Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Big Adventure starts here

I'm at the airport now, waiting for my seat number to be called to board so I thought I'd make a quick blog!!

I'm off on my big adventure to explore Korea!!

All the best Raine!! AJA AJA FIGHTING!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

20 Kg Limit

AHHHHHHH...I think I have too much I want to bring...but I can't eliminate anything to the "not necessary" pile either!! HOWZ!!!

But then again, I am going for 3 months...and the thinking behind everything I'm bringing, especially the perishable necessities is that they won't be contributing to my baggage weight home coz I would have finished using them by then, which gives me shopping allowance!!

What are these? Things Pear and I bought at Toa Payoh Central when I stayed over at Pear's on Friday night or should I say Saturday late afternoon when we just woke up and decided to give Orchard Road a skip and just shop around her place. These basic necessities include massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner, 20 packets of tissue paper (shopping like they don't sell it in Korea), bottles of contact lense wash, and stationery!!!

Plus, I can't rule out any of my clothes either...it's freezing cold in Korea right now, I need my winter clothes!! I also need some nice spring clothes too for April and May...so what I'm bringing is really minimal - and a girl's gotta look good on holiday as well!! She'll never know who she'll bump into...a considerable standard of dress code is necessary. Plus, it's Korea!! Koreans dress really well when they go out!!

And I wanna look good in photos toooooooo. But I wanna shop shop and shop in Korea as well!! AHHHHH...decisions decisions decisions. What stays and goes...I need help!!

The solution to my problem: increase my baggage limit plueeeeezzzeeee!!

My Grandfather's Road

Singaporeans are very scary drivers!!! Okay okay, I don't mean to classify everyone into this category, I'm sure there are exceptions. Or maybe I'm basing this all on one guilty party and my experience riding in his car.

Take One: Love for the Horn
He honked at a cab pulled up at the side of the road who is picking up passengers...and the catch? The cab wasn't really in his way. He could have easily driven past it without cutting into the next lane.

Take Two: Road Tax = Road Ownership
He loves occupying both lanes!! And it's not as if there's no cars around. And he's not changing lanes either. I don't know why!!

Take Three: Eating Bends
When he's going around bends, he 'eats' into the lane beside him without even looking if there's a car beside him!! HONKK.

Take Four: Two Becomes Three
When there's only 2 turning lanes, he magically creates a third and squeezes his way into the lane. Of course he receives a honkkkkkk.

Take Five: Wasn't Me
This time, he's in one of the 2 turning lane. When turning, he seems oblivious to the turning car beside him and cuts into his lane. That was freaking scary coz I could see the bonnet of the other car right beside me. AHHHHOONNNNKKKKKK. His reaction...how can he be there? (translation: I'm not at fault)

Despite all the above examples and 50+ years of on-road experience, he's still very alive and healthy...so I guess it's safe!?!?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Visa Update AGAIN

I rang the embassy this morning at 10.30am to check if they received my letter and guess what?

The lady I spoke to reverted back to her previous statement the day before, telling me that the institution I've applied for is private, so they cannot grant me my visa.

I am so irritated at the moment, I just wish I didn't apply for a visa in the first place - just go into the country with the intention of going on a holiday. If I don't tell the immigration office I'm studying, and no one finds out, I should be fine - but then the other guy said yesterday that if I am going to Korea for the purpose of study, then I should or it's best to get a visa!! WHAT CONTRADICTIONS!!

Right now, all I can do is leave it in God's hands. Only He has the solution to my problem. I should try not to be so angry and wanting to solve it myself, and leave it up to God.

Visa Update

I'm getting closer. This time, they accepted my passport and documents. All that's left is a letter of admission from my Korean language institution. I've emailed my Korean program advisor on the spot and asked them to fax a letter directly to the embassy, so the ball is in their court now!!

All I have to do is sit and wait. Tomorrow, I'll know the verdict.

The jury contemplates...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life's a contradiction

...one day, it can be awesome, the next day may just be plain sucky! Today's story tells of an in-between and on-holiday young adult called Raine and her journey as she discovers this truth.

