (played by Lorraine)

The living room of the Creative Director's apartment.
The Make-up Artist, Photographer, Creative Director and Extra is sitting around the messy coffee table filled with Magazines, laptops, books, and a bowl of grapes. The Make-up Artist is telling the Extra about her recent make-up work, showing her a magazine cover with the made-up model on the front. The Photographer is discussing the upcoming photoshoot details with the Creative Director - the location, the lightings, the mood, the feel, etc.

Scene 1
Make-up Artist: I spent so long on her eye make-up. She's got one big and one small eye.
Extra: Oh yes, I can see that now that you mentioned it.
Make-up Artist: I had to balance the make-up so that her eyes appear similar. But she's got a perfect body.
Extra: She looks very slim and she's very pretty. Her look seems very flexible. She can be so sensual (flips over the page and points to a picture in the magazine), and yet so sweet in this other picture.
Creative Director (showing a spread in a magazine to the Photographer): Can you do this sort of lighting? Spotlights in the background? It'll go well with this music issue.
Photographer: I need depth, but studios are very small, and with the equipment, we won't have space!
Make-up Artist (joins in their conversation): I think Arena is a good place.
Photographer: MOS?
Creative Director: But can we take the equipment outside for the shoot?
Photographer: If the owner's your good friend.
Creative Director: You know where will be a good place? City Harvest. They've got wicked equipment, sound system, drums, guitars, keyboard, etc. We just need a member of that church!
Photographer: I used to be a member.
Creative Director: Oh! Then you can ask them if we can rent the space?
Photographer: My membership expired. And the place is too....too...white. Very churchlike. Not rock enough.

Extra (Deep in thoughts): I love seeing EK and his friends at work. The work they do is so much fun, all that discussion, preparation, selection of models, etc. Even though I can't contribute much, but I still love being there and soaking up the atmosphere, the creative juices, and learning all about the media industry.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enchanted...ahhhh (with a sigh of love)

(To enjoy this story, it would be best if you have seen the movie Enchanted. Alternatively, please plunge yourself into fairytale english as I tell this story...)

Yesterday was a beeaaauutiful day. I enjoyed myself immensely!

My Prince whisked me out for dinner at this restaurant with such an adorable name, Spageddies. We had the most splendid of meals. I would have to say it's the best of three worlds. The spectacular feast consisted of steak, so tender and juicy, crayfish, so fresh and tasty, and of course, pasta, al denta with a touch of olive oil. It was absolutely divine. I ravished it, with grace of course.

We talked merrily and laughed happily.

Then, he brought me to this dark room with a massive, giant-sized painting with actual moving pictures. The pictures could talk and sing and dance!!! It was most beautiful and exciting! OH but the evil queen was terribly awful. She scared me to bits.

There was one part in the story which was most dear to my Prince and I. Do listen to me tell this story...

The Princess Giselle, oh she was most graceful and had a beautiful voice, unfamilar with the practices of the strange real world she enquired about dates. And Robert, a real man, gracious and kind, was explaining to her what real people do on dates. Oh he suggested going for dinner, chatting, long walks, or visiting the museum.

It was at this point that my Prince turned to me and asked this rather strange question, "Who would go to a museum on a date?"

As if a spell was cast on me, I remained silent and still. And suddenly, as if a bolt of lighting had flashed before his eyes, he remembered, gasping as he turned to me and exclaimed, "It is you!"

I blushed furiously. I was utterly embarrassed for this is how the story went. Long long ago, I accompanied my date, EK, to the museum, on several occassions in fact. One time while we were at the grand museum of Singapore, my Prince called and I happily mentioned I was at the museum with EK, the person I am most in love with.

And my Prince, with his immaculate memory, held me hostage with this one account. After the movie - oh yes, that is what it's called, those moving pictures - we had a good laugh over this. I think, oh yes I do really think this is one story I will tell my children, and my children's children, and, OH, should I live to tell at that ripe old age, my children's children's children.

~The End~

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Ever since my darling boyfriend commented that my wallet looked like a rubbish dump or was it that it looked like rubbish...anyway, I was greatly affected by it.

I know, I put far too many things into my wallet, but please tell me who doesn't. Every women's wallets are like that...and you (men) should be thankful for that. Here's why!

