Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 days

10 days is a very long time when I'm not able to see the person I love.

Day 1:
I can do this! Not a problem. Especially when I had my cousin's company, I was doing perfectly fine. His goodnight phone call was most welcoming.

Day 2:
During the first day of Chinese New Year, I had plenty to occupy my mind. Not to forget, spending the entire day replying a very important E to another very important person.

Day 3:
I missed him so much tears came streaming down. I thought, maybe I couldn't survive.

Day 4:
Yesterday's phone call did the trick. I felt much better.

Day 5:
ONLY 5 days has passed? It's another 5 days before I see him? What should I do? How can I occupy myself.

Day 6:
No problem. Working OT was another way to channel my energy. Plus, I have many other things to do. If I do all these things now, I'll have more time to spend with him when he gets back.

Day 7:
He rang during work to tell me he got me my birthday prezzie. I'm still in his thoughts...

Day 8:
He's appearing in my dreams! I'm jealous of whoever he's spending time with. What is he actually doing? Who is he going out with?

Day 9:
1 more day to go. Tomorrow, I'll be seeing him.

Day 10:
The whole day was a smiley day, filled with anticipation and excitment. When I saw him, I let out a yelp and threw myself into his arms.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The More The Merrier

It started out as envy, wishing I had a boyfriend to spend the day with. Then it became silly, when there are 364 other days you could celebrate your relationship. It proceeded to become too commercialised, a day where advertisers reached their sales targets for the month. Following that, it became just another day, I couldn't care less, or so I thought. Oh and at some point in time, it was also friendship day. But today, I finally understand it's significance.

Yes, I agree it's too commercial, it's rather silly to go with the crowd and it's just another day on our calender - it's not even highlighted in red! But...this year, I was caught up in it. My first Valentines day with my boyfriend. No, we didn't end up eating an extravagant meal at The Hyatt (on the contrary we had KFC for dinner), nor did we spend money on gifts or flowers. Instead, we spent the evening together, lovey dovey and all.

We do that on other days too, so what makes today so special?

My reply - Why shortchange it?

Valentines day is another day to celebrate your relationship, it wouldn't harm to have one more day. Of course the other days you could be lovey dovey, but on Valentines day, it doesn't hurt to be super duper lovey dovey. Or on other days maybe you are already super duper lovey dovey, on Valentines day, you could be 'gross'...

My point is, I finally understand not to let the day go to waste, not to think it's JUST another day, but to think it's just ANOTHER day to celebrate your relationship.

Valentines day also marks this blog's second year anniversary - and wow, how we've progressed! Though I've cut down with my entries as time escaped from me, I'll still keep chasing till I've caught up with it!

Dear God

Please help me do this.
Please help me get through this.