Raine's Monday was spent tidying her new bedroom, making it habitable - it wasn't anything special. The day took a better turn when she accompanied her grandparents to Carrefour, a big departmental store in Suntec City. Actually, I should have said it the other way around. Raine's grandparents were the ones accompanying her to buy a shelf she had seen in a newspaper advertisement.

Not only was it a fruitful evening for Raine, her grandparents didn't return home empty handed as well. They bought even more than her. Eating out with her grandparents was also a refreshing change. Raine was being a good girl by spending time with her grandparents.

At night, Raine's best friend, Pear, came to stayover. They had a nice girl bonding time - chatting, looking at photos and crazy videos of Raine jumping out of planes, blogging and doing some things you wouldn't expect two girls to do at 2am in the morning, i.e. fixing up a shelf.

After finding the tool box, work started as Pear screwed while Raine held the pieces together.

But the end product was a rewarding new clothes shelf for Raine - by the 2 proud builders!!

The next morning, after a painstaking struggle to pull themselves out of bed and out of the nice comfortable air-conditioned room, Pear and Raine finally managed to overcome the lack of sleep. After breakfast, they got ready and went down for a late morning swim, doing laps.

After laps and lunch, round two of activities started for the two girls as they went to the karaoke room. Little did they know they had to bring their own karaoke vcds. It was a hilarious 15 minutes as the girls wondered why they couldn't find the channel with the karaoke system and an even more hilarious moment when they read the terms on the wall and discovered they required their own songs. They returned home and chilled there, surfing the net for songs and taking photos.

Pear didn't stay for long after as she had tuition in the evening. After she left, Raine occupied herself with the internet, and more organising and that was her eventful day of fun.

However, the next day took a turn for the worst, with a lot of wasted trips and information that wasn't what Raine wanted to hear.

At 8.30am, the day began for Raine as she dragged her tired self out of bed. She had to go down to the Korean Embassy that morning to apply for her Korean visa. However, before she could apply, she needed to hunt down an instant photo booth as well.

Thankfully, with the help of some msn friends, she managed to track down a possible lead - just beside Sakae Sushi ouside Heartland Mall, and made it to the Korean Embassy early. Of course, her grandpa did her a big favour by driving her around as well.

Her luck changed at the embassy. At first, the lady at the counter said her Language Academy was a private institution and they only grant visas to students at government schools like universities. After a strong refusal from Raine, who said she had already paid her fees and had been told by the academy to apply for visa, the lady went to check and returned with an answer.

She required to see Raine's bank statement/bank book which Raine so conveniently left at home to approve a 90 day visa. Raine wasn't prepared to show any bank statement. She thought all she needed was her approved application form, air ticket, passport and photo. Apparently that wasn't enough.

The second problem soon followed. They couldn't only issue a 90 day visa. Raine would be in Korea for 92 days, but they said no, they couldn't extend. Their advise to Raine: the only way is to fly out of the country and fly back in to extend your stay another 90 days. That just pissed Raine off. Why couldn't she get a 2 day exemption??!! It was a wasted trip and Raine had to return again the next day with her bank statement.

After the embassy, Raine and her grandpa went to pick her grandma from church before heading to Thomson Plaza to have lunch and purchase a new luggage for her. Just her luck, they didn't have the design she liked and purchased 2 years ago from that same shop. All they have are the heavy, semi-hard-case, pull-along bags which Raine doesn't like. Raine wanted the soft-case luggage that didn't weigh a quarter of the allowed baggage weight.

That was another wasted trip to Thomson. This called for a change of plans so to Mustafa Centre they went. As her dad had mentioned, Mustafa did have the bag she wanted and a purchase was made then and there. Finally something good came out of this trip.

But her luck didn't last too long. When she got home, Raine grabbed her bank book and went to the bank to update it. It's strange how she managed to waste another trip as no transactions was made within the past few weeks and her book didn't need to be updated at all.