1) Cash (Obviously important)
2) Identity Cards and Drivers' License (Just in case I need to ferry you around or get stopped outside a club while accompanying you to an evening of fun)
3) Credit and ATM cards (So that I can buy you expensive presents)
4) Discount Cards and Vouchers (You prefers to spend when there's discounts)
5) Loyalty Cards (Get 10 stamps and receive 1 item free? I carry it so that you don't need to clutter your wallets)
6) Receipts on purchases (I never know when you want to return/exchange some purchases)
7) Access Cards (1 for my company door, 1 for my house gate...)
8) EzyLink Cards (1 to travel around, 1 for space in case you forget yours)

So you see...there's a reason why our wallets are 'FAT'. And with a 'FAT' wallet comes lots of wear and tear coz for one, we use it very often, two, it's more clumsy and bulky, thus increasing its potential to scratch, knock, brush and rub against other surfaces such as the interiors of handbags, the items inside the handbag, the zippers, and so on.

Therefore, my wallet became rather bruised. It's leather varnishing on the sides have started to peal, there were small pen marks on the surface, the zipper thingy came off, the gold male button had scratches...

Recently, I have been so affected by my boyfriend's comment, that the more I looked at my wallet, the more I hated its condition. And I cannot afford to hate my wallet or let myself hate my is far too dear to me to hate it OR replace it...

So yesterday, I had to take it in for serious damage control...and this caused even more damage to my wallet, monetary speaking. The repairs cost 20% of the cost of my wallet. Some may argue, why's going to get scratched anyway...but if I don't repair it so that I can like it again, it'll be like I'm throwing away 100% which is even more heart breaking.

Conclusion: I'm never going to buy such a wallet again...NEVER. From now onwards, I'll buy wallets that are priced below 5% of the cost of this wallet.

It's on its way...

It's on its way it's on its way it's on its way...lalalala.

I just got confirmation that my DVDs are on it's way. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A! My oh my, what a wonderful day!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Princess Fantaghiro...Lost and Found

I've found my Fantaghiro, my childhood hero, my Cave of the Golden Rose, my childhood drama!!


Well...technically, I've got it in the sense that I've paid for it and that means it's mine...till it arrives in the post, that is.

Ahhh, the beauty of online purchases. Always a scary thingy. You never know dodgy from dodgy. I can only keep my fingers crossed and wait, hope, wish and pray that it arrives soon.

And it's actually amazing how many loyal fans of this drama there are...if you type 'Cave of the Golden Rose DVD' into google, you'll see quite a number of blogs, chatrooms and forums all saying the one thing:

"I love this show...I watched it when I was young...Does anyone know where I can find the DVD?!"

Muahhahahahahahah. At a price for childhood memories, anything is possible.

I wet my skirt!

I'm drenched! Well...I was drenched from waist down just an hour ago.

For lunch, I had to make a trip to the post office to send some cards overseas and while I was on my way - a 15 minute walk - I got caught in a heavy downpour. Hastening my pace, I rushed to get my errand done and rushed back to work.

When I got back, I realised my entire skirt was drenched, and it didn't help with grey dots all over the back of the skirt, especially against a white background. YEP, of all days, I had to choose today to wear a white skirt! And when white fabrics get wet...oooh, I wonder what could have been seen by motorists zooming past me! Haha...kiddz. Lucky for me, the skirt had a pettycoat, so hopefully that helped reduce the number of whistles I got along the way, which was at a total count of zero.

I couldn't possibly face the world with a spotted skirt so in I hid in the toilet for about 20 minutes, washing my skirt, squeezing my skirt dry and trying to wear my skirt! It's an impossible task when you've got wet pettycoat sticking to your thighs! So right now, I'm sitting in a wet skirt, my thighs are cold and the pettycoat is gripping to my thighs. I'm almost comfortable!

The funny thing is...the weather is perfectly fine right now...bright and clear. Of all the perfect timings, it had to pour during lunch!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pop-Up Cards @ SGD 5

When I was in Penang over the weekend, I found some awesome pop-up cards! Check them out below. I bought quite a few! If you are interested in purchasing any, let me know? (Haha...terrible me, fancy doing business even on my personal blog!)

Blue Church Bells

Family Gathering

Christmas Sweet Christmas

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

Santa's Garden

Merry Christmas Kitty

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chitty Chitty BANG BANG

Who wants to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with me?? I need company and I can give you 10 reasons why it's worth it!!

1) They're in Singapore, for goodness sake. How often does such a fantastic musical drop in to tiny tiny Singapore?