Lady Luck wasn't on her side today. We could only wish for her presence with Raine tomorrow.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Naughty Girl


My Grandpa thinks I'm a naughty girl.

Okay okay...he didn't directly say I was a naughty girl, but he implied it. I'm sure he was implying that - who knows the inner workings of an old Grandpa please tell me.

Here's what happened...

We were having dinner and he asked me if I was staying home tonight. I replied with a yes...and then he added...he added...added...(*breath Raine breath*), "Good, be a good girl and stay home tonight."

So you see, by saying I'm a good girl if I stay in, he's implying I was a bad girl for all the times I go out - but I don't like being cooped up at home - there's ABSOLUTELY nothing to do except thinking about my mummy (mummy meaning daddy and Laura - the whole family) and using the net. I'm sure there are plenty of negative consequences of using the computer all day - like a bent spine, wrist problems, and eye sight problems to name a few.

So I asked back (pretending to be joking), "So you mean I'm a bad girl when I go out?"

And know what his reply was?? A smile and a Grandpa giggle. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!

SOB, I'm paranoid. I don't want to be a BAD GIRL. And don't tell me he doesn't mean it Laura, coz this is not the first time I've heard it!! 2 years ago when I was back in Singapore, he said the same thing when I decided to stay home for the day.


A Full Full Girl in her Big Big Bed

I'm currently waiting for my hair to dry before I can go to bed, so I thought I'd report on today's "current affairs".

At 11am, my alarm clock went off and I got out of bed. The Novena people were coming to deliver my bed and mattress between 12 and 2.30pm, so I had given an hour for me to get washed and get my bedroom ready.

However, at 11.15am, the door bell rang. It was my mattress. They were early and the guard house didn't page us in regards to this delivery!! Just as well I was awake.

After the 'mattress people' left, I went online and chatted with mum for a bit. At around 12.30pm, my bed frame arrived!! As the men assembled my bed together, I saw how my new room was embellishing. It was quite cram with a narrow walkway between my new queen-size bed and my TV shelf, but the furniture looked awesome!!

After the assemblers left, we had lunch. The workout begun after lunch as I organised the furniture, rearranging my TV and wires, shifting the shelf to make more space for the walkway.

Mum rang in between the organising and I got to talk to the whole family, including Laura, Dad and Zac!!!

More organising occured until Mama's niece and family arrived. I didn't know we were expecting visitors. They had 2 little children, one boy and a younger girl. They were cute. The boy started asking me questions. I couldn't really understand what he was saying as he mumbled, but when I returned to my room to get ready to go over to Pear's place, he stopped at my room door and said something which I didn't catch again. I asked him to repeat but he ran off. Then I went to the next room to get something from the drawer and he appeared at the door again, mumbling something and running off again. I was getting a little weirded out then...but he's a little boy, perhaps just wanting to make friends.

However, just as I was about to leave the house, he grabbed on to my hand and asked me where I was going and he wanted to follow me!!! WEIRD!! So strange! I didn't know what to say until the parents saved me by telling him that they were going out after this so he can't come along but they'll come visit again. I'm a little freaked but maybe he just wants to be friends.

I went to Pear's place and even helped with the bee hoon that Pear was cooking by cutting the eggs!!! When we were all ready, I drove Pear's mum and her aunty and uncle to her other aunt's condo for the BBQ birthday party while Pear took Junren's car.

The BBQ was awesome!! Pear's family is so friendly and jolly, I felt absolutely comfortable around them. The food was FANTASTIC. I love the chicken wings best - babe, you've got to teach me how you marinated it!! Not only did we have chicken wings and her bee hoon, there was also pork slices, squid, mussels, stingray, satay, prawns, fish cake and fish balls, pineapple and grass jelly dessert, and not to forget the 2 birthday cakes coz we were celebrating both Pear's and her Grand Aunt's birthday.

I'm a full full girl. After the BBQ, we returned to Pear's house only to find out that neither Pear nor her bro Josh had keys so we waited patiently outside the house for her parents to return. That's us, being pathetic outside their own house.