2) I heard from those who have seen it that it's beyond spectacular! Even if you haven't caught the original movie, you'll get the play.

3)With a cast of over 70, including 10 dogs, sensational sets and stunning special effects, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch a flying car...what's holding you back?

4) Wasn't it your childhood movie? Well, it was for me. I saw the movie over and over and over again, and never got bored of it.

5) Who says it's a children's film? I've heard that even the adults LOVE it!

6) They've extended the performance period due to overwhelming response, and it's been showing since the 7th of Nov, and this is the final extension, till the 9th of Dec!!

7) It's an action packed musical (says the press) and even if you're not a musical lover, or a flying car lover...well, I'm sure action will appeal to you!

8) How about spending some time with me? How long as it been since we've spent a quality 2.5 hours together? I'm great company! Some may argue it may be even more spectacular watching me than the performance itself!

9) It may be a tad bit expensive (the seats I want are priced at S$150), but HEY! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and people said it's worth every penny!!

10) Coz I've got no boyfriend says he would go, but he wouldn't really enjoy it since he thinks it's a children's film. And he hasn't seen it when he was young and well...he says he probably wouldn't catch a word they are saying or singing...

So pretty pretty plueeeze...who would like to accompany me? (LAURA, where are you when I want you?!)

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Awakening

Hi everyone...

The Shopaholic Strikes Back!!!

Winter is over and I'm done with hybernation! I have awaken, so Orchard Road, Vivo City, Marina Square, Raffles City...BE AWARE...BEWARE!

It's been a long long time since I've written - about 9 months have gone by. I can't account for everything that has since happened, but I'll briefly sum up my adventures (and some not so adventurous adventures).

For starters, this is my third job since Feb. Gosh, that doesn't sound very 'employable' of me, but hear me out. I left my last last job - the advertising one - in April, for a bank that I shall not name.

The bank, obviously with its regulations and all the financial jargon, did not suit me. Turn over rate was surprisingly high. Within the 4 months I was there, I saw about 10 people who came and left IN MY DEPARTMENT. Wonder why the superiors didn't ask "what's wrong with us?" But I didn't leave because it was the trend, though it did make it easier. I left because I wasn't doing what I wanted to do. I wasn't doing what I was initially hired for (which was marketing). The girl who doesn't like to complain ended up dealing with all the complaints against the bank and some were NASTY! A day came when I could put up no longer with the complaints, and I tendered. The relief, as if weight was lifted off my shoulder. And this was when I just tendered my resignation, with 1 more month of service to complete and no job lined up. So can you imagine when the last day actually came? THE 'FINANCIAL' FREEDOM!

And so about for a month or more, I was jobless, roaming the streets, surfing all the job sites, worrying about what I was going to do if I didn't find a job soon...and then the phone call came...the interview went, and I am.

A marketing coordinator at a perfume distribution company. Note the word MARKETING. I'm finally doing what I'm supposed to be doing. It's challenging, but I'm learning heaps. It's the actual marketing stuff, the promotional planning, the event execution, the strategic pricing! And did I mention all my bosses are FRENCH...ah oui! It's AWESOME! And as MacDonalds jingle goes..."I'm lovin' it!"

In March, I went to Melbourne. Not for shopping, not for touring, but for one big event - THE FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. It was too cool. The hotel was obviously very nice, but that wasn't the point was it? Hee. The entire event was fantastic. It was very well planned with aero displays during the intervals and many booths for viewing, the atmosphere was great with fans from all around the world, and the race was LOUD! It was an excitement packed weekend, and the best part - GRAND STAND SEATS!!! MUAHHHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe I'll blog about it one day...better late then never ay?

In April, EK and myself went back to New Zealand for a holiday. It was a rushed trip as EK hadn't toured NZ before so that was the agenda, including my agenda which was spending time with family and friends, so that left us with very very little time. Nevertheless, it was fantastic, right from the moment we landed and I got to see my family, and my surprise drop in on my friends for dinner, till the time we were packing our luggages with every memory of NZ. Maybe I'll blog about it one day too...HAHAHA.

EK and I turned 1 year in August! Though both of us don't know the exact day I denied being boyfriend and girlfriend to friends, and the next day, I stopped denying. But 1 year! Gosh. That was quick. Sometimes too quick, but there are many many more happy days ahead so life's goooood. Do I hear marriage bells ring? YES! My friends in NZ seems to be all getting married!! A friend I met at university got married this year in April, and another 2 friends from cell group are getting married in a weeks or so! AND THEY ARE ALL MY AGE! Gosh! *Hint *hint...HAHaHA

Pear and I, our trinket business is taking off. We've just turned 1 year in September as well and I can't believe it's already been a year. We've had a hundred going on two hundred orders, we've got orders from strangers, publicity's great...CONGRATES BABE!

Justina and Chris came to visit (at different periods of time) so it was awesome catching up with old friends, eating and talking.

That's all the updates from me...I think those were the major events in the past few months...but I'll keep you posted if I think of any more!!

Au Revoir...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 days

10 days is a very long time when I'm not able to see the person I love.

Day 1:
I can do this! Not a problem. Especially when I had my cousin's company, I was doing perfectly fine. His goodnight phone call was most welcoming.

Day 2:
During the first day of Chinese New Year, I had plenty to occupy my mind. Not to forget, spending the entire day replying a very important E to another very important person.

Day 3:
I missed him so much tears came streaming down. I thought, maybe I couldn't survive.

Day 4:
Yesterday's phone call did the trick. I felt much better.

Day 5:
ONLY 5 days has passed? It's another 5 days before I see him? What should I do? How can I occupy myself.

Day 6:
No problem. Working OT was another way to channel my energy. Plus, I have many other things to do. If I do all these things now, I'll have more time to spend with him when he gets back.

Day 7:
He rang during work to tell me he got me my birthday prezzie. I'm still in his thoughts...

Day 8:
He's appearing in my dreams! I'm jealous of whoever he's spending time with. What is he actually doing? Who is he going out with?

Day 9:
1 more day to go. Tomorrow, I'll be seeing him.

Day 10:
The whole day was a smiley day, filled with anticipation and excitment. When I saw him, I let out a yelp and threw myself into his arms.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The More The Merrier

It started out as envy, wishing I had a boyfriend to spend the day with. Then it became silly, when there are 364 other days you could celebrate your relationship. It proceeded to become too commercialised, a day where advertisers reached their sales targets for the month. Following that, it became just another day, I couldn't care less, or so I thought. Oh and at some point in time, it was also friendship day. But today, I finally understand it's significance.

Yes, I agree it's too commercial, it's rather silly to go with the crowd and it's just another day on our calender - it's not even highlighted in red! But...this year, I was caught up in it. My first Valentines day with my boyfriend. No, we didn't end up eating an extravagant meal at The Hyatt (on the contrary we had KFC for dinner), nor did we spend money on gifts or flowers. Instead, we spent the evening together, lovey dovey and all.

We do that on other days too, so what makes today so special?

My reply - Why shortchange it?

Valentines day is another day to celebrate your relationship, it wouldn't harm to have one more day. Of course the other days you could be lovey dovey, but on Valentines day, it doesn't hurt to be super duper lovey dovey. Or on other days maybe you are already super duper lovey dovey, on Valentines day, you could be 'gross'...

My point is, I finally understand not to let the day go to waste, not to think it's JUST another day, but to think it's just ANOTHER day to celebrate your relationship.

Valentines day also marks this blog's second year anniversary - and wow, how we've progressed! Though I've cut down with my entries as time escaped from me, I'll still keep chasing till I've caught up with it!

Dear God

Please help me do this.
Please help me get through this.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Do you believe in that crucial 1 second?

Let's start the day with meeting Sean, a friend I met in Korea. He was in Singapore on a business trip. Since this was his first time being in Singapore, I naturally played host, showing him around Singapore. He was staying at the Ritz Carlton (a 6-star hotel) so EK and I met him and one of his other colleague at the lobby at 11.30am.

While waiting for him, we noticed young girls hanging in the lobby, as well as korean speaking, video-camera holding, cap-wearing adults walking around the lobby. Immediately, I thought some big korean star could be staying at the Ritz. Then the more I thought and pieced things together, the more I convinced myself it was HIM who was staying at the hotel. Who else could it be? He just arrived in Singapore yesterday for his concert on Sunday night, those guys were definitely couldn't have been more perfect. But I didn't think more. We met Sean and his colleague Colin from Perth and headed out for lunch.

Over lunch at this restaurant in Paragon, I causally mentioned that I think that Korean star was staying at the Ritz Carlton. It was just a casual topic though. Nothing more to it. I wasn't a big fan of that Korean star, so naturally, I didn't pay much attention.