We chatted till 1am before I left for home.

I think my hair is almost dry now so I shall get ready for bed - in my new BIG BIG BED with NEW NEW SHEETS!! So exciting!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chronological Order of Events

*These times are rough but close estimates

@ 1130 :: My day begins
@ 1135 :: Breakfast - leftover hor fan
@ 1200 :: Go online to check mails and chat
@ 1230 :: Lunch
@ 1245 :: Get ready to go out
@ 1315 :: Leave the house for Orchard
@ 1400 :: Pick up M1 Giro form at Paragon
@ 1420 :: Meet Pear at Heerens and the shopping begun
@ 1530 :: Wanted to leave Heerens but it was pouring so we remained indoors
@ 1545 :: Bought a pair of purple earrings shaped like a cocktail glass
@ 1615 :: Rain finally stopped and we stopped by Old Chang Kee for snacks
@ 1630 :: Went to Cineleisure to shop around
@ 1730 :: Went Taka to shop, tried on several skirts at Zara
@ 1815 :: Went Ding Tai Feng at Wisma to satisfy our hunger with Xiao Long Bao and Ja Jiang Mian
@ 1915 :: Went back to Zara to buy the cute pink skirt
@ 1940 :: Went Paragon M1 shop with Pear to look at phones
@ 1950 :: Stopped at a roadside shop to look at Nikon cameras as a salesman convinced us about the Coolpix S3 digicam (quite a good sales pitch)
@ 2010 :: Went back to Cineleisure to buy Pear her birthday prezzie - the bag she likes
@ 2040 :: Returned to Heerens to rest our tired legs for a while and contemplate about the camera (I'm a little wary now when buying cameras - don't want to make the wrong decision again)
@ 2045 :: Returned to the store and continued asking questions about the camera
@ 2100 :: Made my camera purchase after a good bargain before heading back to Pear's Place
@ 2135 :: Return to Pear's Place
@ 2200 :: Pear and I played with my new camera
@ 2230 :: Junren arrives and we continue taking pictures
@ 2300 :: Played 3 rounds of Spinergy - AND I WON!! Hee hee.
@ 2345 :: Decided to go for supper with Pear's parents, Junren and Pear
@ 0020 :: Ate YUMMY Tim Sum at Geylang, near Lor 17 - SO FULL!!!
@ 0115 :: Went to this cheap grocery and bought stuff for Pear's party tomorrow
@ 0140 :: Left Geylang for home
@ 0220 :: Reached home and washed up
@ 0234 :: Blogged about my awesome day - a fruitful shopping trip and glorious good food - and I couldn't possibly sleep on a bloated stomach so had to let it rest!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


That's why I dread the nights...I'm bored and it's only 7.20pm.

That's why I'm blog spamming tonight...I'm bored and it's only 7.21pm.

That's why I'm losing weight...I'm bored and I keep pacing around the house!!

Matchmaker, matchmaker...

Dinner Topic: Lorraine's boyfriend (to be)

The Matchmakers: MY GRANDPA!!!

Shedding Calories

I just had a good swim today - haven't swam in months - and it feels GREAT!! I love feeling good about myself. You just feel healthier, more awake, and definitely very much slimmer (even if it isn't true in the mirror). It's just the feeling of treating your body to something nice - not that a good chocolate cake won't accomplish this as well - but a healthier and less remorseful option.

This wasn't the only workout I had today!! When the clock struck 12am this morning, I was dancing my arse off with Jo and Rach at the Ministry Of Sound (aka MOS) - Singapore's hottest club! Okay...technically, I was just bopping and trying to keep up with the beat. I don't like dancing. It's one of the 2 things I never feel confident in.

A feeling of self-consciousness consumes my mind and body, making me feel like...
1) a tone-deaf idiot
2) shaking and bouncing out of beat
3) bare and naked
4) every pair of eyes on the dance floor are directed at me
5) the subject of all giggles and laughter

Yep...it's not a nice feeling at all.