We spent the entire day shopping, first it was Paragon, then Ngee An City, then Wisma, then an afternoon break at Ding Tai Feng, then followed by more shopping at Wisma, then it was back to Ngee An City. That was our last stop and we were finally exhausted, so we decided to go back to the hotel to put down their bags of shopping before heading back out for dinner.

It was pouring outside and all the comfort cabs in Singapore were fully booked. So we made a decision to take the public transport plus a long walk from City Hall MRT to Ritz Carlton Hotel.

When we got to the lobby, we saw many more girls sitting around, waiting, and even more busy korean crew rushing in and out of the lobby. It was immediately confirmed. I knew it was him. Sean and Colin went up to their rooms to put down their bags, while we waited in the lobby. When Sean returned, he confirmed it with us. That Korean celebrity was staying right beside him in the next room. Sean said when he went up, the security guards were eyeing him and his bags of shopping closely!!! He even said he heard girls in the Korean celebrity's room going 'Orh Pa Orh Pa' as how typical Korean girls call a guy older than they are, of whom they may like.

As we continued waiting for Colin to return, Rain made his lobby entrance. He was just within metres of us, walking right past us. EK, Sean and I watched as he walked past. He was in a white singlet and blue jeans. He wasn't as tall as he seemed in his MTVs, he wasn't good looking either. His hair was flat and boring. There was nothing special about him.

But nevertheless, I couldn't believe my timing. It was amazing.

Yes, I knew Rain was in Singapore, yes, I know he's very popular - his most expensive concert tickets are selling for $888 (WHAT THE?! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?) - but so what if he was in Singapore, and so what if he's so popular? I couldn't care less - if it was Kangta it would have been another story - but there I was, not expecting to see him, yet there he was, within metres of me. I don't know how to describe it. I'm not a big fan of his, but to have such great timing that we were there in that same lobby as Rain - that who-does-he-think-he-is by pricing his tickets at $888 - for that 1 minute as he exited the hotel, I don't know how to explain but it's that precision in timing, that 1 second, that one decision, that little factor that all adds up.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yesterday, I made it for my massage - half an hour later than my appointment time. Luckily the lady after me cancelled her appointment, so they made it possible for me. It was most gracious of them. When I entered and said I wanted Contour Control Slimming treatment, they asked "But you don't need it. Why not massaging?"

The answer was simple: Coz I'm a woman.

So the treatment started. First it began with taking all my measurements - calf, thighs, butt, hips, waist, tummy, under chest, above chest and arms. Then came the massaging using a huge machine which vibrated against my tummy and thighs - the 2 important areas I wanted them to focus on. What followed was something I never expected and I'm proud to say I've experienced.

I've always seen it on TV, when they promote those slimming centres, but of course I've never explored into those centres - WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and you can say "Not Necessary". I've always been very curious about this treatment and now, I can proudly say "I'VE BEEN GLAD-WRAPPED!"

Yes, I was wrapped in those kind of sticky wraps you cover leftovers with. It was very interesting, being wrapped tightly within that plastic cocoon. And then I had to figure out how to climb back onto the bed with both legs and arms in "casts". Then I got zipped up as if I was in a heated sleeping bag and left alone to rest. (Imagine Final Destination 3 with improvisations: the bag overheats, I'm all wrapped up and kinda impossible to move...dun dun dun)

Anyway, after the 20 minute or so slow cook session, I was cut open as she sliced the plastic off me. The feeling literally felt like breaking out of a cocoon (not that I have ever broken out of a cocoon before). My skin could breath again.

And then another round of measurements. My tummy lost about 2cm in circumference, though there was no change in my thighs nor in my weight (a weight I was delightly shocked to discover - I thought I had put on weight). But nevertheless, it was an experience I will never forget.

I doubt I'd return - maybe when I get super fat - but for now, it'll remain just an experience, an interesting and free treatment to iSpa.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A simple request...

Today, I've got a body contour control massage at 6.30pm - FREE. It's a slimming massage, the lady informed me over the phone. I knew that and that was precisely why I chose it out of the other 2 treatments.

However, I really wonder if I can make it. Previously, I thought it was at 7.45pm. That would be better. But just now I called to confirm, and it was at 6.30pm. Half an hour to get down to Orchard - assuming I leave work sharp on the dot. How likely is that? NEVER.