But, I would have looked even more like an idiot if I just stood still on the dance floor beside the dancing Jo and Rach. On the positive note...at least I liked what I was wearing and I must have lost quite a bit of calories - a result of perspiring in the over-crowded dance floor and from all that bopping around, plus, we've got awesome pics!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I think my grandparents are on a secret mission to feed me fat!!! They are just stuffing me with food - HELP! They think that because I'm not home so I don't eat. I need to get out of this house more often.


As a perfectionist, I didn't give anyone anytime to absorb my previous blog entry before making the changes...don't know if it's any better, but at least this fits neatly on our desktop with a smaller screen resolution of 1024x768. Perhaps it'll fit better for you too!!

A Blogger's Anguish, A Perfectionist's Goal

I miss you...

I'm looking out the window
Where we sat to watch the stars
There's a chill within the air
It makes my heart long for your touch
You may be miles away
But as I kneel to pray

I see the same side of the moon
That we'll be looking on when the world turns blue
And know that time and space
can't come between me and you
We share the same side of the moon
And though you'll never see all my tears shine through
I know I can't be that far from you
If we're both looking on the same side of the moon.

I picture you across the oceans
In your corner of the world
I pray the wind will blow my voice
And gently whisper in your ear
Your night may be my day
And though the seasons change

It's still the same side of the moon
That we'll be looking on when the world turns blue
And know that time and space
can't come between me and you
We share the same side of the moon
And though you'll never see all my tears shine through
I know I can't be that far from you
If we're both looking on the same side of the moon
I know I can't be that far from you
If we're both looking on the same side of the moon

::Written and Sung By Corrinne May::

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

1st Anniversary!!

One year ago today, I started up this blog. I can't believe it's been 1 year...

So today, I decided to spend some time pampering my blog and giving it a new skin for the new year!!

A year ago today, I wrote "Am I pathetic or AM I pathetic? This is yet another Valentine's Day that I'm spending all by myself, the 21st one in a row."

This year, I'm not going to harp about it - not because I've got someone, but because time won't stop for me to sulk. I've got to keep up as the seconds tick away and keep adapting to whatever comes my way.

Well...that's my wise words today...out and over!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Every coin has two sides...

The Changi Airport Control Tower has always been a welcoming landmark for me up until today. I know I'm home and it brings a smile across my face whenever I see the welcoming tower standing proudly as the plane lands - our loyal welcoming party.

Today, I saw it in a different light. Driving towards Terminal 1, I turned to look to my right and saw the foreboding architecture growing bigger and bigger. Playing the role of the last landmark of Singapore to those leaving the country, it saluted "Goodbye and Farewell".

Just like some signs as you cross state borders, on one side it says "Welcome to blah blah" and on the other it bids farewell to you.

Just like how I saw today as "my family is leaving me alone in Singapore", while mum saw it as "you are leaving us to stay in Singapore."

Just like how I was afraid of being alone and away (long term) from my family for the very first time while dad introduces it as a challange and experience for me to grow and become independent.

Just like one door shuts and the other door opens...I'm currently stuck inbetween the front door and the metal gates, where everything behind the front door is familar and comforting, while everything beyond the gates is unknown. At presence I'm only able to peek through the gaps in the gates and see what's in my close proximity, but anything beyond is a mystery - a scary and unexplored territory.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The New Pink: GREEN

Yesterday, my professional painter helped me paint my wall Lime Fizz. His helpers were incompetent, making a mess of the wall with uneven shades of green and he had to salvage it after, slogging longer than estimated. Nevertheless, the first coat was completed before dinner.

After dinner when we returned and the paint had settled, I realised that it was a little to bright to my liking. The colour was very strong and in my face (but I liked it too and that's why I chose it) however I made a decision that it was far too bright to live in. I contacted my painter and seeked his advise.

Early next morning (at 10am), the painter came knocking on our door and I was kicked out of bed to help around. The painter mixed the previous half can of Lime Fizz with his newly purchased white paint. Then the first coat was up and I panicked. It was too light!! But the professional reassured me that it'll blend with the brighter background, so I put my trust in him.

The final product was a brillant success!!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE MY GREEN WALL!! It's so fresh yet sweetish.

Just after lunch, Ikea delivered my TV shelves and I contacted my builder. He immediately came and work started. Piece by piece and nail by nail, the shelves came up.

Finally it was done...I love the shelves...but it's not complete without the flatscreen TV so I won't be taking any pics right now till the very very end.

But wait...before I end this entry, I've got another green surprise for you!

Like it? Say yes or DIE!!!

An insight to my dialect!!

Hokkien is easy. Just remember:

Children is gina kia

Bird is chiao kia

Korean Car is Kia

Give birth is seh kia

Furniture is Ikea

Police is mata kia

Small house is chu kia

Country name is Czechoslovakia

Puppy is kao kia

Kitten is ngiao kia

Chicken is kuey kia

Pig is tu kia

Handphone is nokia

I'm Hokkien kia

Malay is huan na kia

Hindu is ke leng na kia

Kuai lou is ang mo kia

Chinese is t'ng lang kia

Japanese is jit pun kia

Bad Guy is phai kia

& Good Guy is ho kia

Person who reads this message is Gong Kia

If you laugh, you are Siow Kia

(to those who do not understand...I apologise, it's kind of an inside joke...only hokkiens and most Singaporeans would understand)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some Kim Sam Soon Mini Bites

I don't want to give away the entire storyline for this awesome Korean drama serial 'My Lovely Sam Soon', so here's just some snippets from the show:

Snippet 1:

The reason why we can't find ourselves a decent guy...

First, nice men are ugly.

Second, good looking men are not nice.

Third, good looking and nice men are already married.

Fourth, good looking, nice and single men are incompetent.

Fifth, good looking, nice, single and rich men are not interested in us.

Sixth, good looking, nice, single, rich men that are interested in us will most probably cheat on us.

Seventh, good looking, nice, single, rich men that are interested in us that are not likely to cheat on us are gay!

...Then tenth! Good looking, nice, single and rich men that are interested in us, who do not cheat and are not gay and are still interested even if we approach them first are...

...There's definitely something wrong with them. They're abnormal!!
Snippet 2:

Jin Heon: But...I have a favour to as you.

Sam Soon: What favour's there to ask at the toilet?

J: Could you pass me the toilet paper?

S (lying): Gosh, I'm so sorry, but I'm out of toilet paper too. Who's in charge of cleaning the bathroom anyways?!!

Do you know that different blood type respond differently in this situation?

The strong willed and patient blood type A waits until the janitor comes along.

Blood type B that has strong love for oneself will use two of those. Two of those...being your fingers.

The rational blood type AB uses the tissue in the bin that someone has thrown away after using.

Blood type O that doesn't bother itself over trival things just walks out. Why? Because he can always wipe himself later.

Which type are you?

Next in turn: Daddy

Once upon a time (yesterday evening), Daddy went shopping with his two daughters. He followed them into a VCD shop, browsing though the many drama serials on sale.

At the same time, Girl was also looking around the shop with Boy, her boyfriend. She sipped at her drink while studying the many VCDs on sale. She decided to share her drink with Boy, holding out her drink to the figure of a person standing on her right, assuming it was Boy standing right beside her.

Daddy stared strangely at the drink that was trusted in front of him, then he turned to look at Girl, who was still looking intently at the VCDs on the table.

After a whlie, Girl realised that who she assumed was Boy wasn't taking the drink from her and she finally looked up. Blushing in embarrassment, she hurriedly apologised to Daddy and went over to Boy where she shared her embarrassment while Boy laughed. Daddy did likewise as his daughters giggled at the cute incident.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Countdown to the moments


Fifth on my list is the wonderful and intriging Singapore English.

How would you say 'Farrer'? We (Singaporeans) pronounce it was 'fairer'.