Anyhow, it's free so if I miss 15 minutes of my appointment, they can, by all means, cut short the treatment by 15 minutes. However, leaving work on time is all dependent on my designers - PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK TO ME ON TIME!!! I don't mean to press you for it, but I can't reschedule this appointment and I have no intention of being LATE-R (than already expected).

Let me pamper myself this once. Yesterday I stayed late till 8pm, today, I just want to leave on the dot. Is that too much to ask?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Counting My Blessings

A recurring theme in 2006 was procrastination and it has to be so with my 'last' entry of the year ('this year' refers to 2006) - it's 5 days late!

Despite this procrastination, I always get things done - and hence, this entry. A thanksgiving entry.

For one, this year has been awesome - and I'd like to award it the title 'The Best Year So Far'. Too many things happened, a lot more great blessings than bad messings.

The first major blessing was returning to Singapore. That was a decision I made and 2006 marked the start of my future in Singapore. It was both a scary yet exciting decision, knowing that God had many things in store for me this year. And he kept to that promise.

God blessed me and my family with great things this year. One such event was Siyong's wedding in January 2006. My first actual wedding which involved me on all 3 events - the church wedding, the 'pang tei' session (chinese tradition of serving tea to the elders) and the wedding dinner. I've never been through an entire wedding before, usually it's only the church wedding or none at all - parents only. So this was definitely a big thing for me - 2 new dresses for the day and night, new shoes, make-up and all.

The day after the wedding on 3rd January, we went on our holiday to Paris and the UK. It was a big affair, with my grandparents as well. Paris was as breath-taking as they make it in movies, even better as a friend of mine joined my family in Paris as well. Of course, there were down-times when our luggage got lost in transit, but on the whole, I can't say I didn't enjoy Paris. UK was great too. Touring the entire island, from London to Scotland and back, was an experience in itself. The back seat of the family car became half my home for the day and the luggages beside me were my best friends on the journey. It was tiring but great fun exploring a new country. We're truely blessed.

Arriving back to Singapore on the eve of Chinese New Year, we celebrated both my sister's birthday and the big reunion dinner. Ever since we moved to NZ, this was the first time in 5 years we returned to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore and it was great, visiting old relatives, basking in that festive season with great tidbits and loads of good dinners. That was a FAT FAT period of FUN and FOOD. Prosperous too.

Early February was spent shopping for furniture and decorating my very own bedroom from scratch. A new coat of paint, a new colour, a new bed, new bedsheets as well, a new shelf and many other new entries. It was like a dream come true, being the interior decorator of my own room, owning my own room.

Then came March, April, May - KOREA! I must add: the highlight of my year. Living in Korea for 3 whole months - without family - was an experience I cannot forget. I got to learn a whole new language and converse in it too, meet people from all over the world, get around on my own, eat food only the locals know about, cheer alongside millions of other koreans in the worldcup, do the things a tourist won't get the chance to do, adopt a new family, shop almost everyday and many many more. I'll never forget that experience of becoming a part of Korea. Not all of it was great, I missed home, I fell sick on and off throughout the 3 months there, and I got tired of the variety of food - mostly all red and spicy. But I loved it. Every bit of it.

When I got back, job hunting started. It didn't last very long and by the end of June, I started work at Pagesetters, a local advertising agency. The pay isn't great compared to what I got in NZ, the stress was a lot more, but I got what I wanted. A place in Singapore's advertising industry, to become a part of the Singapore workforce. Though I'm not sure that's where I want to be for good, at least I got to taste it. That's a celebration in itself - finding a good job.

In September, Jolie Avenue was established. Pear and my very own jewellery business. It started all because we had a dream, and several potential customers. We made a decision. The official decision was on 9th August 2006, where we went shopping for materials. Then came the designing of our website, the making of the trinkets, the photograph shoot. The launch of our website was on 1st September 2006.

While at Pagesetters, I met EK - my current boyfriend and hopefully someone I can be with for the rest of my life. Nothing has been the same since then. Now it's what WE do, what WE think, what WE want, what WE like. I love it. I love having someone there for support when I fall, for encouragement when I'm discouraged, for comfort when I'm down, for care when I'm sick and for love - regardless. Many many first memories were created together. No girl can be happier.

Then Christmas came. Christmas is always a lovely time for me, with good food, family bonding and lots of beautiful Christmas hymms. I love christmas, but even more this year beccause for the first time, my all time Santa wish came true. That was to spend the entire day with someone I love.

So there you have it, my year's events all wrapped up in a blog. I wouldn't have it happen any other way.