Sorry, that's what happens when you've got nothing to do while travelling on the train. You end up studying the train route too closely.

But honestly...
How do you pronounce 'Fa'?
How do you pronounce 'Far'?
How do you pronounce 'Farr'?
So...How do you pronounce 'Farrer'?

A Singaporean in the background shouts out, "Fairer!!"

The second moment occured when we went out for dinner. I wanted to order a drink so I stood in front of the stall but there wasn't a list of drinks available. I pointed to a familar can of Crysanthum tea and went back to my table.

But that's not the point. Another group of customers order Kopi-O Sui Dai Tei Bieng Tei and it wasn't on the list - THERE WAS NO LIST!! Anyway, dad said it's understood that every drink stall will sell those basic drinks, you don't need a menu. Moreover, there's too many options for coffee and tea which led us to our next conversation about what options there are.

Kopi - Flat white with sugar
Kopi Si - Flat white with carnation milk (Si is carnation milk)
Kopi-O - Long black with sugar
Kopi-O Sui Dai - Long black with less sugar ('Sui' means less and 'Dai' means sweet)

So from the above, I announced my favourite coffee drink: Kopi-O Bo Dai!!!

*bish*poing*bong* (my family faints)

My explanation: Bo means no, so therefore, Kopi-O Bo Dai refers to long black not sweet.

But I was enlightened. The correct way of asking for a long black without sugar is...Kopi-O Kosong!! (Kosong meaning 'nothing' or 'plain')


Having fun with some Spinergy, Risk, Barcadi and the company of great friends is third on this list. On Friday evening, I met Pear and Junren for dinner, stuffing our faces with seafood at Fish & Co. Then, we adjourned to Junren's place for a game of Risk (I came in second out of the three, which I reckon is an accomplishment for a beginner), some mahjong 102 for beginners and some Barcadi with cola.

Yesterday, Pear, Junren and I were supposed to play tennis at my place but it was raining so they came over and hanged instead, playing this new board game I bought called Spinergy. We all enjoyed ourselves as we formed silly sentences with randomly chosen words (there's more to this game but I'm too lazy to explain) so much so that we continued round two with Junren and friends over at Pear's place.


I drove...on my own (of course by following behind Junren's car and with Pear as my navigator but when I say 'on my own' I mean without daddy's supervision)...to Pear's place!!! And then I drove back home by myself - and I didn't get lost!! I miss driving. I miss my baby snow princess. I DROVE ON SINGAPORE'S CRAZY STREETS (but in the 2am morning traffic).


The theme of this moment is 13 going on 51!! We went over to Aunty Lay Hong's place this evening for YUMMY food!! The best part was seeing 4 mums laughing over old secondary one class photos, while the group of us children were laughing at them in the photos. It's amazing how they are still so close after almost 30 years.


The winner of today's moments goes to Laura and her 'boyfriend' - A classic 'Just for Laughs' moment.

We had just alighted from the bus and was walking towards Ikea when this guy walked up to Laura and took her by the elbow. While I was witnessing this guy take Laura's arm, it took me a while to register in my head that this was a complete stranger. Laura took a while too.

Only when mum asked in an accusing and protective tone, "EXCUSE ME?" did Laura realise and pull her arm away while the guy literally jumped in embarrassment and started apologising profusely for this mix up. That was such a kodak moment - his shocked, stunned and embarrassed expression. He quickly disappeared.

While entering Ikea, we noticed the guy in front of us as he caught up with his girlfriend and took her by the arm like he did with Laura and then moved to hold her hand. I almost cracked up laughing as a flashback of his expression appeared in my mind.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Endeavour to never...

Have you ever
...tried on an expensive item many times and return it to the shelves?
...only to discover it's sold out when you finally decide to purchase it?

Have you ever
...used an expensive item and have it lost or stolen?
...knowing that you've only used it for a short period of time?

Have you ever
...bought an expensive item and kept it at the back of your cupboard?
...only to dig it out after 10 years and find mould on it?